What Is a Starbucks Tumbler? (What’s The Purpose, Hot or Cold, How To Get One, Insulated + More)

Starbucks is primarily a coffee shop, but customers love the merchandise as much as the drinks and food.

That’s not surprising when the inventory includes fun stuff like packaged coffee beans, syrups, coffee accessories, and the signature Starbucks Tumblers.

Several people look for Starbucks Tumblers, and Starbucks introduces new designs to celebrate the seasons and holidays. However, you might be wondering what all the excitement is about. What, exactly, is a Starbucks tumbler? Read on to find out!

What Is a Starbucks Tumbler?

Starbucks Tumblers are part of its coffee-related merchandise and come in many different styles. Starbucks tries to encourage customers to use Tumblers or other reusable coffee mugs to reduce pollution caused by single-use coffee cups. Starbucks’ insulated Tumblers will keep drinks hot or cold for four hours, making them a practical and useful choice.

If you have more questions about where to buy Starbucks Tumblers, the different styles and designs, and the seasonal releases, keep reading!

Why Are Starbucks Tumblers So Popular?

Starbucks tumblers have earned a lasting place in coffee lore. That said, the tumblers are so important for both Starbucks and the customers because they’re reusable.

For Starbucks, encouraging customers to bring their own reusable tumblers is part of its drive for sustainability.

On top of that, Starbucks customers are totally on board with the sustainability goals, and there’s the fun aspect of seeing bright new designs in the store and buying them for personal use or as gifts.

Additionally, Starbucks Tumblers come in many different types and designs, and Starbucks introduces new styles for the holidays and other seasons.

For example, there are metallic and glitter designs, insulated Tumblers, Tumblers with straws, commemorative designs, and much more.

Also, it’s a Starbucks tradition to introduce new designs for its cups and Tumblers for the holidays and changing seasons.

Therefore, customers wait eagerly for the latest designs, and they tend to sell out quickly.

Moreover, Starbucks tumblers come in various styles, like recycled plastic, insulated stainless steel, and the classic plastic hot cup with the siren logo.

Tumblers are very practical as well, and you can use them to hold hot or cold drinks on your commute, on shopping trips, or on long journeys.

Finally, Starbucks Tumblers are very popular as gifts, especially during the holidays when new festive designs are released.

What Can You Put in a Starbucks Tumbler?

You may be wondering if you should use your Starbucks Tumbler for hot or cold drinks. Well, the answer is you can use them for both hot and cold beverages.

Not only can you use them for hot or cold drinks, but the insulated Tumblers will also keep your drink hot or cold for up to four hours.

So, Starbucks Tumblers are perfect for sipping a hot or cold beverage in the appropriate season.

Additionally, the Tumblers come in different sizes to hold 12, 16, and 20 fluid ounces of hot or cold liquid.

That said, the sizes correspond to Starbucks drinks sizes Tall, Grande, and Venti, making it even more convenient to use your Tumbler for your daily coffee run.

Where Can You Buy a Starbucks Tumbler?

Where Can You Buy A Starbucks Tumbler?

Starbucks Tumblers are available at both company-owned and licensed stores, but they sell out fast.

However, if you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, you can get a Starbucks Tumbler for free as a reward with 400 Stars.

Also, you can find Starbucks Tumblers for sale at places like Disney World, which has a formal tie-in with Starbucks,

Moreover, you can buy a Tumbler online when you place your Starbucks order and pick it up at the store when you go to pick up your order.

Furthermore, Starbucks Tumblers show up on sites like Etsy and Amazon.

Because people tend to buy Starbucks Tumblers for personal use and gifts, they’re always very much in demand.

What Are Starbucks’ Stainless Steel Tumblers?

Starbucks Tumblers are made of various materials, including reusable plastic and stainless steel.

With that, stainless steel is a good choice for a reusable Tumbler because it’s durable and doesn’t hold smells.

Also, Starbucks stainless steel Tumblers come in many styles, insulated and uninsulated.

Moreover, they’re double-walled to keep the hot drinks inside from burning your hands, and new and commemorative designs are released occasionally.

In some cases, Starbucks steel Tumblers may come with sipping lids and have space for a reusable straw.

However, remember that you can’t put stainless steel Tumblers in the microwave or the dishwasher. Instead, you have to wash them by hand. 

Why Should You Use a Starbucks Tumbler?

Starbucks Tumblers are attractive and convenient and also a big part of the coffee culture of Starbucks. Further, they’re a more environmentally friendly choice than single-use cups.

For example, the single-use paper cups used by millions of Starbucks customers every day have created a massive problem of plastic pollution and overflowing landfills.

To reduce waste, Starbucks is trying to encourage customers to use reusable cups and tumblers.

In fact, Starbucks is even offering ten cents off the price of a drink every time you use your reusable mug or Tumbler at the store.

Additionally, another practical reason to use your Starbucks Tumbler is that if you get the insulated variety, it will keep your drink hot or cold for four hours.

But there’s also the excitement of the new designs to celebrate the seasons and the holidays.

Therefore, Starbucks Tumblers tend to become collector’s items and appear on sites like Etsy and Amazon.

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