USPS Resignation Form (Filling One Out, Information Needed + More)

Like any bureaucracy, the United States Postal Service has its fair share of paperwork. Indeed, USPS employees wishing to resign or transfer to another federal agency must complete a resignation form before quitting.

In this article, we’ll discuss the USPS resignation process including which form needs to be filled out, how to fill it out, and who to submit it to.

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Employees wishing to resign from USPS must complete PS Form 2574, Resignation/Transfer from the Postal Service. This applies to employees quitting their USPS job at their own discretion, as well as those transferring to another federal agency without a break in service. This form should be submitted to the immediate supervisor or manager two weeks before quitting.

To find out more about resigning from USPS, where to get PS Form 2574, and how to fill it out, read this article.

How Do I Resign From USPS?

United States Postal Service employees wishing to resign or transfer to another federal agency must complete PS Form 2574 (also called Resignation/Transfer from the Postal Service) as part of the quitting process.

This form asks for information about the employee including name, employee identification number (EIN), date of resignation, and reason(s) for leaving.

Once completed, the form should be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor or manager two weeks before leaving the Postal Service.

For most employees this is a straightforward process, however there are some special cases worth looking at in more detail.

One, if the resignation application was submitted after the employee was named for termination or demotion, then the resignation form must still be accepted.

Two, if an employee is resigning from USPS to complete military service and does not intend to return to USPS, they should be informed about their restoration rights and benefits.

Furthermore, only the USPS Human Resources department can accept resignations for military service.

Lastly, if an employee changes their mind after submitting the form and wishes to withdraw it, they must submit a written request to the Human Resources Shared Service Center by mail, email, or fax.

A withdrawal request must be made before the business day closest to the resignation date named by the employee.

Send withdrawals to:


PO BOX 970500

GREENSBORO, NC 27497-0500

Why Do I Need To Fill Out A USPS Resignation Form?

Why Do I Need To Fill Out A USPS Resignation Form?

If you’re fed up with your job, probably the last thing you want to do is complete paperwork. What’s more, you’re probably wondering why you have to complete the resignation form in the first place.

In this section, we’ll cover a few of the reasons USPS needs and uses this form.

One is that USPS uses the information provided in the form to finalize the employment record.

In most cases, that means that the form is confidentially stored in USPS’ database, however there are times when the information can be made public.

Some examples include:

  • In legal proceedings
  • To law enforcement when USPS or another agency becomes aware of a violation of the law
  • To a congressional office at your request
  • To organizations or individuals under contract with USPS
  • To organizations authorized to conduct audits
  • To labor organizations (unions) as required by law

How Do I Fill Out A USPS Resignation Form?

Before filling out anything, know that providing information is voluntary.

At the very least you’ll probably be asked to write your name, employee identification number, date of resignation, and your signature, but otherwise you don’t need to go into detail about the reasons for your resignation if you don’t want to.

PS Form 2574 consists of three sections.

Section A is information about the employee. Section B is manager/supervisor information. Section C is for additional remarks.

Let’s take a closer look at the information requested in each section.

Section A: Employee’s Information

This section should be completed by the resigning or transferring employee.

Block 1: Fill in your Employee Identification Number

Block 2: Print your full name

Block 3: Effective Date of Resignation/Transfer. Write the date you want to resign or transfer in MMDDYYYY format.

Block 4: Provide your full mailing address, including ZIP code.

Block 5: Write your telephone number

Block 6: Installation or Station. Provide the name of the Post Office you are resigning from.

Block 7: Tour. Enter your working hours.

Block 8: Reason for Action. Here tick either resignation or transfer. If resigning, check the box indicating the reason for your resignation.

If transferring, provide details about the federal agency you’re transferring to. Provide the name of the agency, the name of the agency’s Human Resources (HR) representative, the agency’s address, and the HR telephone number in blocks 8a-d.

Block 9: Sign the form.

Block 10: Enter the date the form was completed and submitted in MMDDYYYY format.

Section B: Supervisor/Manager Information

This section should be completed by the employee’s immediate supervisor or manager. They should provide their name, signature, telephone number, and date submitted in blocks 1-4.

Section C: Additional Remarks

This part of the form is a blank space for employees to write any additional commentary they wish to share.

For example, an employee may want to elaborate on the reason for their resignation or may provide a reason for resignation not listed in Block 8.

Where Do I Get A USPS Resignation Form?

PS Form 2574 is available to download and print out from the USPS website.

If you’re part of a union, your union representative may also be able to provide you with a copy of the form.

There are also a number of third-party sites that allow you to complete the form online and print it out as a PDF.

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Resigning from USPS or transferring to another federal agency is a relatively painless process (at least as far as the paperwork goes). Simply print out a copy of PS Form 2574, follow our directions for how to fill it out, and submit it to your supervisor.

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