Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program (Full Guide)

For many Americans, not owning a car is a barrier to gainful employment. Unreliable or inaccessible public transportation can keep people out of full-time jobs.

Major employers have the means and ways to help, and Walmart has tackled this issue with the Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program. But what is it, and how does it work? Here is what I discovered!

What Is The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program partners Walmart with online car sales company CarSaver to make purchasing, leasing, and trading in current vehicles accessible to many of its employees. Walmart employees can purchase up to five cars per year and receive personalized payment financing and a lifetime warranty on the vehicle.

For more about CarSaver, how the program works, what kinds of cars you can purchase, and whether employees get discounts, find the full guide below!

What Is CarSaver?

Founded in 2016, CarSaver is an online platform for purchasing and leasing new and used cars and for trading in old ones.

In many ways, Carsaver follows the Carvana model (that company was founded in 2012).

The CarSaver site is designed to simplify shopping for a car online, with “dream car” building, shopping by make, model, or price, and even financing and insurance.

CarSaver first teamed up with Walmart shortly after their company launch and has been busy expanding its service offerings with the retail giant.

Trade-ins started in 2018, and the Associate Vehicle Purchase Program followed soon after.

How Does The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program Work?

The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program (AVPP) makes purchasing, leasing, and even trading in cars a convenient and accessible process for employees.

Associates can browse their local selection to see what is available like any other shopper.

Fields can be narrowed by make, model, pricing, and distance (don’t fall in love with a vehicle 2,000 miles away!), or you can build your “dream model.”

The cars you see available are from your area; in fact, they are from partner dealerships.

These dealerships are where you will head once you have decided on a vehicle that meets your specifications.

Additionally, CarSaver helps Walmart associates find a financing plan that works for them and can also help them find insurance.

Once employees find a car they like, they can schedule a test drive with a VIP Personal Shopper and then, when your appointment is set, head over to the partnered dealership to complete the process.

What Kind Of Cars Can You Get With The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

What Kind Of Cars Can You Get With The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

If you live in or near a metropolitan area, chances are you can find almost any type of car you want.

As long as you can afford the monthly payments, associates are not limited in what type of car they get.

However, the stock is limited based on what dealerships have partnered with CarSaver and their current inventory.

You can always expand your search parameters to include a wider geographical area, but you will have to cover the distance to reach the dealership yourself.

How Many Cars Can You Purchase With The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

Per the Walmart AVPP website, associates can purchase up to five cars per year using CarSaver.

While that is a very generous offer, ensuring you can afford all the car payments you take on as part of this program is important.

Is The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program Worth It?

While one message board on Reddit about the Walmart AVPP didn’t turn up any comments from people with experience, ratings for CarSaver are mixed.

One commenter on thought the customer service was excellent; another found the process frustrating.

A third started out with a bad review but was later amended after the CEO of the company stepped and fixed the issue.

As with any online service, individual experiences are going to vary, but it appears both Walmart and CarSaver are dedicated to good customer service and positive outcomes.

Can You Use Your Vehicle For Ridesharing If You Bought It Through Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

You can use the vehicle you purchased or leased via the Walmart AVPP to drive Uber, Lyft, or any other ridesharing program.

You will have to ensure that you meet all the qualifications on the ridesharing end, but neither Walmart nor CarSaver prohibits their purchases from being used for ridesharing.

Do Walmart Employees Get A Discount On Cars?

While Walmart employees don’t receive a discount on their CarSaver purchases, it appears that many can receive discounts directly from local dealerships.

Some dealerships, however, offer specific discounts when Walmart associates come in to complete their CarSaver transactions.

It all depends on the dealership – so do your research while shopping!

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Walmart’s Associate Vehicle Purchase Program is an accessible and convenient way for employees to purchase or lease new and used cars and even trade in their old ones.

By partnering with CarSaver and local dealerships, Walmart is able to offer their employees a wide variety of makes and models, with personalized financing and a lifetime warranty.

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