Verizon Super Tickets (How It Works + Other FAQs)

Verizon offers a lot of promotions and extra programs to customers, so you may have heard about Verizon Super Tickets before. But, do you know how to get them, or what they’re for?

Well, if you’re looking to find out how Verizon Super Tickets work, continue reading below, because I’ll tell you everything I’ve found out about these tickets!

What Are Verizon Super Tickets In [currentyear]?

Verizon Super Tickets are part of the Verizon Up program, and they are a special ticket that’ll get you into sporting events, concerts, and other live entertainment in [currentyear]. Verizon Super Tickets are available for a limited-time-only giveaway, so they aren’t always available, and even if you try to claim them on your account, it doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

Do you want to know even more about Verizon Super Tickets, such as how you can claim them, and how long they’ll last? Keep reading to find out about all of the cool prizes you can win!

How Do You Get Verizon Super Tickets?

To get Verizon Super Tickets, you have to be a Verizon Up member, which allows you to win the Verizon Super Tickets.

Also, you can have more exclusive Verizon Super Ticket offers available for you to try to win if you have the Verizon Visa credit card.

However, Super Tickets are not guaranteed as a reward, and are only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, you’ll have to check your account to see if the Verizon Super Tickets are available, and you’ll know if you see a countdown timer that lets you know when you are eligible.

When Can the Customer Claim a Super Ticket at Verizon?

You can try to claim a Super Ticket by going into your Verizon Up account, and then doing the following:

  • Select the “Rewards Center” tab
  • Find the “Super Tickets” section, and then select which reward you’d like
  • Read all of the information about that particular award before you try to claim it to make sure it’s what you want
  • Quickly and accurately fill out the claim form
  • Look at the countdown timer, and wait until it reaches “0”
  • Try to claim the Super Tickets once that clock hits “0” as fast as you can

How Often Can You Claim Super Tickets at Verizon?

Unfortunately, if you’ve claimed Super Tickets recently, no one else on your account can claim them for 6 months.

Additionally, the higher-value Super Tickets will make everyone on your account ineligible for additional wins for 24 months!

When Will You Receive Verizon Super Tickets?

There is a lot of variation between when you win the Super Tickets and when you’ll receive them, so each person may have a slightly different experience.

Nevertheless, you’ll get an email within 7 business days of claiming the Super Tickets that tell you important information, such as when and how you’ll receive them.

Do Verizon Super Tickets Come in the Mail?

Do Verizon Super Tickets Come in the Mail?

Since Verizon Super Tickets are for various entertainment and sporting events in the future, there are several different ways that you could receive the Super Tickets, including the following:

  • Mail
  • Will Call
  • Emailed PDF ticket
  • Digital ticket or another method

Therefore, it’s important that when you are trying to claim the reward, that you look at the details on the page, since that’ll give you additional details on how you’ll receive your tickets.

Do Verizon Super Tickets Expire?

Verizon Super Tickets do have an expiration, since the tickets are for specific events, such as NFL games, music concerts, UFC fights, and other live entertainment.

However, the expiration date of the tickets vary, and this information can be found on the “Super Tickets” section of the website next to each type of reward you’re offered. 

Can You Sell Your Verizon Super Tickets?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to sell your Verizon Super Tickets, regardless of the situation, even if you’re selling them to someone else on your Verizon account.

Also, you’re prohibited from transferring the tickets, even to someone on your account, and you cannot give them away either.

If you do try to sell them or transfer them, and Verizon finds out about it, then your Verizon Up membership will be suspended or canceled.

However, it’s unknown whether your suspension would affect other people in your household who also joined the Verizon Up program.

What If I Have Additional Questions About Verizon Super Tickets?

Verizon Up Customer Service representatives can answer other questions you have about the Super Tickets, and you can reach them by phone at 1-(866) 895-5579.

For example, you might want to contact Verizon Up Customer Service if you’ve accidentally entered the wrong information on the claim form, but didn’t catch it until after it was submitted.

Regardless, if you need to contact Verizon Up about the Super Tickets, you should do so as soon as possible, so that you have the best chance of not losing out on the rewards altogether.

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Verizon Super Tickets are a limited first-come, first-served ticket giveaway that you can claim to get you into sporting events, concerts, and other live entertainment events.

Furthermore, you can win the Verizon Super Tickets as part of the Verizon Up rewards program, and you’ll know you’re eligible if you see the countdown timer on the Super Tickets page. You’re limited to one win per account every 6 months or 24 months if it’s a high-value ticket.

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