What Is A Postmaster General? (+ Other Common FAQs)

There are many different levels of leadership in this country, starting at the very top – the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, etc.

But what about the person who runs the Postal Service? That’s the US Postmaster General, officially. But what is a US Postmaster General, though? Why do we need one? Here’s the answer to this question and several more!

What Is A Postmaster General In 2024?

The US Postmaster General is the head of the United States Postal Service, much like a CEO heads a corporation as of 2024. They are in charge of overseeing daily operations and ensuring the stability of the agency for years to come. Further, the current U.S. Postmaster General in 2021 is Louis DeJoy.

Let’s dig deeper into the duties of a PMG, how they become PMG, who oversees the PMG, how much they make, and even if they could become President. Keep reading for all these interesting facts!

What Are The Duties Of A Postmaster General?

US Postmaster Generals must have more than just a strong business and finance sense, though that’s important after all, as the Postal Service receives no taxpayer funding.

But additionally, PMGs must have people skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and a firm grasp of the socio-economic landscape in America.

Much like a CEO oversees a corporation, the PMG oversees Postal Service operations, both day-to-day and on a larger scale.

Further, they must delegate in a way that’s inclusive of everyone in the agency, from the top down, making their presence felt even at the lowest level of employment.

In the past, many Postmaster Generals have been previous USPS employees, working their way up from those very lowest-level positions.

How Are Postmaster Generals Appointed?

The US Postmaster General isn’t appointed by the President, as some might think.

Actually, the fact that the President doesn’t appoint the position and the lack of taxpayer funding is part of what makes USPS an independent agency.

Instead, the US PMG is nominated and elected by the Postal Service’s Board of Governors.

However, the Governors themselves are nominated by the President but are only appointed with the approval of the Senate.

So, while the President cannot officially appoint a Postmaster General if the commander-in-chief’s party has control of the Senate, they do have some influence.

Who Is The Postmaster General’s Boss?

The bipartisan Board of Governors oversees the U.S. Postmaster General, and they alone can appoint or remove people from the post.

That said, this might conflict with some people’s assumptions, where they believed the President served as the Postmaster General’s boss.

Remarkably, after the election of Joe Biden in 2020, a portion of the population believed he could depose the current PMG, Louis DeJoy.

However, President Biden is limited by appointing new Governors only when their seven-year terms end or voluntarily step aside.

Therefore, President Biden would need to appoint enough Governors, again, with the consent of the Senate, who would then be able to nominate and vote in a different PMG pick.

Who Was The First Postmaster General?

Who Was The First Postmaster General? USPS

The first official US Postmaster General was the diplomat, statesman, scientist, inventor, and writer Benjamin Franklin.

In fact, he was eminently prepared for this role by his previous experience, co-managing the colonial postal system under the British government.

However, his tenure as US Postmaster General was brief, just 15 months before he left to represent American interests in France.

Still, with a solid 20 years of work invested in the postal system, his genius overseeing and overhauling the postal delivery system can be witnessed in today’s operations.

Who Is The Current Postmaster General?

The current Postmaster General is Louis DeJoy, who the majority-Trump-appointed Board of Governors confirmed in 2020.

DeJoy, despite having no previous USPS experience, was nonetheless a successful CEO with the logistics company New Breed Logistics.

Further, DeJoy has aroused a little criticism for his most ambitious act thus far as PMG, unveiling a ten-year plan designed to increase the agency’s solvency.

What Is The Salary Of The Postmaster General?

The US Postmaster General is actually the second-highest salaried government official, right behind the President.

With that, Postmaster DeJoy’s reported salary is $305,681, the highest ever paid for this position.

Is The Postmaster General In Line For President?

The US Postmaster General used to be in line for the Presidency, but they no longer are.

Before 1971, US PMGs were members of the President’s cabinet (still part of the executive branch) under the United States Post Office Department.

But, after the reorganization and the formation of the USPS as an independent agency, the Postmaster General no longer fell under the “line of succession,” as it were.

Can The President Replace The Postmaster General?

No, the President of the United States cannot replace the US Postmaster General.

That said, only the Board of Governors can do so. However, the Governors are nominated by the President and appointed after an approval vote from the Senate.

But, if the President was able to appoint enough Governors to create a majority, then in that way, they could be highly influential in the replacing of the US PMG.

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The Postmaster General is a critical position for the United States Postal Service.

That said, the PMG job requires an individual to oversee daily Post Office operations and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Currently, the PMG is Louis DeJoy, who earns over $300,000 a year!

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