What Are Facebook Rooms? (All You Need To Know)

Facebook has released many new features over the years. From overhauling the newsfeed to adding videos, this company tries to stay on top of the competition by adding new features regularly. 

Furthermore, Facebook Rooms were recently added during the pandemic. However, this feature isn’t heavily advertised. So, let’s learn more about them in the article below! 

What Are Facebook Rooms In 2024?

Facebook rooms allow you to video chat up to 49 other people in 2024. Furthermore, there is no time limit to this service, which differs from other platforms. However, this feature isn’t exactly private, as Facebook continues to record information about the participants. Additionally, Pages cannot directly start these video chats, but they can share links to them.  

For more information on how this video chat feature works, keep reading!

What is the Purpose of Facebook Rooms?

Simply put, Facebook rooms allow up to 50 people to meet and have a giant video call at once. 

Furthermore, this feature is available to all types of profiles, including personal profiles. Therefore, the uses for this feature are nearly endless. 

In the days of COVID, this feature was often used for birthday parties and similar events. Additionally, these rooms can be as public or private as you wish. 

For instance, you can decide to make it “private” and only allow invited participants to join. Or, you can leave it open to anyone. 

Basically, this feature is extremely similar to Zoom and used in similar ways. However, it tends to be utilized more for personal use, though businesses could technically use it, as well. 

Are Facebook Rooms Private?

Facebook rooms are not private by default. However, as soon as you open a room, you can “lock it” to only invited participants. 

Therefore, if you invite everyone you want and then lock the room, it is effectively private. 

Furthermore, you can also kick participants from the room. So, if someone manages to join before you lock it, you can eliminate them. 

Plus, you can also use this method to fill up the room without using invitations.

For instance, you can wait for everyone to join that is supposed to be there, kicking those who join when they aren’t meant to. Then, you can lock the room when everyone is in. 

However, even when locked, this service isn’t exactly private as it isn’t end-to-end encrypted, which means the chance of information being hacked is higher. 

Additionally, it still collects data like the rest of Facebook. 

Therefore, for those that want a truly private experience, you may want to stick with Zoom. 

What Happens When You Create a Room on Facebook?

You can use rooms to meet and chat with just about anyone.

Additionally, when you make a room, a video chat that others can then join opens up. By default, anyone can join these video chats. 

However, you can lock them to only those invited. 

Still, for larger groups, trying to invite everyone can be a bit of a pain. Therefore, rooms are best used for public events, like exercise classes. 

Also, many groups use Facebook rooms to allow discussion with other group members. However, these chats are usually public to all group members. 

Who Can See Your Facebook Room?

Who Can See Your Facebook Room?

There are two options for people who can see Facebook rooms. 

For instance, the first option allows all your friends to see your room. 

In this case, anyone you’re friends with can join. If you’re looking for a more open option, this is what you should aim for. 

However, the second option allows only those you invite to see the room. Therefore, if you’re planning a chat for only specific people, this is the best option.

Are Facebook Rooms Recorded?

According to the company, they do not listen to your calls or videos through Facebook. 

However, the company has stated that it collects data via rooms just like any other part of its app. 

Furthermore, the company states that they collect data no matter how you join the room.

For example, even if you join without an account, they will still collect data that’s connected to your IP address. 

Therefore, while Facebook isn’t actively recording your videos, it isn’t exactly private. 

So, for those looking for a more private option, a different video app is typically suggested. 

How Do I Turn Off Facebook Rooms?

You cannot completely turn off this feature, however, if you don’t want to use it, then you don’t have to use it. 

With that said, you can turn off specific rooms. In this case, the room will end, and no one else will be able to join it, all current participants will be forced to exit, as well. 

Furthermore, to do this, swipe up on the menu in the room. Select the settings option from the list. Then, tap “End Room”.

Generally, if the meeting was around for only a specific reason, then it is recommended to end the room once that reason is complete. 

Otherwise, you may end the chat whenever everyone is done. 

How Do You Join a Facebook Room?

If the call is open, you can simply go to the person or company’s page. From there, you should see the video call with the option to join. 

Furthermore, if a call is locked, then you won’t be able to see it or join it without an invite. 

However, if you’re meant to join, then you should request an invite. 

Additionally, this invite will show up in your notifications, and once you see it click the join button from the invite, and it will take you to the individual’s room.

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Facebook rooms are the company’s video call option. With this option, you and up to 49 other people can meet through a video chat with no time limit. Furthermore, this service is completely free, however, it isn’t exactly private. 

However, you can lock who is allowed to join the room, which prevents friends from joining who aren’t supposed to. Additionally, the company does not encrypt the meeting and continues to collect data from it. 

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