What Does Undeliverable Mean At FedEx? (Full Guide)

FedEx may be one of the top logistics and transportation companies in the world, but even FedEx doesn’t succeed in delivering every package that enters its mail stream.

Indeed, there are several reasons why a FedEx package may be considered undeliverable. This article will explain what undeliverable means, why it happens, and what FedEx does with these packages!

What Does Undeliverable Mean At FedEx In [currentyear]?

An undeliverable FedEx package cannot be delivered for one of the following reasons: customs does not release the shipment, wrong or incomplete delivery address, the recipient refuses delivery, or improper packaging in [currentyear]. What happens to an undeliverable package depends on why it’s undeliverable. FedEx may attempt to contact the customer or return the package to the sender.

Undeliverable packages can be a real headache, so keep reading this article if you’re struggling with this issue!

Why Does My FedEx Package Say Undeliverable?

In the simplest terms, an undeliverable package is one that cannot be delivered to your address for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, this term is pretty vague and is applied to packages that get held up for several different, unrelated reasons.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why FedEx might label a package as undeliverable.

Customs Does Not Release The Shipment

Customs not releasing the shipment is a very common reason if you purchased something from another country.

That said, this usually happens when you haven’t paid the duty and taxes associated with international orders.

If that’s the case, customs will hold the package until you settle any applicable fees. 

Wrong Or Incomplete Delivery Address

Wrong Or Incomplete Delivery Address FedEx

Address issues are one of the most common reasons behind undeliverable packages.

After all, if an address is missing crucial information, how can you expect FedEx to find the delivery location?

Further, common address issues include an incorrect zip code, a missing apartment number, or an out-of-date address.

Recipient Is Not Present Or Refuses The Shipment

This can happen when the person receiving a shipment isn’t informed about the delivery.

In many cases, people refuse shipments because they think the package was misdelivered or misaddressed.

Improper Packaging

If your parcel is not packed correctly or becomes damaged, FedEx is entitled to stop the shipment and can even return the item to the sender.

What Happens When A FedEx Package Is Undeliverable?

Knowing why FedEx may consider a package undeliverable is just one part of ensuring your delivery goes through as scheduled.

Also, it’s important to know what happens when a FedEx package is undeliverable. Here, the answer depends on why the package is undeliverable.

For example, if a package is undeliverable because it’s being held at customs, then paying outstanding fees is all that’s required to get the item moving again.

If a package is undeliverable due to an incomplete or incorrect address, then FedEx Customer Service will attempt to contact the sender or the recipient to correct the issue.

However, regarding packages being refused by the recipient, FedEx will contact the sender to determine which steps to take next.

Usually, a sender will get in touch with the recipient to inform them of the delivery, or they will request that the package be returned to them.

But, if a package can’t be delivered due to damage it has sustained, FedEx may attempt to repair the box and send it back to the shipper to secure the packaging and resend it.

As you can see, these are very simple outcomes, but there’s one other thing that can happen to undeliverable packages if all else fails.

So, if FedEx has exhausted all options to find a recipient or get in touch with a sender, then undeliverable packages are held in a warehouse and cataloged.

Then, packages are disposed of or auctioned off after a certain time.

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While FedEx does its best to deliver all of the packages in its charge, there are times when external circumstances make this impossible.

In fact, packages may be considered undeliverable for a variety of reasons.

These reasons could include unpaid customs fees, incorrect address information, delivery refusal, or package damage.

Therefore, your best bet for avoiding undeliverable packages is to double-check your shipment details and keep a close eye on your tracking information.

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