Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental (Price, Time Frame, Models, Locations + More)

Whether you are moving house or your carpet needs some attention, you may be wondering whether or not Walmart has a carpet cleaning rental service.

Below, you will see our full guide on the Walmart carpet cleaner rental service, the price, how to use it, different models, and more. Let’s get started!

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental

Walmart does offer a carpet cleaner rental service via their dedicated Rug Doctor self-service kiosks located in most Walmart stores. Carpet cleaners can be rented for up to 48 hours and cost $29.99 for 24 hours and $39.99 for 48 hours. Additional accessories and carpet cleaning solutions are not included in this price.

To learn more about the different models of carpet cleaners Walmart rents, accessories, and more, keep on reading!

What Walmart Locations Offer A Carpet Cleaner Rental?

By using Rug Doctor’s dedicated rental location interface, customers can discover a variety of local stores, depending on their zip code, that offer a dedicated carpet cleaner rental service.

Through this interface, users can check if their local Walmart offers the carpet cleaner rental service, and if not, they can find the nearest Walmart location that does.

How To Rent A Carpet Cleaner From Walmart

Once you have found a Walmart location with a Rug Doctor kiosk, the next thing is to rent one!

When in-store, you will likely find the kiosk located next to the customer service desk at the front of the store.

When at the Rug Doctor kiosk, there will be a touch screen where you can enter the cleaner you want to rent, your name, phone number, and address.

After you have entered this information, you will then be prompted to pay with your preferred payment method. Once the payment has been successful, the kiosk cage will unlock and allow you to remove your carpet cleaner!

Returning A Carpet Cleaner To Walmart

When you have finished with your rental, simply bring it back to any Rug Doctor kiosk and enter the same details used to hire the carpet cleaner.

Once you input your personal details, the kiosk will unlock, and you will be able to put the carpet cleaner back into the storage cage.

What Models Of Carpet Cleaner Does Walmart Rent Out To Customers? 

What Models Of Carpet Cleaner Does Walmart Rent Out To Customers? 

The range of machines available at Walmart can range from each location, but most Walmart stores offer Rug Doctor models such as the: Mighty Pro, Wide Track, Pro Portable, X3, and Pro Deep models, to name just a few.

Users of Rug Doctor’s location finder can also find out whether certain locations offer newer models or older models of machines.

As well as this, the service allows customers to search by specific models of carpet cleaners.

Are There Late Fees For Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rentals? 

Walmart does have a late fee for their carpet cleaner rentals. As mentioned above, customers are given the option to rent the machines for periods of 24 hours or 48 hours.

If the machine isn’t returned within their rental period, then the customer will be made to pay for an extra day, regardless of if that day has fully elapsed yet.

Do Walmart Sell Or Rent Cleaning Solutions? 

Rug Doctor machines require appropriate cleaning solutions to get to work. These solutions can be bought within Walmart stores from around $10 to $25.

Some solutions focus on pet stains, while others focus on simple all-around cleans. It is best to find out ahead of time what you need for your solution to get the most out of your rental.

Rug Doctor recommends using their own solution brand, but other brands or DIY solutions can also be used with the machines.

Can Extra Accessories Be Rented? 

Extra accessories can be rented alongside the carpet cleaners themselves. These accessories can range from upholstery accessories, that will allow you to clean furniture, to drying fans to help to dry carpets and furniture.

Is It Better To Buy A Carpet Cleaner Than To Rent One?

Is It Better To Buy A Carpet Cleaner Than To Rent One? 

The answer to this question can depend entirely on your intended use of the carpet cleaner.

At their most expensive, Walmart sells Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for up to $550, with the lowest price listed on their website at around $150.

However, if you frequently clean your carpets or need them as part of your business, the investment to purchase may prove worthwhile.

Does Walmart Rent Out Steam Cleaners? 

Walmart does not offer a rental service for steam cleaning machines or tools made to clean hard floors.

However, you can purchase steam cleaners at Walmart stores as they stock multiple models that range in price from around $30 to $200. 

For alternative places to rent carpet cleaners, also see my full guide on renting carpet cleaners from Dollar General, renting carpet cleaners from Publix, and renting carpet cleaners from Kroger.


Walmart does offer a carpet cleaner rental service. Most stores offer this service, but customers can find out which stores specifically do, via the Rug Doctor website.

Walmart stocks a wide variety of machines that can be rented for as long as 48 hours, for up to around $40. 

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