Verizon Pay Stub (How to Get Them + Other FAQs)

Over 132,200 people work for Verizon, and it’s one of the most popular wireless networks within the United States.

Verizon offers many benefits to employees, including the ability to quickly locate their pay stubs. Keep reading below to learn all about the Verizon pay stub, including how to access it!

How Can I Access My Verizon Pay Stub In 2024?

The Verizon pay stub will contain a lot of information that you need to stay on top of your financial life, such as how much money you made before taxes and deductions, and how much your take-home pay is. It’s simple to access your Verizon pay stub using the online Verizon employee portal in 2024.

Do you want to know additional details about the Verizon pay stub, including what other information is written on the pay stub? If so, read below to learn all of the important details!

What Information Is Written on My Verizon Pay Stub?

You’ll find a lot of useful and sensitive personal information on a Verizon paycheck stub, which is meant for the employee to see so they can keep track of their financial well-being.

Furthermore, some of the information you’ll find on the Verizon pay stub includes:

  • Retirement or pension details
  • Pay period start and end date
  • Amount of income earned before deductions
  • Amount of income earned after deductions
  • Specific details about where or to who the deductions are going, such as Federal taxes, Social Security, Medicare, insurance, State taxes, and Local taxes.
  • Holiday pay or sick time paid out

How Do I Access My Verizon Pay Stub?

Verizon has made it incredibly simple to access your pay stub, and thankfully, it’s become digitized in recent years, so you can find this information with just a few clicks of a button.

For example, you can find your Verizon pay stub information by logging into your Verizon SSO account, which is where you’ll go to manage your employee account.

If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to make one before you can access the 9pay stub online, and it might take a trip to Human Resources if you don’t know the credentials required.

Also, through the SSO login, you’ll be able to view recent pay stubs, print them if needed, look at certain time frames, and a host of other valuable details will be found within the site.

How Do I Access My Verizon Pay Stub While I’m at Work?

If you’re working at Verizon, and want to check out your pay stub, the easiest way to achieve this is to go into either the manager’s office, or talk to your supervisor.

Oftentimes, there will be a room with a computer in it where the manager can access these files on your behalf, or allow you to log in to the system.

Additionally, you also can contact Human Resources or the Payroll Department at Verizon if you’d like to view or print your recent pay stubs.

If I Stop Working for Verizon, Can I Still Access My Pay Stubs?

If I Stop Working for Verizon, Can I Still Access My Pay Stubs?

It can be more complicated to access your pay stubs if you’re no longer working at Verizon, since the Verizon online portal is typically reserved for current employees.

Furthermore, once you’ve left the company, you no longer have access to the online system in most cases, although you may still be able to access it for a few days after you’ve left.

Therefore, the best way to access your pay stubs after you stop working for Verizon would be to contact Payroll or the Human Resources Department at your location and ask for the stubs.

Can I Get a PDF of My Verizon Pay Stub?

You should be able to quickly download your pay stub into a PDF file that you can view or print through the Verizon SSO online employee portal.

However, if the pay stub shows up as a different type of file, there are several converter programs online you can use to convert a .docx file to a PDF for free!

For example, the Adobe Word to PDF Converter is a simple and free tool you can use to turn a different file into a PDF within minutes!

How Else Can I Access My Verizon Pay Stubs?

You’ll also be able to access your Verizon pay stub through the Verizon app using your employee login details if you’ve downloaded the app and created an account.

Also, using the app to check out your pay stubs and other employee benefits and information is so much easier, since you can view the information wherever you are and anytime you want!

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A Verizon pay stub will contain the details of your finances while working at Verizon, such as how much money you’ve made before and after taxes, and contains holiday pay and overtime details.

Additionally, Verizon has made it easy for employees to check their pay stubs by using the online employee portal, but you also can contact payroll and ask to view this information.

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