What Is A Bonus Buy Item At Tractor Supply? (All You Need To Know)

Sometimes when you’re checking out online at Tractor Supply, you might see a message that says your cart qualifies for a Bonus Buy item.

That sounds good, but what exactly does it mean? Like you, I, too, wanted to know what a Bonus Buy item is at Tractor Supply. I looked it up and found a lot of helpful information. Carry on reading for all you need to know! 

What Is A Bonus Buy Item At Tractor Supply In 2024?

A Bonus Buy item in your shopping cart at Tractor Supply means you get another free when you buy one as of 2024. You can find Bonus Buys in stores, but there’s no way to know which items qualify for the offer in advance. Shoppers can keep track of Tractor Supply promotions by signing up for email notifications.

To find out more about Bonus Buys and other discounts at Tractor Supply, read on for all the details!

What Does It Mean At Tractor Supply When Your Cart Qualifies For A Bonus Buy Item?

If you see the message that your cart qualifies for a Bonus Buy when checking out at Tractor Supply, there’s no need to worry because this means that one or more items in your cart qualify for a buy one get one free offer.

If you accept the offer, you will get two of the same item for the price of one. So, the Bonus Buy item at Tractor Supply is like a surprise BOGO-free offer that shows up in your cart.

However, there’s just one minor catch; the Bonus Buy is a surprise promotion, and you can’t find a listing of Bonus Buy items anywhere on the Tractor Supply website.

Also, Bonus Buys are not listed in the email notifications Tractor Supply sends, so it is a matter of luck and chance that something you add to your cart qualifies for the offer.

Further, you may find Bonus Buy items in-store, but again, it will be a matter of luck which items are included in that offer.

What Are Other Ways To Save At Tractor Supply?

What Are Other Ways To Save At Tractor Supply?

Apart from Bonus Buy items, Tractor Supply offers several other promotions and discounts. That said, the best way to keep track of these is to sign up for an online account and start receiving the company’s email notifications.

When you sign up, you are also automatically enrolled in Neighbors Club, the Tractor Supply loyalty rewards program. Fortunately, it’s free to join the Neighbors Club, and you automatically start accumulating points with every purchase.

With your Neighbors Club membership, you also get a special discount as a birthday gift from Tractor Supply. Moreover, some of the other benefits and perks of Neighbors Club membership are:

  • Earn rewards and points with every purchase and redeem these for Bonus Buy items at The Market
  • Free birthday gift every year
  • Quick and easy checkout
  • Special promotions and savings
  • Create and share Wish Lists
  • Register tax exemptions
  • Create pet profiles
  • Faster checkout

Further, shoppers who use a TSC Personal Credit Card for purchases receive extra points. Finally, another type of discount at Tractor Supply is a special military discount on holidays like Veterans Day and the Fourth of July.

What Is the Birthday Gift From Tractor Supply?

When you sign up for an online Tractor Supply account, you can list your birthdate to receive a birthday gift every year.

After that, your birthday gift from Tractor Supply is a special discount that can be used online and in stores during the entire month.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on Tractor Supply senior discount, where can you buy Tractor Supply gift card, and does Tractor Supply gives military discounts.


If you see a Bonus Buy item in your cart at Tractor Supply, that means you have a buy one get one free offer on that item.

Moreover, Bonus Buys are pop-up discounts that can appear when shopping online and in stores. However, it’s not easy to find a listing of Bonus Buy offers, so it’s a matter of chance when you do get one.

Still, Tractor Supply has many other promotional offers as discounts as well, and the best way to keep track of these is to sign up for its email notifications.

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