Verizon App Manager (Your Complete Guide)

If you have a Verizon phone, you might want to know about one of the preinstalled apps on your device called Verizon App Manager.

So, do you know what Verizon App Manager is or are wondering whether or not it’s a useful app to have on your phone? If so, continue reading to learn what I’ve discovered about this app!

What Is a Verizon App Manager In 2024?

Verizon App Manager is one of many apps that come preinstalled on any iOS or Android smartphone purchased through Verizon in 2024. Verizon App Manager is meant to help you manage all of the apps that are on your device, but it has caused problems for many people over the years, including downloading additional apps without your permission.

Do you want to know more about Verizon App Manager, such as how it works and how you can turn it off?

Keep reading below to find out all of the answers to your important questions!

What is Verizon App Manager Used For?

The purpose of Verizon App Manager was to help you manage the apps on your smartphone, regardless of whether you’re using an iOS device or an Android device.

Furthermore, it can show you the progress of apps you’re downloading onto your device.

You’ll also get app recommendations, and it can give you app reminders.

Is Verizon App Manager Safe?

While Verizon App Manager is safe, most people consider it to be bloatware, which means it’s an unnecessary app that comes with advertisements and spam.

However, it’s preinstalled on your device by Verizon.

As well, the newest version of Verizon App Manager also downloads an app called DT Ignite, so you now have double the bloatware.

DT Ignite will run in the background of your device and can be used by Verizon to download other apps without your knowledge or permission.

Additionally, Verizon already admitted it will install apps on your device, but only during a factory reset or initial setup of the device.

Do All Verizon Phones Include the Verizon App Manager?

Not all phones purchased from Verizon come with Verizon App Manager pre-installed, and it appears that you’ll most likely find it on Samsung devices purchased at Verizon.

However, Verizon App Manager may be found on other Android devices purchased at the company, and you also might find DT Ignite has also been installed.

Therefore, you must check your Android phone after you’ve purchased it, to see if either of these two bloatware apps are on your device if you’re not into bloatware.

How Do I Turn off the Verizon App Manager?

How Do I Turn off the Verizon App Manager?

You can disable Verizon App Manager and DT Ignite in just a few steps, which includes the following:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Select “Applications”
  • Find “Application Manager” and select it
  • Select “Verizon App Manager”
  • Toggle the button to disable it or click “Disable”
  • Go back and select “DT Ignite”
  • Toggle the button or click “Disable”

However, the device you have might require different instructions, and the way to find them will also vary depending on whether you have iOS or Android.

Therefore, to disable Verizon App Manager and DT Ignite, you might need to select “System Apps” so that you can locate them on your mobile device.

Is Disabling Verizon App Manager Harmful?

It’s not harmful at all if you’d like to disable or uninstall Verizon App Manager.

Even though it’s a pre-installed app on your device, it will not mess with your Verizon account or phone in general.

Additionally, most Android phones come loaded down with bloatware and adware, so it’s normal for people to go in and immediately uninstall these apps before they begin using their device.

What Are Verizon App Manager Notifications?

Verizon App Manager notifications allow you to customize your phone by giving you the ability to control what notifications you see from other apps installed on your device.

For example, App Manager notifications can alert you to when apps are downloaded, when apps have been updated, can show ads related to apps, and so much more.

You can choose to have all notifications on for an app, or only select the notifications you want to see from each app, and you can customize these settings for all apps you’ve installed.

How Do I Turn off Verizon App Manager Notifications?

If you’d like to turn off the App Manager notifications, you can do so easily by following these steps:

  • Go into “Settings” and find “Application Manager”
  • Select “All Apps” and then find the “Verizon App Manager” in the list
  • Select “Clear App Cache & Data”
  • Toggle the “Show Notifications” button to disable App Manager notifications

How Do I Get Rid of Verizon Bloatware?

Verizon is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to bloatware being installed on phones, including both Verizon App Manager and DT Ignite.

Thankfully, you can rid yourself of all of these annoying Verizon bloatware apps on your Android device fairly quickly by taking the following steps:

  • Open “Settings” and select “Apps & Notifications”
  • Select “All Apps”
  • Find the Verizon bloatware apps you want to remove and select “Uninstall”

However, you should ensure that the app you’re uninstalling or disabling from your device is bloatware, and not a system app required for the device to run.

If you accidentally delete an app that’s required for the system, then you might notice your phone doesn’t work properly or begins to lag or freeze.

Therefore, be careful with uninstalling preloaded apps.

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Verizon App Manager is a preinstalled app on certain phones purchased at Verizon, such as Samsung Galaxy, and it’s an app that allows you to manage the apps on your device easier.

However, a lot of people consider Verizon App Manager to be bloatware or adware because it installs another app called DT Ignite, which will run in the background and can install other apps.

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