Wayfair Return Policy (Full Breakdown + Things to Know)

When you have purchased something from Wayfair and it just doesn’t fit the bill, it’s a major disappointment. You need to initiate a return through the company’s website, but before you do, you’ll want to be aware of the return policy.

But What is the Wayfair return policy, and how is it different from other major online retailers? I’ve got what you need to know below, so keep reading to learn more!

What Is the Wayfair Return Policy in 2024?

Wayfair has a 30-day return policy, but unless the package arrived damaged or defective as the fault of the shipper or Wayfair, customers will be paying for the return shipping out of their refund. Items can only be returned in “like-new” condition, preferably in their original packaging, and some items cannot be returned at all in 2024.

To learn more about whether it’s hard to return things to Wayfair, how much Wayfair charges for return shipping (and what you can do if the return shipping is way too much), and even whether you can return items to Walmart, keep going!

Is It Hard to Return Things to Wayfair?

It’s not hard to return things to Wayfair, but it can be a little tricky, as the company’s 30-day return policy has some caveats.

Let’s do a full breakdown of Wayfair’s return policy:


You have 30 days from the date of delivery to initiate a return. Items don’t have to be unopened, but they must be “like new” – meaning, they were opened, but clearly not used.

Wayfair highly recommends holding onto the original packaging in case of returns, but if the box is too far gone to be reshipped, a different type of packaging is permissible.

The company suggests a similarly sized box, but if one can’t be found, a box no longer than 108 inches.

Finally, if the return is large, like a piece of furniture or a mattress, Wayfair will arrange for the item to be picked up.

You can receive your refund one of two ways: In the form of store credit, or as a refund to the original payment method.

Note that the former takes 1 business day to process, while the latter takes 3-5 business days (which is still fairly quick).

Return Shipping

This brings us to the return shipping. In a far cry from rival Amazon, Wayfair puts the onus of paying the return shipping fee on the customer.

You don’t have to pay it out of pocket; rather, it comes out of your refund.

However, if a product arrives damaged or defective, whether through the fault of Wayfair or the shipper, Wayfair will pay the return shipping fee.

However, as soon as you receive the item and/or begin to open it and notice the damage, take pictures to prove it arrived like that and reach out to customer service.

There is a horror story of someone who bought a $ 900-bed frame from Wayfair, only to return it, and discover that they were going to be charged $620 for the return shipping!

Now, since the package arrived soaking wet, they had a good claim to it being the fault of the shipper.

However, the initial customer service rep they spoke to only offered 20 percent off the item or replacement parts, for an item that was soaked through and likely had water damage.

A second customer service rep reached out and rectified the situation.

But it does go to show that if you have evidence and if you actually speak to someone, you are more likely to get the free return shipping that you may deserve.

Unreturnable Items

Wayfair does maintain a list of unreturnable items; these are as follows:

  • Clearance Items: You will want to check and double-check that any clearance items you purchase are indeed what you want. Once you have purchased them, clearance items are not able to be returned.
  • Open-Box Items: Things that were purchased and used are not able to be returned.
  • Large Appliances: Large appliances can’t be returned once they are “installed” – meaning, for most, plugged in. So buyer beware: Look your large appliance over before plugging it in! Check the box, check all the pieces, and check inside the appliance.
  • Bundled Items: If you purchased items that were bundled, like “5 for $20,” you cannot return individual items. Rather, you can only make the return if you return the entire bundle.
  • “Non-Returnable” Items: Some items are marked Non-Returnable, and they’re mostly in the sale section.
  • Personalized Items: Unless Wayfair makes the error (and the company will double-check), personalized items, like engraved items, are non-returnable.
  • Gift Cards: Unfortunately, gift cards can’t be returned and redeemed for cash. You could try selling it (at a loss) on Raise.com or CardCash.com.
  • Live Plants
  • Swatches

Mattress Return Policy

Mattress Return Policy Wayfair

Wayfair does have a slightly different return policy for mattresses, as it comes with a 100-night free trial.

If, after 100 nights, you don’t want the mattress, you can arrange for an exchange or a refund, but you can only do one or the other, and you can only do it once.

There are some exclusions to the mattress return policy, though.

If you have purchased one of the following, then your purchase isn’t included in the 100-night free trial and it cannot be returned at all:

  • Mattress topper
  • Crib mattress
  • Air mattress
  • Open-box mattress

Wedding Registry Return Policy

If you purchased something off of someone’s wedding registry but now have to return it, you have up to 90 days to do so.

Unfortunately, you can only receive store credit, but at least you don’t have to pay the return shipping.

Extended Holiday Return Policy

If you purchased anything between November 1 and December 31, you have until January 31 to return the item(s).

How Do You Return Something to Wayfair?

To initiate a Wayfair return (without damage; you simply don’t like the item), go to My Orders. Click on Return Item and choose the reason for your return.

You’ll also select your refund method – either store credit or back on the card you used to purchase the item.

Afterward, you’ll arrange for the return shipping. For items that can be shipped easily, you’ll receive a shipping label, which you can print at home.

You’ll pack everything up, affix the label, and drop off the item at a UPS or FedEx location or a drop-off bin.

The cost for shipping will come out of your refund.

If you’re initiating a return on an item that arrived damaged or defective, you’ll again go to My Orders>Return Item>Damaged or Defective.

This will ensure that you aren’t charged for shipping, as it was the fault of Wayfair or the shipper.

Does Wayfair Offer Free Returns?

Wayfair doesn’t offer free returns for items where you have simply changed your mind, don’t like the color, or think the item isn’t what was advertised.

Wayfair does offer free returns on items that arrived damaged or defective, where Wayfair or the shipper are at fault.

It’s always best to document any damage on your product when it arrives so that if you need to support your claim, you have evidence.

Can You Return Wayfair Items to Walmart?

You can’t return Wayfair items to Walmart; rather, they can only be returned to Wayfair.

While Walmart may sell some of the same items, especially on the Wayfair Marketplace, Wayfair is in no way affiliated with the mega-retailer.

Simply follow the instructions on the Wayfair website for returning items, starting by heading to My Orders and initiating a return.

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Wayfair has a generous, but not too generous, return policy of 30 days, where the customer pays the return shipping out of their refund.

However, one notable exemption from this “customers pays” policy is if the item arrives damaged or defective on the part of Wayfair or the shipper. While there are many items that can’t be returned, the bulk of Wayfair’s merchandise is fair game and may be returnable.

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