Does Verizon Work In The Bahamas? (Small Island Connections + More)

If you’ve been planning a trip to the Bahamas, it can be a really exciting time. But before you leave, it’s essential to know whether or not your cell phone provider offers coverage in the Bahamas to avoid paying a bunch of fees.

If you have Verizon, you’re probably asking, does Verizon offer coverage in the Bahamas? And, if so, how good is the service there? I’ve done some digging on the matter, and here’s everything I discovered!

Does Verizon Work In The Bahamas In [currentyear]?

Verizon works in the Bahamas, as the main islands have cell towers all around; however, service can be intermittent depending on where you’re traveling as of [currentyear]. The outlying islands in the Bahamas won’t get great cell reception, if at all, and to avoid the roaming fees, it’s best to add the Verizon TravelPass to your account before leaving.

Do you want to know more about using Verizon in the Bahamas, including what popular tourist destinations have Verizon coverage? Continue reading below to learn more!

Does My Verizon Plan Work In The Bahamas?

Your regular Verizon plan will work in the Bahamas. But, it’s important to turn roaming on before going to the Bahamas; otherwise, using your phone will cost you a fortune.

With that, there are several LTE cell towers on the main islands in the Bahamas, so connecting to a local cell tower with roaming turned on is very simple, and the connection will be decent.

However, unless you have an International plan, it will cost up to $2.99 per minute using your regular Verizon phone plan on roaming, so the best option is to use the Verizon TravelPass.

Also, it’s important to note that Verizon doesn’t have cell coverage in the Bahamas, so any service you get with your Verizon phone would be through locally-owned cell towers.

Does Verizon TravelPass Work In The Bahamas?

Yes, Verizon TravelPass works in the Bahamas, and it’s the cheapest way to use your Verizon phone in the Bahamas, especially if you’re on an island with local cell towers nearby.

Additionally, TravelPass will cost $10 per day when you use your phone during your trip, so you only pay for the days you use your phone while in the Bahamas.

So, instead of your phone going into roaming mode and costing you money the whole time, just use TravelPass when you need to make phone calls, send texts, receive calls, and more.

How Do I Get A Verizon TravelPass?

To add TravelPass to your Verizon phone plan, text “Travel” to 4004, or go online and begin the process of adding TravelPass before you leave for the Bahamas.

Furthermore, you don’t even need to sign in to your Verizon account to add the TravelPass to your account.

Instead, simply choose the location, select the dates you’re going on your trip, select the devices you want to add to the TravelPass, find the best plan, and then you’re all set!

Also, you can choose to contact customer service and tell them you’d like to add TravelPass to your account, and they’ll begin the process of helping you set up the plan on your account.

Does Verizon Work In Harbor Island, Bahamas?

Does Verizon Work In Harbor Island, Bahamas?

Verizon will work in Harbor Island, Bahamas, as long as you have TravelPass and an International Verizon plan.

Additionally, since Harbor Island is one of the most common travel destinations, you should find locations throughout the small island where you can get reception.

Does Verizon Work In Eleuthera, Bahamas?

Fortunately, Verizon works in Eleuthera, Bahamas, as noted by travelers online.

But, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve added the International TravelPass to your account before you begin your trip.

However, without the TravelPass, you probably won’t get any service, and if you do, it’ll cost you a fortune since it would be regular roaming charges.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the service, even with TravelPass, could be intermittent depending on your location in Eleuthera.

Furthermore, if you can get your hands on a Global Ready phone from Verizon, that would be the best way to ensure steady coverage while you travel to Eleuthera.

Does Verizon Work In Nassau, Bahamas?

Verizon works in Nassau, the largest city on New Providence Island, and it’s known for having decent cell service in most of the city.

As with any travel to the Bahamas, you’ll need to have the International TravelPass to ensure that you have cell service while you’re visiting Nassau.

Does Verizon Work On Paradise Island?

Yes, Verizon will work almost anywhere on Paradise Island, according to travelers that have used Verizon phones on the island.

However, you might find that your cell service is blocked or limited in specific locations, so it depends on the exact location on Paradise Island.

Does Verizon Work On Cat Island?

Cat Island is one of the most secluded and remote islands, which means you’re most likely not going to get any Verizon service.

On top of that, Cat Island is complicated for tourists to get to. Also, it’s known for being one of the most peaceful islands, which means you should plan on not even looking at your phone.

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Verizon works in the Bahamas, although it doesn’t have its towers there, so you’ll be connecting to local towers within the Bahamas.

Furthermore, you’ll be charged outrageous roaming fees if you use your Verizon phone while in the Bahamas unless you get the International TravelPass added to your account for $10 a day.

Fortunately, it’s simple to add TravelPass to your account before you leave on your trip to the Bahamas, and you’re only charged the days you use your phone.

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