Verizon UPS Discount (Do They Have One + Other Common FAQS)

If you work for UPS, you know you can get discounts at a variety of stores, and as we know, cell phones can be expensive. So, are you wondering if there is a Verizon UPS discount?

Do you want to know how much of a discount you can get at Verizon? If so, continue reading to find out what I’ve discovered so you can save money!

What Is the Verizon UPS Discount in [currentyear]?

Verizon does offer a UPS discount as part of its corporate employee discounts program, which will save you a ton of money each year. Not only can you get a discount on the voice and data plans from Verizon, but also on accessory items. You’ll need to verify your employment with UPS to get the discount in [currentyear].

Do you want to know more details about the Verizon UPS discount, such as what the eligibility is and how you can claim your discount? Well, keep reading below to find out all that and more!

Does UPS Get the Verizon Discount?

If you work for UPS, you can get discounts at Verizon, and you can get discounts on both cell phone plans and accessories!

Furthermore, if you purchase a data or voice plan, you’ll save about 22% off the regular price as part of the UPS corporate employee discount, and 25% off any Verizon accessories.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for the Verizon UPS Discount?

Verizon has a few eligibility requirements in place for those working at UPS who want to receive the discount, which is as follows:

  • You must be employed at UPS
  • You’ll need a qualifying Verizon plan
  • You also need to be an account owner or manager of the Verizon account to claim the UPS discount

What Verizon Plans are Eligible for the UPS Discount?

The Verizon UPS discount requires you to have certain cell phone plans to be eligible to receive the discount, which includes the following:

  • Basic Single Line Plan
  • Shared Data Plan (5GB or 10GB)
  • Old Verizon Shared Data Plans (no longer available for purchase, but include S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • Have one of the above plans with a monthly fee higher than $34.99

What Plans are Ineligible for the Verizon UPS Discount?

There are a few plans that are not eligible to receive the Verizon UPS discount, which include the following:

  • Any Unlimited Plan (includes present 5G Unlimited Plans, and old Unlimited Plans that are no longer offered)
  • Verizon Prepaid Plans

How Do I Sign up for the Verizon UPS Discount?

If you’d like to sign up for the Verizon UPS discount, then you’re going to need to go to the Discounts by Verizon page and sign up.

Further, you’ll have to choose whether you’re new to Verizon or already an existing customer, and then follow the prompts to begin the process.

A work email address is how you’re verified as an employee of UPS, although not every employee has an email address.

Therefore, you may need to upload a document to verify employment and there are certain requirements for the document you choose to upload, which includes the following:

  • The document will need to be either a pay stub or related document that can verify your employment with UPS
  • The document cannot be more than 5MB in size
  • Your document will need to be uploaded in JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF, TNF, or GIF
  • Personal information such as employee ID, social security number, banking information, and other details can be blacked out
  • Your name, date, and company name needs to be legible
  • The document cannot be more than 2 months old

Can I Use the Verizon UPS Discount for Fios?

Can I Use the Verizon UPS Discount for Fios?

You can use your UPS discount for Verizon Fios, and you can save anywhere between $5 and $15 per month on your home internet and television services.

Therefore, just go to the Verizon Connections page, click on “Check Eligibility,” and fill out the form to apply for the Fios discount!

Does the Verizon UPS Discount Change the My Verizon Contract?

The Verizon UPS discount has nothing to do with your contract, so if you are an existing customer, you’ll still have the same contract as before the discount, and it will not change.

Furthermore, your payment plan and the agreement also doesn’t change by claiming this discount.

What Accessories Are Eligible with the Verizon UPS Discount?

It’s important to note that you can only get the Verizon UPS discount if you purchase the accessory using your My Verizon account, which is either online or through the app.

Therefore, this discount doesn’t apply in-store or over the phone, and won’t apply if you use a kiosk to complete your purchase.

Additionally, not all accessories are part of this discount program, so the accessories you can get the UPS discount for include only the following items:

  • Mono wired and Bluetooth headsets
  • Holsters
  • Screen protectors
  • Car chargers
  • Household chargers
  • Cases

Unfortunately, the Verizon UPS discount does not work for the following accessories:

  • Cables
  • Apple products
  • Smart products (such as smartwatches)
  • Portable power banks
  • Waterproof cases
  • Stereo headphones
  • Memory cards
  • Keyboards
  • Docks
  • Mounts
  • Other accessories not listed here

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Verizon does offer a UPS discount as part of its corporate employee discount program, which includes 22% off phone and data plans, and 25% off eligible accessories.

However, to qualify for the discount, you’ll need to be the Verizon account owner or manager, and verify your eligibility with a work email address or through documentation uploaded to Verizon.

Furthermore, the UPS discount only works if you purchase the items through the My Verizon app, or using the My Verizon website, and will not work for in-store or over-the-phone purchases.

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