Verizon Complaints (How to Make One, Types of Complaints + Contact Information)

Verizon offers technology and communications services to millions of customers via voice, data, and video solutions on its networks and platforms.

As well, the company has established customer support to deal with consumer complaints, so read on to discover how Verizon receives and resolves complaints!

How Does Verizon Handle Customer Complaints In 2024?

Verizon’s customer support can be accessed via various media by customers wishing to file complaints in 2024. However, the complaints are handled in accordance with Contractual terms and on a case-to-case basis. Disgruntled customers can escalate their complaints, or resort to alternative means of resolution. Generally, customers are discontented with Verizon’s customer support.

Keep reading if you would like to learn how to file a complaint with Verizon, the common complaints it receives, and how it handles them.

How Do I File My Complaint with Verizon?

Customers can complain to Verizon through email, and expect a response within a few hours. Verizon receives emails through the Contact Us page on its website.

Enter your contact information on the form that comes up, and describe your complaint fully but concisely.

You can also call any of their numbers, depending on which Verizon service you complain about.

Have all relevant details at hand so you make the most of your call.

Besides, you can reach Verizon on any social media channels, particularly Twitter and Facebook.

How Do I Escalate My Complaint at Verizon?

If you’ve lodged a complaint, but Verizon hasn’t resolved your issue satisfactorily, you can escalate the issue by calling the executive response team.

When you first contact customer care at the lower level, take note of the staff’s details that serve you and the promises they make you.

Also, request to have the details of your agreement following the statement. This trail of documentation is valuable when you have to escalate your issue.

If you don’t receive satisfactory assistance after escalation, you may seek arbitration and other alternatives.

How Can I Contact Verizon?


Use the number next to the service you wish to complain about:

  • Mobile: 1-800-922-0204
  • Home: ( Internet, TV, Phone Service) 1-800-837-4966
  • 5G Home Internet: 1-844-687-7885
  • 5G Service & Support: 1-800-922-0204
  • Corporate Headquarters: 212-3955-1000

Social Media:

Mailing Address:

1 Verizon Way,

Basking Ridge,

NJ 07920

How Can I File a Complaint Against Verizon?

How Can I File a Complaint Against Verizon?

You can use any of the following channels to file a complaint against Verizon.

1. Arbitration

Customers can resort to arbitration if they feel their concerns haven’t been adequately resolved.

To resort to arbitration, you must first inform Verizon of that intention 30 days in advance.

You can do this by printing out and filling out this form.

Make sure to leave no unfilled spaces and keep a copy for your file.

Mail or fax the form to Verizon using the contacts provided.

2. Consumer Protection Agencies

Verizon’s activities are regulated under the Federal Communications Commission.

Any complaints that involve breaches of FCC’s regulation can therefore be reported to the agency for investigation and action.

The Federal Trade Commission also has jurisdiction over some of Verizon’s activities, and can receive complaints that involve those activities.

3. Better Business Bureau

Customers can also file their complaints through the BBB (, which then forwards them to Verizon and rates its responsiveness to complaints.

Can I Sue Verizon?

Verizon customers can also file their complaints against the company in a Small Claims Court if other options prove unsuccessful.

Filing complaints in a Small Claims Court takes this procedure:

  1. Create a claim that contains your identity information and details of your claim, including when it occurred.
  2. File this claim with the Small Claims Court clerk within a year from when the cause of the complaint occurred; otherwise, it will be time-barred.
  3. The court clerk will review your claim, and either reject it as baseless or allow it.
  4. If the claim is accepted, the clerk notifies Verizon of the claim within 21 days, sets the date, and gives it 10 days to respond.
  5. On the appointed date of trial, you will have an hour to state your case, and Verizon will get the chance to respond.
  6. Verizon may offer you some compensation if you accept the case as dismissed and the matter ends there.
  7. Otherwise, you have the option to now file and argue your case in the Small Claims court.

It may be possible to avoid this process by letting Verizon know that you intend to take the matter to the Small Claims Court.

That may prompt the company to be more willing to accommodate your good wishes.

What Are the Common Complaints Against Verizon?

Here are some common complaints against Verizon:

1. Verizon Products

Customers complain that sometimes Verizon phones don’t work correctly, but that it costs them money to get rid of them or replace them.

In some instances, they lose their payback plan if they want to pay up earlier and get another phone, while others lose their insurance coverage.

Verizon does put out misleading information about its product. The company offers an item at incorrect lower prices or with hidden charges in certain circumstances.

Customers also complain that Verizon forces the system to update, harassing them with unrelenting reminders and even automatic non-reversible updates.

2. Verizon Billing

When Verizon sometimes bills a customer by mistake, the company is slow and reluctant to put it right, in some cases yielding to refunding just part of the money.

3. Verizon Customer Support

Verizon customers accuse the customer support representatives of being unhelpful, unsympathetic, and outright rude.

Customer support is sometimes inaccessible, and one has to make several attempts at contact to get through.

When they do get through, they are sometimes met by empty promises to call back or resolve the customer’s issue.

Sometimes clients also get tossed from representative to representative in different departments to wear them out.

4. Misleading Advertising

Verizon has been accused of luring customers with false advertising about the quality and pricing of its goods and services.

The National Advertising Division has banned it from making extravagant claims about the speed and reach of its 5G network.

Customers also complain that Verizon downplays messages about hidden charges in its adverts, only revealing them once the customer has committed.

How Efficient Is Verizon’s Customer Support System?

The Customer Service Scoreboard ranks Verizon 204th out of the 996 companies, with an overall score of 45.52/200 based on 2,299 ratings.

Further, it rated Verizon’s customer service as disappointing on the scores of 2.6/10 for issue resolution, 3.3/10 for reachability, and 4.2/10 for friendliness.

Sitejabber awards Verizon 1.77 stars based on 498 reviews. It also awards the internet service provider 1.5 stars for customer service, based on 131 reviews.

Trustpilot gives Verizon 1.2 stars on 2,994 reviews, while Pissed Consumer gives it 1.8 stars, based on 1,361 reviews.

Broadband, which ranks internet providers, ranked Verizon 10th out of the 10 providers, with a customer service rating of 3.9 stars.

These reviews indicate that Verizon customers are disappointed with the company’s customer support.

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Verizon offers several avenues for customer support. Customers can contact customer support at the lower levels via different channels.

Moreover, the customers can escalate the complaint within Verizon or opt for arbitration, consumer protection agencies, or the Small Claims Court.

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