Verizon CDMA-less (What Is It + Other Common FAQs)

You’ve probably heard that Verizon uses CDMA technology, but do you know what Verizon CDMA-less is and what it does?

Well, if you want to know all about Verizon CDMA-less and if Verizon 4G is CDMA, then keep reading below to find out what I’ve discovered!

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Verizon CDMA-less means that the Verizon phone will only work on the new 4G LTE or 5G network, whereas a traditional CDMA device is built to work on the 2G or 3G network. If a phone says it’s CDMA-less then it’s not going to fall back to either the 2G or 3G network.

Do you want to know more about Verizon CDMA-less, such as what devices are CDMA-less? If so, continue reading because I’m going to tell you all about it below!

How Do I Enable Verizon CDMA-less?

If you have a device such as a Motorola Edge and you have Verizon, then you’re going to need to correct your existing SIM card to enable CDMA-less, which you can do by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Verizon account
  • Go to “My Devices”
  • Select “Activate or Switch Device”
  • Select “Activate on an existing line” which will enable CDMA-less mode on your SIM card

However, if you’ve noticed this doesn’t solve your problem, then you might need to either visit a Verizon location or call Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204.

You’re going to need to tell Verizon that you have an old SIM card but a new phone and you’re going to need to add “CDMA-less provisioning” for the SIM to your account.

What Does CDMA-less Provisioning Mean?

CDMA-less provisioning means that your phone will not connect to 3G, whether it’s meant to fall back automatically or if you manually try to fall back to the old 3D CDMA network.

Furthermore, with CDMA-less provisioning, your phone will only work on the 4G or 5G network, although most cannot connect to 5G, so you’re most likely going to have 4G LTE coverage.


LTE is not the same as CDMA since CDMA are protocols that only exist for the 2G and 3G network, whereas LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution and its protocols for 4G broadband.

Additionally, Verizon now uses 4G LTE as the standard for wireless communications and it’s a higher speed than the CDMA network.

Is Verizon Shutting Down CDMA?

Verizon will be shutting down the CDMA network completely on December 31, 2022, which means that the 3G network is no longer going to be active on Verizon.

Furthermore, anyone with a 3G phone is going to need to upgrade to a new device to continue using the Verizon network, which is moving all devices to the 4G LTE network.

Also, any device that doesn’t use HD Voice and runs on non-VoLTE will not work either after this date, which means there will be no service, even to send or receive text messages.

What Are Some CDMA-less Devices?

What Are Some CDMA-less Devices?

There are a few different phones where you might have to activate CDMA-less if you’re using an existing Verizon SIM with a new phone including the following devices:

  • Motorola Edge
  • Any OnePlus 7 Pro device or older, such as OnePlus 7 or OnePlus6T
  • Any older 4G phones that are not VoLTE
  • Older Apple iPhones

How Do I Activate CDMA-less for OnePlus Devices?

If you have a OnePlus device that is a OnePlus 7 Pro or older device, you’re going to need to activate CDMA-less if you have an existing Verizon SIM you’d like to put into the phone.

Therefore, follow the steps below to easily add your Verizon SIM to your OnePlus 7 Pro or older device by activating CDMA-less on your account:

  • Log in to your My Verizon account through the Verizon website
  • Select “My Devices”
  • “Activate or Switch Device”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to activate CDMA-less

Additionally, if your old SIM card comes from a device that has both CDMA and LTE mode, then you’ll just need to log in to your My Verizon account and select “Reactivate Verizon SIM.”

However, you don’t have to activate CDMA-less on a OnePlus 8 device or newer, since those are already set up to work on the Verizon LTE network.

Will An Unlocked CDMA-less Phone Work on Verizon?

Just because a phone is unlocked and can be CDMA-less doesn’t mean that it’ll work on the Verizon network, although a lot of them do work with Verizon.

Therefore, to ensure that your unlocked CDMA-less device will work with Verizon, you need to check the IMEI Compatibility tool to see if your phone is on the whitelist for Verizon.

You will just need to enter the IMEI number and the Verizon tool will tell you whether it’s a phone compatible with the Verizon network, which is great to use if you want to bring your own device.

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Verizon CDMA-less means that you have no CDMA capabilities at all, and you may have to enable CDMA-less on your account if you’re using an existing Verizon SIM with a new phone.

Furthermore, Verizon CDMA-less provisioning is required so that your phone does not try to fall back to the 3G network if you happen to be outside of the 4G LTE or 5G coverage area.

Additionally, if you need CDMA-less provisioning, you’re likely going to have to contact Verizon Customer Service to get the provisioning added to your account if you don’t do it online.

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