What are Facebook Insights? (Your Full Guide)

Facebook insights are one of Facebook’s many tools that are at a company’s disposal. When running a business Facebook page, there are many ways to go about designing your page. 

One of these common ways is through the use of Facebook Insights. However, let’s take a look at what this tool is and how best to use it. 

What are Facebook Insights?

Facebook insights is Facebook’s own analytical tool that allows you to track information about your page and who interacts with it. For instance, you can see who views your page, when they view your page, and what posts they view. In this way, it allows you to track top-performing posts and track what demographics you perform best with. 

For information on using these insights effectively, keep reading. 

How Do I Use Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights provide tons of different data points. However, these are simply provided in an ad hoc manner. In other words, Facebook doesn’t actually tell you how to use any of these insights (unless you visit their help page).

Therefore, how you use these insights is completely up to you. If you want to make the most out of your Facebook page, we recommend learning how to use these insights. 

There are several ways you can use insights to have a more successful page. For instance, you can discover what demographics are interacting most with your page and adjust your posts to meet those demographics better. 

When you’re running ads, you may want to target those ads to the demographics you’re most popular with. After all, this is where you’re going to get the most engagement. 

Furthermore, you can note what posts perform the best. Therefore, you can post more of these things so that you get the most bang for your buck. 

If the content isn’t working, consider editing it. In this way, you can ensure that you aren’t paying for advertisements that aren’t working. 

You can also learn what times users respond most to your content. Schedule your posts to hit these times to ensure that plenty of people see them. 

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Insights?

We highly recommend using Facebook insights if you’re an advertiser. This feature provides tons of different information on who is looking at your posts and which posts are doing the best. 

For instance, the insights tool tells you exactly what demographics interact most with your content. Therefore, you can greatly narrow your ads to reach the population that is most interested in your page. 

Furthermore, you can identify what posts your audience likes the most. If they respond better to pictures, posting more pictures is a good decision. 

We also love that you can identify what demographics took what actions on your posts and page. You’ll be able to see who comments the most, as opposed to those that just like a post.

By using all this information, you’ll be able to identify who your best audience is and what posts work best for that audience. 

We recommend trying multiple different posts and audiences and then comparing each post. In this way, you’ll be able to fine-tune what works and what doesn’t. 

How Do You Analyze Facebook Insights?

How Do You Analyze Facebook Insights?

When using Facebook insights, you should plan to pay attention to who interacts with your page most and what posts get the most traction. Then, you can use this information to adjust your posts and demographics. 

To see your insights, simply go to your Facebook Page Manager. Click the insights button, and your insights from the last 28 days will be displayed. However, you can toggle this to fit your needs as necessary. 

Does Facebook Insights Cost Money?

There are many Facebook analytics tools available through the website. Some of these cost money, while others are free.

Luckily, Facebook insights are completely free, allowing you to view a range of different insights without paying anything. 

However, you’ll need to analyze and look at all this data, as Facebook doesn’t tell you anything about what to do with this information. 

Luckily, learning how Facebook insights work isn’t very complicated. Instead, you can learn a lot by reading some guides online, like this one. 

How Can I Find Out Who Viewed My Facebook Page?

There is no way to see exactly who viewed your Facebook page. In fact, Facebook does not allow you to see a list of names on purpose, and the company doesn’t allow any third party to implement this function, either. 

In many ways, Facebook works to ensure that users are somewhat anonymous in their activity. If companies could pull a list of names of people who viewed their page, users may no longer view Facebook as a safe place to explore. 

However, you can get some information on the demographics of people who view your page using Facebook insights.

This free tool lets you see what ages, areas, and other demographics viewed your posts. 

You can also see what sorts of posts perform better with what people. Therefore, you can adjust your posts to meet certain criteria that certain groups may prefer. 

However, all of this information is vague and doesn’t tell you exactly who viewed your page. 

Why Are Facebook Analytics Important?

There are a few reasons why Facebook Analytics is important to look at. Firstly, as a free tool, you might as well learn how to use these analytics. The information is waiting for you, already. 

Furthermore, Facebook Analytics provides lots of information that companies can leverage to better reach their customers.

For instance, it allows you to tell who is connecting with your page and what posts they like most. 

Therefore, it allows you to get plenty of insights into who your customers are and what they like. 

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Facebook Insights provide you with information on who is connecting with your posts and page. Furthermore, this tool also tells you which posts are performing best, which allows you to adjust future posts. 

It is typically in your best interest to try a few different types of posts. Then, view the insights to see which ones performed best with which users. Furthermore, when you’re buying and advertisement, aim it towards the demographics that most commonly interact with your page. 

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