Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty (Claims, Batteries Covered, Length Of Warranty + More)

The only time most of us probably think about car batteries is when they have gone and died on us – usually in the morning, usually in the bitter cold. We’re left inconvenienced or stranded, and batteries aren’t the cheapest to replace.

Walmart has made buying a battery a much less painful process, with affordable options and features like their warranties on Everstart batteries. Let’s learn a bit more about the Walmart Everstart battery warranty.

Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty

The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty is a free feature for all Everstart batteries. The length of time during which the warranty is good varies based on the type of Everstart battery purchased, ranging between one to three years. Shoppers must claim their warranty in person, in a Walmart store.

For more, like how long the warranties are for each Everstart battery, what the warranty covers, how to make a claim, and if the battery warranties are worth it, keep reading!

How Long Is The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty Good For?

The length of time for which your Everstart battery is covered depends on what kind you purchased.

There are three types of Everstart batteries: Value, Plus, and Maxx.

The Value version, also the cheapest, is good for one year.

The Plus version, which is a middle-of-the-road battery, is good for two years.

And you guessed it, the Maxx battery is the most expensive, but it has the longest warranty period: three years, then the prorated two-year warranty.

What Is The Walmart Everstart Maxx Battery Prorated Warranty?

The Walmart Everstart Maxx Battery Prorated Warranty extends the initial three-year warranty by two years, but with a caveat.

Instead of receiving full coverage, if your battery fails in the next two years after the initial three, you can replace the battery for a prorated fee.

The fee is determined by dividing the age of the battery (in months) by 60, then multiplying that by the price of a new battery.

So if your battery died after 38 months and your Walmart sells the same battery for $88:

38/60 = .633

.633×88 = $55.73

You’ll only pay $55.73 for a new battery, almost a 40 percent savings (before taxes are added).

How Do You Claim A Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty?

How Do You Claim A Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty?

Claiming your Walmart Everstart battery warranty requires you to go inside a Walmart store to an Auto Care Center – it cannot be done online.

If you have your receipt and return to the Walmart where you purchased the battery, claiming your warranty should be straightforward.

If you don’t have/do either, you can still make a claim; it just might take a little longer.

If you don’t have your receipt, you are in luck; the Everstart brand is specific to Walmart, so they are likely to go ahead and initiate your claim without a receipt.

They can look at the serial number on the battery (the purchase date helps, too) and find the transaction.

Once they have confirmed that your warranty is still good, you tell the auto center associate what happened.

They might want to examine the battery (or your vehicle if you’ve gotten a tow) to ensure the warranty covers the issue related to the battery.

Provided everything checks out, you will get your replacement (which an associate will install if you prefer) and be on your way. They can also take your old battery and dispose of it properly.

If you do not bring in your old battery for disposal, Walmart is bound by state laws to charge a Core Battery charge.

This is intended to encourage drivers to see that their old batteries are disposed of in a way that won’t harm the environment.

(Walmart also encourages drivers to return their old battery by allowing them to bring the battery in at a later date, with the receipt for proof of purchase of the new battery, to receive a refund on the core charge.)

How Much Does The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty Cost?

The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty is free and automatic, from the date you purchased the battery.

You do not need to “activate” or register anything to make a claim later, but it is very helpful if you hold onto your receipt (or take a picture with your phone).

What Does The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty Cover?

The Walmart Everstart Battery warranty covers the failure of the battery so far as it is unrelated to user error.

Not covered by the warranty are a leaking or bulging battery, accidents incurred by human handling, and automobile accident-related damage.

The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty covers a battery that “tests bad” or has died.

Do You Need A Receipt For The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty?

Do You Need A Receipt For The Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty?

You do not need a receipt to claim your Walmart Everstart battery warranty.

While it is very useful and will no doubt ensure a speedier process (during a very trying time), the auto center associate can look up the transaction based on the serial number of the dead battery.

Does Walmart Offer A Lifetime Warranty On Everstart Batteries?

Unfortunately, none of Walmart’s Everstart batteries come with a lifetime warranty.

As it happens, the lifetime of a car battery – Everstart or otherwise – is only four to six years anyway, according to

So offering a lifetime warranty, which you would no doubt have to purchase separately, would likely end up an unnecessary extra expense, when the Everstart Maxx offers coverage up to five years.

Can You Return Your Walmart Everstart Battery For A Refund?

For some, the claim process for a warranty doesn’t sound very appealing – they’d rather return the product and get a refund at the customer service desk, easy-peasy.

For up to 90 days after your car battery purchase, you can circumnavigate the claims process and return the battery for a replacement or a refund. It has to be dead or not the right fit for your car.

(Also, if you don’t have your receipt for the return/refund, you can either get a replacement or store credit.)

After 90 days, however, your battery is considered under warranty, and you will have to go through the claims process.

Should You Buy A Walmart Everstart Battery For The Warranty?

Walmart Everstart batteries are a good deal. According to Bob Beaman, a Walmart automotive sales associate, they are made by Johnson Controls, a well-known maker of high-quality car batteries.

It’s not just the warranty that sweetens the deal, either; consider how many Walmarts dot the American landscape – you don’t have to go far to find one, and you can make your battery warranty claim in any one of the many auto service centers.

Walmart also installs new batteries and disposes of old ones – free of charge.

If you want to know more about Walmart’s automotive services, you can also read our related articles on Walmart’s car battery return policy, who makes EverStart batteries for Walmart, and how much an oil change is at Walmart.


Walmart Everstart batteries are a great choice for anyone, in no small part because of the generous warranty.

The Everstart battery warranty, which is free and lasts from one to three years depending on the tier of battery purchased, gives drivers an extra boost of confidence and security – but let’s all hope we never have need of it!

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