What Does Sony Mean? (All You Need To Know)

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Japanese company Sony. But you probably don’t know why it goes by this name.

Furthermore, companies put a lot of thought into their names. After all, they want consumers to remember and identify their products quickly. So what does Sony mean?

What Does Sony Mean In 2024? 

Sony is the common name for Sony Group Corporation in 2024. While it doesn’t directly translate to anything in Japanese, it is derived from the Latin words for sonus and sonny. Additionally, these words relate to sound and little son, respectively, which were probably thought to represent the younger generation of innovative thinkers and creators. 

While Sony doesn’t have one definite meaning, there is a strong reason behind its name. So keep reading to learn more about where this name came from and why the company chose it. 

Is Sony A Word?

Despite common belief, no, sony is not a word in the dictionary. 

However, it is a company name as Sony refers to the multinational company called Sony Group Corporation. 

Furthermore, this Japanese company produces and sells electronics, entertainment, and financial services.

Is Sony An Abbreviation?

Technically, Sony is an abbreviation as it is the shortened version of the Latin words sonus and sonny. 

However, Sony is used to describe Sony Group Corporation.

What Does The Word Sony Stand For?

Sony is not an acronym, but a combination of two Latin words, Sonus representing words like sound and sonic, and sonny meaning little son. 

Furthermore, together, these words mean something along the lines of “little son of sound.” 

However, the company was established to be an innovator in its field. 

Therefore, the name was meant to represent this group of future-thinking and designing people. 

What Was Sony Originally Called?

Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita first developed the Sony company in 1946.

Additionally, it was initially called “Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo” (Totsuko), or “Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute”.

How Did Sony Get Its Name?

How Did Sony Get Its Name?

As Sony grew within Japan and internationally, it needed a catchy, foreigner-friendly name– something anyone could say and remember easily. 

Therefore, Sony captured the spirit of the company’s innovation and entrepreneurship as it was also easy for people of multiple backgrounds to pronounce.  

Is Sony Still A Japanese Company?

Sony is still a Japanese Company, and while it has always remained Japanese, it has several subsidiaries and affiliates internationally. 

Furthermore, although, several of these are based in foreign countries, most are wholly owned by the larger parent company, Sony.

Some of these foreign-based subsidiaries include:

  • Sony Canada
  • Sony Corporation of America
  • Sony Latin America
  • Sony United Kingdom Ltd.
  • Sony Europe GmbH
  • Sony (China) Ltd.
  • Sony Korea Corporation
  • PT Sony Indonesia
  • Sony Middle East and Africa FZE

What Does Sony Mean In Japanese?

Sony does not mean anything in Japanese; in fact, Sony does not mean anything in any language. 

However, sonny, which means “little son” in Japanese, it’s is often used to describe young people in general. 

In this way, the company was likely referring to the younger generation of people who were innovators and changing the world. 

What Does The Sony Logo Mean?

Currently, the Sony logo is simply the word SONY in the Clarendon font in all caps. This is used because it is short, easy to remember, and identifies the company well. 

While the stylization of the logo has changed slightly over the years, it has remained the word “SONY” since 1957. 

However, the first logo was the only logo not to use the SONY name as it was used between 1946-1955. 

Furthermore, it was a black circle with a black geometric shape somewhat similar to the capital letter T. 

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While Sony doesn’t have a direct translation, there is meaning behind the unique name. Furthermore, Sony roughly translates to “the little son of sound” in Latin. 

Furthermore, it was thought that this represented the younger group of people who would invent new, beneficial products and revolutionize the world.   

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