Walmart Logo Meaning [History, Evolution, Changes, HEX Codes + What It Means] 

Since Walmart’s inception in 1962, the company has been ever-evolving by offering new services, expanding to multiple continents, and bringing its e-commerce website to the forefront.

During this time, there has also been another evolution of the brand in the form of the Walmart logo. So if you are wanting to know the meaning behind the Walmart logo, its evolution, and more, keep on reading!

Walmart Logo Meaning 

Walmart’s logo signifies the friendly and approachable aspect of the brand, which is represented in a blue calming color and crisp bold white font. The yellow star on the Walmart logo represents a ‘spark’, which signifies a ‘lightbulb moment’ for customers, as they will likely find the product or service at Walmart.

To find out more about the incredible history of Walmart’s logo, keep reading! 

The History Of Walmart’s Logo

Walmart’s first logo came about in 1962 when Walmart’s first chain of stores opened across the USA.

The original logo was simply the word ‘Walmart’ capitalized and colored blue that was used from 1962 until 1964 before it changed for the first time.

The History Of Walmart's Logo

This has actually been documented by Walmart as their ‘unofficial’ logo, as the owners of Walmart did not design one, ultimately leaving the color choice and font up to the printer! 

Since then, the logo at Walmart has changed 5 more times! The current logo, which is still in use, was designed in 2008 by a designer called Lippincot who is based in New York.  

Who Created Walmart’s First Logo? 

Walmart’s first logo was not actually designed by anyone in particular, as it was not a factor that Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton, had necessarily put a lot of thought into.

In fact, during the first 2 years of Walmart’s opening (1962 – 1964), the font and color scheme used for the word Walmart was ultimately the decision of whoever had to print the advertisement document at the time!

How Has Walmart And Its Logo Evolved Over The Years?

Walmart’s logo has changed a total of 5 times since the first design in 1962, and even the brand’s name has changed from Wal-mart to Walmart (while some call it Wally World).  

The first few designs featured a dark color scheme of blacks and browns before they started implementing the recognizable blue that is similar to the current design.  

From 1992 to 2008, the design first introduced the little star that Walmart has since adapted into a yellow six-line design. The current design, produced in 2008, is the first logo that does not see the word ‘Walmart’ fully capitalized.  

What Are The Hex Codes For The Colours On Walmart’s Logo? 

What Are The Hex Codes For The Colours On Walmart's Logo? 

The hex codes for Walmart’s color scheme are as follows. The hex code #004c91 is the dark blue color, #007dc6 is the medium blue shade, and #78b9e7 is the hex code for the lightest blue shade in Walmart. 

The hex code for the orange used for Walmart is #f47321, and the yellow color is #ffc220.

Walmart’s darker green color, titled ‘Fresh Product Dark Green’ has the hex code of #367c2b, and the slightly lighter shade of this type of green is #76c043.

Why Does Walmart Use Blue For Its Logo And Store Design? 

Researchers say that the color blue has been shown to emulate feelings of serenity, peacefulness, and calmness, and this could be exactly why Walmart chose the color blue for their branding!  

Blue is also generally a gentle color that does not strain or hurt the eyes too much, and also does not overstimulate your senses!

This means that everyone can enjoy Walmart without feeling stressed or overwhelmed and makes Walmart an inclusive store. 

Why Did Walmart Change Its Logo Colours? 

Walmart changed its logo colors in recent years to go back to its original blue color as a reference to the traditional and friendly nature of the store.

As Walmart offers affordable goods at extremely competitive prices, the light blue color emphasizes the wholesome feel of the store! 

The addition of the bright yellow spark adds an iconic element to the Walmart logo, ensuring it is more memorable with an uplifting color scheme and design. 

What Is Walmart’s Slogan? 

Walmart’s current official slogan is ‘save people money so they can live better.’ This statement is echoed in both Walmart’s mission statement and also within their advertising and PR stints!  

This slogan is a slight adaptation of what Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton, said while receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George H.W. Bush in 1992. 

What Are Walmart’s Four Core Values? 

Walmart’s four core values  comprise of the following bullet points:  

  • Service to the customer 
  • Respect for the individual  
  • Strive for excellence 
  • Act with integrity  

Walmart places great importance on instilling these core values into its staff and has created staff and store policies to uphold these points.

Walmart’s very own brand color scheme and design layout have also been credited to help maintain these core values, by creating a respectful and inclusive atmosphere within every Walmart store! 

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To summarize, Walmart has lent its logo to help convey a family-friendly and welcoming atmosphere to its stores. The changes made to the design over the last few decades show the brand’s convergence to popular marketing trends to stay in fashion and up to date!

The history of the Walmart logo uncovers some fun facts regarding Walmart’s initial founder, Sam Walton, and highlights how Walmart’s brand mentality is woven into every design aspect, both within advertising and store design!  

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