What Are Priority Mail Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

Priority Mail shipping is one of USPS’ best and most popular services thanks to its fast delivery and affordable pricing.

While most USPS customers buy shipping labels online or at the Post Office, there’s another way to pay for Priority Mail shipping—Priority Mail stamps.

But before you buy some Priority Mail stamps, you might have some questions like how to use these stamps and what they cost. If you’re curious about Priority Mail stamps, you’re not alone! Check out all my research on the matter!

What Are Priority Mail Stamps?

Priority Mail stamps are a way for USPS customers to pay postage for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express Flat Rate shipping using a single stamp as of 2024. Priority Mail is a fast domestic shipping service in one, two, or three business days. Priority Mail Express is the fastest domestic service, with a money-back guarantee.

If you still have questions about Priority Mail and Priority Mail stamps, then make sure to keep reading!

What Is Priority Mail?

Before describing Priority Mail stamps, it’s essential to understand USPS’s Priority Mail service. You want to know what you’re paying for after all!

In the simplest terms, Priority Mail is a fast and affordable way to send mail to addresses in the United States.

That said, you can send just about anything through this service as long as your package weighs less than 70 pounds and has a maximum combined length and girth of 108 inches.

Now, let’s learn more about Priority Mail by looking at delivery times, services and cost.

Delivery Times

With Priority Mail, USPS makes deliveries in one, two, or three business days.

Still, actual delivery time will vary depending on how far your package travels, the mail volume, and weather conditions.

Additionally, USPS delivers Priority Mail items six days a week (every day except Sunday), and there’s no additional charge for Saturday delivery.


Domestic Priority Mail includes up to $50 of insurance at no additional cost, covering loss, damage, or missing contents.

In addition to insurance, Priority Mail comes with free door-to-door tracking. Finally, Priority Mail items are forwarded or returned free of charge if necessary.


USPS gives Priority Mail customers the option of sending mail based on weight and dimension or via a flat rate (using Flat Rate envelopes or boxes).

Typically, Flat Rate pricing is a better deal for heavier packages traveling long distances.

For example, Priority Mail shipping starts at $7.95, and Priority Mail Flat Rate starts at $8.70.

However, keep in mind that the starting prices may change in the future. Therefore, it’s best to check the USPS website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

What Are Priority Mail Stamps?

What Are Priority Mail Stamps?

Priority Mail Stamps are a simple way to pay for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express Flat Rate shipping.

So, rather than buying and printing a label online or purchasing one at the Post Office, you can simply attach a Priority Mail stamp to your Flat Rate item and stick it in the mail.

How Do Priority Mail Stamps Work?

As mentioned above, all you need to do is attach a Priority Mail stamp on a Flat Rate box or envelope and stick your item in the mail.

That’s mostly true, with one exception. For example, Priority Mail Stamps cover $7.95 worth of postage.

But, USPS temporarily increases prices for the holiday season (between October 3 and December 25). So, Priority Mail Flat Rate prices are a little higher, usually around $8.70.

So, if you plan on using a Priority Mail stamp during that period, you’ll need to attach an additional $0.75 worth of postage.

Where Can I Buy Priority Mail Stamps?

Customers can purchase Priority Mail stamps on the USPS website, at any Post Office, or by calling 1-800-STAMP-24 (1-800-782-6724).

Further, USPS representatives can take your call Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET and Saturday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET.

How Much Do Priority Mail Stamps Cost?

Currently, a single Priority Mail stamp costs $7.95. But, Priority Mail stamps sold online or over the phone are sold in sheets of four for $31.80.

Are Priority Mail Stamps Forever Stamps?

Unfortunately, Priority Mail stamps do not work like Forever Stamps.

For example, Forever Stamps are non-denominational, meaning they don’t have a set dollar amount. Instead, their value is equivalent to the current one-ounce First Class shipping rate.

As a result of this feature, Forever Stamps will always provide sufficient postage for one-ounce letters.

Priority Mail stamps, on the other hand, do have a denomination. That said, USPS’ current version of the stamp is valued at $7.95, meaning this stamp covers $7.95 worth of postage.

If and when postage prices increase, customers will need to add more postage to cover the Flat Rate shipping cost.

What Do Priority Mail Stamps Look Like?

Recently, USPS released the newest version of the Priority Mail stamp, featuring a digital illustration of the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, FL. It is the oldest masonry fortification in the United States.

Moreover, it features a digital illustration of the fortress based on a modern photograph. In addition to the building, the stamp shows the sunrise over Matanzas Bay.

Also, this stamp has the words “Castillo de San Marcos,” “USA,” and “$7.95” written on it.

However, an older version of the Priority Mail stamp released in 2002 features the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. with “USA” and the dollar value ($3.85) printed.

Can I Use Regular Stamps For Priority Mail?

If you don’t have Priority Mail stamps, don’t stress! You can use a combination of other postage stamps (whether Forever Stamps or denominational stamps) to cover Priority Mail postage.

To find out more about USPS stamps, you can also read our posts on what are non-machinable stamps, Purple Heart Forever stamps, and what are official mail stamps.


Priority Mail stamps are a practical way to pay for postage that remains largely unknown to USPS customers.

Sure, you can print shipping labels at home or make a trip to the Post Office, but what if your printer breaks or it’s snowing outside?

Wouldn’t it be great having a couple of Priority Mail stamps on hand just in case?

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