What Does Hold At Location Mean FedEx? (Full Guide)

While receiving FedEx packages right on your doorstep is convenient, this kind of delivery isn’t always possible. For example, you might live in a hard-to-access location, or you may not be home to accept deliveries.

When that’s the case, it’s a good time to rely on FedEx’s Hold At Location service. This service sends your packages to a safe, secure location until you’re ready to pick them up. I’ll cover everything you need to know about this service!

What Does Hold At Location Mean FedEx In 2024?

Hold at location is a package service offered by FedEx in which the company keeps packages in a secure location, rather than delivering them, as of 2024. Customers can request this service before their package is shipped or while it’s in transit. If a customer misses a delivery, their package may get held for pickup at a location.

If you’re still confused about what hold at location means, then be sure to check out this guide to get all of your questions answered!

What Is FedEx Hold At Location?

Hold at location is a package delivery option offered by FedEx.

With this service, customers’ packages are held at either a FedEx Office location or an authorized third-party retailer until the customer comes to retrieve the package.

Also, packages can be held at location if a customer redirects a package to a holding area after being shipped.

In that case, FedEx will try to deliver the package to the selected location rather than the original delivery address.

Additionally, packages may be held at location if a FedEx driver was unable to deliver the package as scheduled.

That said, this could be because there was no safe place to leave the package or because the package required a signature and no one was available to sign.

If that’s the case, the driver may either reattempt delivery another day or deliver to a FedEx location and have the customer pick up the package.

Hold For Pickup Vs. Redirecting A Package With FedEx?

Hold for pickup at a location and redirecting a package to be held at a FedEx location may sound quite similar (and the ultimate result is the same).

However, there is one crucial difference—the timing of the request. For example, a request for FedEx to hold for pickup is made before your package ships.

In other words, FedEx won’t attempt to deliver the package to your home address but will deliver it to a FedEx location near you. You can then pick up the package at your leisure.

On the other hand, a request to redirect a package to be held at a location for pickup is made after the package has been shipped.

Therefore, that means FedEx will try to deliver the package to the FedEx location you request instead of the delivery address.

How Does FedEx Hold At Location Work?

How to collect a package that’s being held at location depends on why your parcel is being held.

For example, if you requested your package be held for pickup at a FedEx location, you’ll be notified when it’s available via text, automated phone call, or email.

Then, when you go to pick up your package, make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID.

Also, if your name doesn’t match the package label’s name, you’ll need to provide the tracking number.

In addition, if the address on your ID doesn’t match the address on the package label, you’ll need to give another form of ID that shows your address.

That said, this can be a utility bill, a health insurance card, or a credit card statement.

If your package is being held at a location because you missed a delivery, you’ll need to provide the tracking number, a government-issued photo ID, and a door tag number.

Which Services Are Eligible For Hold At Location FedEx?

Which Services Are Eligible For Hold At Location FedEx?

Almost all of FedEx’s shipping services are eligible to be held at location, including:

  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • Standard Overnight
  • FedEx 2Day AM
  • FedEx 2Day
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • FedEx 1Day Freight
  • FedEx 2Day Freight
  • FedEx 3Day Freight

In addition, hold-at-location options are available on select international shipments like:

  • International Priority
  • International Economy
  • International Priority Freight
  • International Economy Freight

Lastly, hold at location is available for FedEx Ground services, including Home Delivery and Ground Economy.

Which FedEx Services Are Ineligible For Hold At Location Services?

Although hold at location is available for several FedEx services, not every package is eligible for this service.

For example, FedEx SameDay and FedEx First Overnight are ineligible for this service because of their quick delivery timeframes.

In addition, FedEx Priority Freight, FedEx Ground COD, and any FedEx Express shipments containing dangerous goods cannot be held at a location. 

Where Do I Pick Up My FedEx Hold At Location Package?

If you requested your FedEx package be held at a location, you would have chosen either a FedEx Office location or a third-party retailer near you for pickup.

So, if your package is being held after a missed delivery attempt, you should check your door tag for the hold location.

How Long Does FedEx Hold Packages At Location?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer to this question.

For example, some pages on the FedEx website state that packages are held for five business days before being returned to the sender, while others say seven.

Due to this inconsistency, I recommend keeping a close eye on your tracking information and picking up your package as soon as possible after seeing that it’s being held.

To know more, you can also read our posts on how long does FedEx hold packages, when do FedEx trucks go out for delivery, and what does pending delivery mean at FedEx.


In addition to offering best-in-class delivery services, FedEx offers a convenient package holding service.

That said, this comes in handy when a customer can’t be home to accept deliveries or lives in a location that makes deliveries challenging.

Also, customers can sign up for this service ahead of time or wait for FedEx to make a delivery attempt.

In either case, all the customer needs to do is present a photo ID and the tracking number to collect their package.

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