What Does ‘Renewed’ Mean on Amazon? (What You Need to Know)

Amazon has cemented its position as one of the biggest online retailers in the U.S., offering several types of products to customers, such as brand-new, slightly used, refurbished, and renewed items.

So if you recently came across a renewed item while browsing for products on Amazon, you may be wondering – what does “renewed” mean on Amazon? Here is what I’ve found out about this!

What Does ‘Renewed’ Mean on Amazon?

Products on Amazon.com that are labeled as ‘renewed’ mean they have been refurbished or reconditioned. The term ’renewed’ only applies to technology products, including laptops, phones, and cameras, and typically comes with a significant discount in price and also includes a 90-day warranty from Amazon.

If you want to learn more about the difference between refurbished and renewed items on Amazon, whether it is safe to buy refurbished products, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is A Renewed Product On Amazon?

Renewed items on Amazon encompass a few different types of merchandise that could be refurbished, display models, or unboxed products, intact with all parts and pieces.

A 90-day warranty applies to these items, along with an additional quality assurance guarantee from the manufacturer or third-party seller.

Renewed items are sold at a discount (as high as 50% off the cost of the item) from what you would pay for the same item in brand-new, unopened condition.

Some Amazon Renewed items that you may see on its website for sale include:

  • Phones
  • Computers, laptops, and tablets
  • Tools
  • Smartwatches
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Gaming systems and supplies
  • Cameras
  • Home entertainment items
  • Headphones and earbuds
  • Lawn and Garden equipment
  • Home and Kitchen appliances

Note that your Amazon Renewed item will not be damaged or worn. Instead, it should appear to look like it is new, though there is a chance that it does not come in the original packaging.

Any item that is refurbished or renewed (without the original packaging) will come in a white box from Amazon.

You can expect it to have all the components and accessories that the brand-new equivalent would contain, such as cables or chargers.

If you pay attention to items marketed as being ‘renewed’ when visiting Amazon, you could see significant savings when buying items like phones, TVs, or computers.

Keep in mind that Amazon certifies and guarantees items that are marketed as being renewed or refurbished so you are not taking on additional risk when making these purchases.

What Is The Difference Between Refurbished And Renewed Items On Amazon?

What Is The Difference Between Refurbished And Renewed Items On Amazon?

When you browse products on the Amazon website, you may encounter items labeled as “refurbished,” and others labeled as “renewed”.

Note that neither of these terms means that the item is used necessarily, although some items may be reconditioned.

Whereas used items like phones are used by the owner and resold, a refurbished phone on Amazon has been returned to the manufacturer for some reason and then resold.

If there is an issue with the phone, either a tech issue or the buyer’s failure to pay, the phone may then get passed on to a marketplace such as Amazon to be sold as part of its Renewed program.

When you buy a phone- or any other tech item- as an Amazon Renewed product, it comes with a 90-day warranty and a six-month quality assurance guarantee from the manufacturer before it is sold.

However, if the item is marketed as being refurbished, it will have been tested, repaired, cleaned, and its components replaced. Finally, it is repackaged before being sold again.

Another distinction is that when buying a Renewed product, you may be purchasing an unboxed and opened item, such as one that was used for display purposes.

Refurbished items, in contrast, are not opened or even turned on in some instances.

Is It Safe To Buy Refurbished or Renewed Products On Amazon?

Is It Safe To Buy Refurbished or Renewed Products On Amazon?

Buyers can feel safe buying refurbished and renewed products from Amazon, as they come with a warranty.

While refurbished items have usually been used by the previous buyer, they have then been inspected and assessed by a qualified technician that certifies the item as functioning like new.

When you purchase an item from the Amazon Renewed program, there is a guarantee and warranty from both Amazon, as well as the supplier of the item, which could be the manufacturer in some cases.

The warranty offered by Amazon covers 90 days from when you purchased the product, although iPhones come with a longer period (one year) of warranty.

During this time, you can ask for a refund or replacement through Amazon if you are not happy with your purchase. Returning Renewed items through Amazon is made easy via its website.

Note that buying refurbished and renewed items are good for the environment since many of these reconditioned tech items would end up in landfills if not for the efforts of marketplaces like Amazon.

By refurbishing these products and offering them at a discount to the end-buyer, more phones, computers, and technology items are being used and re-purposed, shrinking the carbon footprint.

What Does Certified Refurbished Mean On Amazon?

When you purchase something that is ‘certified refurbished’ on the Amazon website, you are getting a product that has been through testing and inspection by a qualified and knowledgeable technician.

These items are tested to make sure they work, appear, and function like new ones but are sold to you at a discounted price.

Note that even if you buy a certified refurbished item from a third-party seller on the Amazon site, these items must also adhere to the stiff guidelines and requirements of a qualified inspector.

Usually, the inspections carried out include the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Replacement of damaged or faulty parts

While refurbished items may have signs of use or wear, this certification does not allow for damage like scratches or dents that can be seen from more than a foot away.

Additionally, these products come with all the parts and accessories but may not always be in the original packaging.

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Amazon’s renewed merchandise is simply refurbished, though it has been reconditioned and inspected by their tech team.

This category only applies to certain items, primarily technology, including computers and gaming systems, and you will likely save money buying these renewed products.

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