What Courier Does Zara Use? (Your Full Guide)

One of the worst parts of ordering clothes online is waiting for them to arrive. Different companies vary widely in how and when they ship their clothes, which can vary delivery times.

Therefore, you may have to wait between two days or even a whole month to get your clothes. To figure out when your Zara order might arrive, you should consider what couriers they use, which we’ll explain below!

What Courier Does Zara Use in 2024?

Zara utilizes a range of different couriers depending on their current costs, availability, and other factors in 2024. This company does not have a deal with any specific courier. Therefore, what courier they decide to use varies widely. The only way to know who your order shipped with is to check your order information.

For more information on what couriers Zara utilizes, along with other useful facts, keep reading this article to learn more!

What Couriers Does Zara Use?

Zara utilizes a variety of different couriers depending on your location and current rates. For the most part, it doesn’t appear that the company has a deal with any one courier.

Therefore, they may utilize a variety of different couriers.

Currently, Zara’s website explains that you can track your orders using USPS, FedEx, UPS, or 983, depending on which carrier was used for your order.

Who Does Zara Ship with in the UK?

If you order from Zara UK, the company only ships within the UK. Just like in the USA, the company does vary what courier it uses depending on what’s available.

Currently, the company seems to use My Hermes for the most part.

Sometimes, Zara may use Royal Mail. However, Royal Mail does not work well with returns, as they do not pick up from a customer’s address.

Therefore, My Hermes is typically the most commonly utilized option.

If you want to get Zara UK items outside of the UK, things can get a bit complicated. More specifically, you’ll need to utilize an international shipping company.

This can cost a bit of money and takes longer than you might expect. Plus, you’ll often need to complete a customs declaration online.

How Do I Track My Zara Package?

How Do I Track My Zara Package?

When your order ships, you should receive information for tracking via your email.

Usually, you can also access this information through the order section on the company website, though you have to be logged in for this to work.

If you don’t have an account, then you cannot access this information on the company website.

Therefore, we generally recommend creating an account so that you won’t lose your order information.

If you have the tracking number, you can often go to the courier’s website to track your order.

Where Does Zara Ship Clothes From?

Zara makes about half of their clothes in Spain and the other half in China. This company has an extremely fast turnaround time, getting new styles in as little as six weeks.

Zara’s factories are constantly making new clothes. With that said, this company has warehouses all over the world.

Therefore, when the clothes appear on the company website for purchase, they are likely already sitting in warehouses waiting to be sold.

Therefore, while these clothes may ship from China and Spain originally, this isn’t the case when you order something.

For this reason, the company can often get clothes to your door in only a few days.

Zara really does have lots of warehouses, so the odds of one being close to where you live is high.

Does Zara Use Hermes?

Zara does often utilize Hermes. This company works best for their business model, as they can deliver quickly and will pick up returns.

However, Zaa does not have a deal with any particular courier. Therefore, they may use other couriers when it works better.

How Long Does It Take for Zara to Deliver?

Usually, Zara delivers very quickly. As a fast fashion company, this speed is an integral part of the company. Often, you can get clothes delivered overnight in some cases.

However, shipping time does depend a lot on where you’re located. So, if there is a warehouse close to you, you’ll likely be able to get clothes in only a day or so.

However, if you live further away from a warehouse, it may take longer.

Furthermore, during busy shipping times, it can often take longer. Around holidays like Christmas, shipping often slows down, as everyone is ordering gifts.

Generally, the advertised delivery time for most Zara products is between 2-4 business days. However, Zara HOME products often take about 24 hours more.

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Currently, Zara uses a range of couriers depending on your location. In the UK, this company mostly utilizes My Hermes. However, in the USA, they may use UPS, USPS, or FedEx.

Overall, what courier Zara decides to use depends on a number of factors, including current shipping times and pricing.

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