Verizon Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

Verizon might be one of the top wireless networks in the world, but do you want to know more about the company, such as some interesting facts about Verizon?

If so, keep reading because I’ve been researching the top 23 Verizon statistics and wanted to share what I’ve discovered with you below!

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Verizon Statistics In 2024

  • Verizon was started back in 2000 
  • There are over 118,000 employees at Verizon
  • Verizon customers are the least loyal 
  • Verizon’s revenue in 2021 was $133.6 billion
  • Hans Vestberg is the CEO of Verizon
  • The majority of stock shares are owned by other companies or mutual funds
  • Copper wire is being replaced permanently 
  • Verizon is one of the best places that you could work
  • Verizon looked at over 8,500 names before deciding on Verizon
  • In 2020, Verizon had more than 93 million subscribers

Are you wondering about more cool Verizon statistics and interesting facts? Well, I’ve got an entire list of them that I’ll share with you below!

1. Verizon Started In 2000

Bell Atlantic acquired General Telephone & Electronics (GTE) back in 2000, and this merger helped create Verizon and covered nearly all of the United States.

2. Verizon Has Over 118,000 Employees

We know that Verizon is a huge company, but did you know that Verizon has more than 118,000 employees?

Further, it’s hard to get a job at Verizon because so many people want to work for the company, but it only has so many option positions each year, and competition is tough!

3. Verizon Customers Are The Least Loyal

When looking at the big four, the Verizon customer base is the least loyal, which is a surprising trend most people don’t expect.

In addition, the biggest issue for Verizon in retaining customers is the price of the services compared to the benefits offered.

However, Verizon is the only network available in some locations, which means those customers have no choice but to be loyal until the other companies expand out to their area.

4. In 2021 Verizon Earned $133.6 Billion In Revenue

Verizon revenue has been massive through the years, with 2021 revenue totaling $133.6 billion, which is up from the 2020 revenue total of $128.3 billion!

Moreover, people expect that Verizon will continue to earn massive revenue and may beat 2021 revenue if it expands 5G and continues to offer solid and reliable services to customers.

5. Hans Vestberg Is The CEO Of Verizon

The current CEO of Verizon is Hans Vestberg, and he has been the CEO of Verizon since 2018, although before that, he was the chief technology officer for a year.

6. Other Companies Or Mutual Funds Own The Majority Of Stock Shares

Mutual funds and other companies own the majority of stock shares in Verizon, which isn’t great news if you’re a customer of Verizon.

Furthermore, it means that the public is less likely to influence the company’s business decisions and that bigger companies or banks are running things behind the scenes.

7. Verizon Is Discontinuing Copper Wire

Copper Wire is being discontinued by Verizon for good and will be replaced with Fiber, and that’s great news because Fiber is more reliable, much quicker, and easier to work on.

8. Verizon Is One Of The Best Places To Work

Verizon has been consistently one of the best places to work in terms of benefits and pay, with several significant benefits offered to retired Verizon workers too.

9. Over 8,500 Names Were Looked At Before “Verizon” Was Chosen

Did you know that GTE and Bell Atlantic merged and then began to look at over 8,500 names on what to call the new company?

Additionally, “veri” means truth in Latin since it’s short for veritas, and “zon” comes from “horizon,” which brings together reliability and an endless amount of possibilities in the future.

10. Verizon Had 93 Million Subscribers In 2020

In 2020, Verizon Wireless had 93 million subscribers, which is a fairly significant number, and it’s why Verizon is still one of the top telecommunications companies in the country.

11. Verizon Still Operates Landline Services

Landlines might seem like a thing of the past, but thousands of people still have a landline, and Verizon services these customers by offering a landline option through Verizon Fios.

Furthermore, landlines won’t disappear entirely since some people just don’t want a cell phone, so Verizon Fios offering landlines is likely here to stay.

12. Verizon Encourages Community Outreach For Employees

Community outreach and social causes are important to Verizon as a company and important for Verizon when it comes to its employees.

Therefore, Verizon is known to encourage employees to engage in community outreach and give back in any way, including through donations, volunteering, and other charity work.

For example, in 2021, the employees at Verizon ended up having more than 529,000 hours of volunteering, which is a staggering statistic and a wonderful trend to continue! 

13. More Than 22 Companies Have Been Acquired By Verizon

13. More Than 22 Companies Have Been Acquired By Verizon

Verizon has acquired many different companies over the years, with the recent acquisition of Tracfone adding to the list of more than 22 companies.

14. Verizon Has More Than Seven Million Fans On Facebook

Verizon may not have the most loyal customers, but it has a massive following on Facebook with over seven million fans!

15. Verizon Does Business With Over 97% Of Fortune 500 Companies

There are several Fortune 500 companies that Verizon does business with, and one interesting fact is that Verizon does business with over 97% of those on the Fortune 500 list!

16. There Are More Than Seven Million Broadband Subscribers

Verizon broadband services have more than seven million subscribers, which shows how popular Verizon Fios is in the regions where Fios is an option for customers.

17. Verizon Has More Than 140 Million Subscribers

Currently, Verizon has more than 140 million subscribers, which is huge for a company in direct competition with the likes of T-Mobile and AT&T.

18. Verizon Paid $130 Billion For Verizon Wireless

Did you know that Verizon didn’t even fully own Verizon Wireless until 2013, when it paid $130 billion to Vodafone Group to purchase the remaining 45% of Verizon Wireless?

19. 90% Of Verizon Wireless Data Traffic Comes From 4G LTE

On the Verizon network, 90% of all network wireless data traffic is coming from 4G LTE, which shows just how small the Verizon 5G network is at this time.

Additionally, it shows that not many people have switched over to 5G devices and are still holding onto their 4G devices.

20. Verizon’s 5G Will Cover 175 Million People By The End Of 2022

By the end of 2022, Verizon will expand its 5G Ultra Wideband to cover at least 175 million people, although Verizon is still lagging behind T-Mobile in the 5G competition.

21. Verizon Spends Over $3 Billion On Advertising Each Year

Advertising is a considerable part of Verizon, and the company spends about $3 billion each year on advertising to bring in more customers or entice old customers to come back.

22. Over $176 Billion Invested In The Verizon Network Since 2000

Since 2000, Verizon has invested over $176 billion to expand and improve the Verizon Network, which is why it’s one of the most reliable and popular networks in the country.

23. Verizon Has More Than One Million Miles Of Global Fiber

One cool fact about Verizon is that the company now has more than one million miles of global fiber, which is incredible and hard even to imagine!

How Many Subscribers Does Verizon Have?

During the last quarter of 2021, it was revealed that Verizon had 142.8 million subscribers, one of the biggest providers in the country.

Is Verizon Wireless Losing Customers?

Verizon reported that 36,000 subscribers left the company within the first part of 2022, which is a lower total than what was estimated by Factset, which had the number at 49,000.

However, even if Verizon loses 40,000 subscribers to its Wireless services, it’s still going to be one of the biggest telecommunications networks in the country.

What Is Verizon Most Known For?

Verizon is one of the biggest and most well-known telecommunications companies in the world, and it provides both communications and technology services to customers.

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Several cool facts about Verizon include that it was started back in 2000 when Bell Atlantic acquired GTE, and over 8,500 names were looked at before Verizon was picked.

Additionally, Verizon has more than 143,000 subscribers, and the company had a revenue in 2021 of $133.6 billion, which was up about $5 billion from the year before.

On top of that, more than 118,000 employees work for Verizon, and in terms of both benefits and pay, Verizon is one of the best telecommunications companies to work for!

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