What Cream Does Dunkin’ Use? (All You Need To Know)

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the world’s largest multinational quick-service franchises renowned for its freshly brewed coffee and baked goods.

However, one menu item that stands out in the fast-food chain is the unique taste of its cream, especially when added to coffee. So, what cream does Dunkin’ Donuts use? I researched this deeper, and this is what I discovered!

What Cream Does Dunkin’ Use In 2024?

Dunkin’ utilizes a light cream with 18% milkfat with slightly higher fat content than the half and half as of 2024. Its high fat content makes Dunkin’ cream thicker and creamier. Most Dunkin’ stores use Dairypure, Hood, and Borden light cream brands. Other stores make the cream using heavy cream, whole milk, and skim milk. 

To learn more about the kind of cream Dunkin’ Donuts stores use, what Dunkin’ cream is made from, whether the multinational franchise sells its cream, and more,  continue reading!

What Is Dunkin’ Cream Made From?

Dunkin Donuts cream is made from heavy cream, skim milk, and whole milk.

That said, one of the reasons why Dunkin’s cream has a different taste than other coffee shops’ cream is because it is light cream instead of half and half cream.

Unlike half and half cream, which comprises 50% heavy cream and 50% whole milk, Dunkin’s light cream includes 66% heavy cream and 33% whole milk.

Thus, while half and half cream contains 12% of fat content, Dunkin’ Donuts’ light cream has 20% fat content.

Also, the high-fat content found in Dunkin’ cream explains why the light cream is thicker, creamier, and more concentrated.

With that, since any cream with over 35% fat content is classified as heavy or whipping cream, Dunkin’s cream is the lighter version of whipped cream.

Lastly, the light cream used at Dunkin’ Donuts outlets tastes better than other creams since it’s high in fat, and fat tends to have a good taste.

Where Can You Buy Dunkin’ Cream?

Generally speaking, you can get Dunkin’ Donuts light cream from your local Dunkin’ store or buy it from Dunkin’s light cream suppliers.

Also, some of the light cream brands that Dunkin’ uses include but are not limited to Hood Light Cream, Borden Light Cream, and Dailypure Light Cream.

Alternatively, you can make your light cream by mixing heavy cream with whole milk and skim milk while observing the 66:33 ratio.

Then, add two tablespoons of your favorite light cream brand to your cup of coffee and add two tablespoons of sugar or natural sweetener to make Dunkin’-like coffee at home.

Additionally, if you can’t find Dunkin’s light cream brands in your local store, dilute the available heavy cream with whole milk and skim milk to make it lighter.

After that, add two parts of heavy cream in a cup, one part of whole milk and one part of skim milk, and mix thoroughly.

Consequently, store the heavy cream, whole milk, and skim milk mixture in your fridge and use it within a week since it starts to spoil after that.

Do Dunkin’ Stores Sell Its Creamer?

Do Dunkin' Stores Sell Its Creamer?

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts stores have been selling its coffee creamers since 2014.

Initially, the fast-food restaurant chain only sold the Dunkin’ Donuts Original, Extra Extra, and Fat-Free creamers, after which it expanded its selection.

Currently, Dunkin’ Donuts offers a wide range of coffee cream flavors that you can buy in your local Dunkin’ store, including caramel, hazelnut, and vanilla.

Additionally, it’s important to note that all Dunkin’ coffee creamers contain dairy ingredients since they’re made from skim milk, whole milk, and heavy cream.

Moreover, these creamers come in 32 fluid ounces quart-sized bottles and are available in 48 fluid ounces bottles.

Also, the sugar content in one tablespoon of Dunkin’ Donuts creamer varies depending on the creamer’s type and flavor.

For instance, the Dunkin’ Extra Extra and Vanilla Extra Extra creamers contain 6 grams of sugar content per one tablespoonful serving.

Still, the good thing about Dunkin’ creamers is that you can use them to make coffee and desserts.

In addition, they stay fresh until their expiry date that’s stamped on their package if they’re stored in the refrigerator.

However, an opened creamer must be used within seven days since the restaurant franchise doesn’t guarantee its safety past the seven-day mark.

What Should You Remember About Dunkin’ Cream?

As stated earlier, Dunkin’ Donuts cream has a higher fat content than ordinary cream.

For instance, two tablespoons of Dunkin’ Donuts light cream contain 18% of your recommended daily fat intake. 

So, if you drink more than one cup of light-creamed coffee in a day, the chances are that you could be exceeding the recommended daily fat intake.

Exceeding your daily fat intake, in turn, could lead to high fat and cholesterol buildup, which could cause heart diseases.

Therefore, although Dunkin’ Donuts’ light cream has a rich and creamier taste, it would help to regulate your daily intake.

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Dunkin’ Donuts stores use light cream made from diluting heavy cream using skim milk and whole milk to make its beverages.

Also, the multinational coffee and donuts company sources its light cream from Hood Light Cream, Borden Light Cream, and Dairy Pure Light Cream brands.

Luckily, you can make your light cream similar to Dunkin’ Donuts’ cream by diluting your favorite heavy cream with skim milk and whole milk to make it lighter.

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