Verizon Cancellation Policy (Within 14 Days, How to Cancel, Exit Fees + More)

Are you unhappy with Verizon and want to cancel your services, but have questions about how to cancel Verizon and whether there are fees?

If so, continue reading below, because I’m going to tell you everything I’ve discovered about the Verizon Cancellation Policy so you can be informed of the process!

What Is the Verizon Cancellation Policy In [currentyear]?

The Verizon Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel your services within 14 days before you’re charged the Early Termination Fee in [currentyear]. However, you’ll need to be the account owner to cancel any services with Verizon, and have information available to verify you’re the account owner, such as account PIN or the last four digits of your social security number.

Do you want to know more about the Verizon Cancellation Policy, such as the fees associated with canceling your service? Well, read on to learn that answer and more!

Can You Cancel Verizon Within 14 Days?

You can cancel your Verizon services within 14 days of initiating it and not be charged the Early Termination Fee, so if you want to cancel, you’ll need to do it as soon as possible.

Therefore, you cannot call on day 15 and expect not to be charged a fee, even if you had an emergency and could not make the call before that window expired.

Is There a Fee to Cancel Verizon?

There is a fee to cancel your Verizon services if you’re under contract if you’re beyond those initial 14 days, which is laid out in the Verizon Customer Agreement.

Furthermore, the fee is called an Early Termination Fee, and can be as high as $350, depending on how long into your contract you are when you cancel.

For example, if you cancel within the first few months of service, you’re going to have to pay around $300 as part of the Early Termination Fee.

If you’re canceling in the final few months of your contract, your fee will be $100 or less by that point, since the fee goes down $10 per month that you stay in your contract.

Can You Cancel Verizon Service Anytime?

You’re well within your rights to cancel your Verizon services anytime you want, but you’ll have to pay fees if you’re under a contract, unless you cancel within the first 14 days.

Furthermore, all that is required to cancel your Verizon service is that you buy out the remaining part of your contract, which is what the Early Termination Fee is all about.

How Do You Cancel Verizon Wireless?

How Do You Cancel Verizon Wireless?

If you’d like to cancel your Verizon Wireless service, you can do so by contacting Verizon Customer Service at 1-800- 922-0204, and choosing the prompts to cancel your service.

Additionally, you’ll need to be the account owner to cancel the services, and you’ll be asked to verify that with your account PIN.

Once you’ve told customer service you’d like to cancel, you need to decline the offers to keep you as a customer, and then accept the cancellation of services verbally over the phone.

Lastly, you’ll be given a reference number, which you need to write down, and if you need further assistance, you’ll need to give Verizon this information.

In addition, your phone will continue working until the end of that billing cycle, so if you cancel on March 4th, but the billing cycle runs until March 19, your service doesn’t end until then.

Do You Have to Pay for Your Phone When You Cancel Verizon?

If you have a phone that’s under a Verizon Payment Plan, you’ll be responsible for paying what’s left on that payment plan, which will be due on the next bill you get from Verizon.

Furthermore, you’ll still be able to pay the bill online by going to the Verizon Disconnected Accounts page.

If you want to pay using this webpage, it only requires you to enter the mobile phone number to pay off the remaining balance on your account after your service has been disconnected.

Do I Have 30 Days to Cancel My Verizon Fios Contract?

You have 30 days to cancel your Verizon Fios services, and return the equipment without being charged an Early Termination Fee if you were under a contract with Fios.

Additionally, if you paid an equipment charge or setup fee, you’ll be refunded all of the money that you’ve paid Verizon Fios during this time.

What Is the Penalty to Cancel Verizon Fios Early?

The penalty if you cancel Verizon Fios early can be as high as $350, depending on how far into your contract you are when you cancel, with it going down $15 per month.

For example, if you cancel Fios within the first few months, your fee will be around $300, whereas if you cancel with only a month left on your contract, it’ll be less than $80.

Furthermore, Verizon will give you 30 days to return the equipment before the equipment fees are assessed, and you can check the Fios website to also print shipping labels to return items.

It’s a good idea to call Verizon Fios Customer Service to find out which items need to be returned so that you aren’t charged any additional fees.

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Verizon allows you to cancel your Verizon Wireless services within the first 14 days without penalty and fees, and with Fios, you have 30 days to cancel your service before fees begin.

However, both for Wireless and Fios services, you could be charged $350 for an Early Termination Fee, depending on how far into your contract you are when you cancel.

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