What Is A Walmart SKU? (+ Other Common FAQs)

As one of the largest stores in the US, Walmart tops the list as a retailer that offers millions of diverse consumer products.

With the number of products available on Walmart’s physical and online stores, the company distinguishes products individually and uniquely depending on their characteristics using SKU numbers.

However, most customers have experienced challenges trying to understand Walmart’s SKU numbers, with most customers asking: what is a Walmart SKU number? Keep reading to see what I found out!

What Is A Walmart SKU In [currentyear]?

Walmart’s SKU number refers to a unique number assigned to a product by Walmart to identify unique characteristics of individual items in [currentyear]. The number helps to track Walmart’s inventory internally and provides typical features such as color, brand, style, and size. Furthermore, the number indicates the most important to the least important characteristic.

If you’d like more information on Walmart’s SKU number, including how to find a SKU number, how to use one, the difference between SKUs and UPCs, and much more, keep reading!

Can I Look Up A Walmart Item By SKU Number?

You can look up a Walmart item by the SKU (Store Keeping Unit) number provided by Walmart’s inventory.

To look up a Walmart item by SKU number, you can do the following:

  1. Go to Walmart’s website on your internet browser
  2. Type in the SKU number on the search bar at the top of the page
  3. Look at the results of the search and select the item that matches your SKU number
  4. Click on the item to expand the product’s detail page. On this page, you’ll find product characteristics such as size, model, weight, color, and price, among other important information.

How Do I Find My Walmart SKU?

You can find your Walmart SKU by searching for the item through Walmart’s website or using the SKU finder link available on Brickseek’s website.

Here are steps to follow when looking for Walmart SKU:

  1. Go to Walmart’s website, input the name of the item you want in the search bar and wait for the results to load.
  2.  Click on the specific item to open a new page.
  3.  Use the URL of the new page to locate the SKU number. At the end of the URL, you will see a set of numbers, usually 6-8 digits long, and this string of digits is your SKU number.

Alternatively, you can use the SKU finder on Brickseek’s Walmart Inventory Checker to find the SKU of a specific item.

How Do You Use A Walmart SKU?

Customers can use the Walmart SKU to locate an item on the website, enabling you to find more information such as the price, model, weight, and color of the item you’re looking for.

In addition to this, customers can use a Walmart SKU to look for the availability of an item on Walmart’s Brickseek Inventory Checker.

Instead of walking into a store to check if an item is in stock, you can copy the item’s SKU on Walmart’s Brickseek Inventory Checker and confirm availability, the price, and the number of items in stock.

What’s An Example Of A Walmart SKU?

What’s An Example Of A Walmart SKU?

Listed below is a Walmart SKU number for a Samsung G5 – 34″ Curved Ultra WQHD (3440×1440) 165hz 1ms Freesync Gaming Monitor.

When you search for a Samsung G5 TV, the following URL appears on the product:


Since SKU numbers are provided at the end of the URL, the SKU number for this monitor is 982944010 (using this SKU number on Walmart’s Inventory Checker will provide more information on the monitor).

How Many SKUs Are In Walmart’s Inventory?

Walmart has approximately 75 million SKU numbers available on its website, and such a high number is due to their diversity in selling a wide variety of items, including family apparel, sporting goods, hardware, toys, and electronics. 

what’s Difference Between A Walmart SKU And UPC Number?

While some people may wrongly use the terms interchangeably, a Walmart SKU (Stock Keeping Number) differs from the UPC number (Universal Product Code) based on the purpose of the digits.

The main difference between Walmart’s SKU and UPC numbers is that UPC is a numerical code for external and universal use, while the SKU is meant for internal stock-keeping only.

Furthermore, the UPCs are standardized for business use and normally provide product descriptions that can be scanned and read by anyone, while the SKU is a number assigned by the retailer for internal operations such as stock keeping.

As well, the UPC given to an item remains constant throughout the item’s shelf life, while the SKU number of a product is dependent upon and assigned by the retailer. Therefore, the same item sold by different retailers will have the same UPCs but different SKU.

Walmart SKU numbers also differ from the UPC number by the amount of digits in a set. While SKU numbers are provided in 8 alpha-numeric digits, UPC numbers are provided in 12 numeric digits.

Is A Walmart SKU And Barcode The Same?

Walmart’s SKU and barcode don’t refer to the same thing, rather, Walmart’s SKU number refers to the Stock Keeping Unit assigned by the company, while the barcode refers to UPC and is standardized and meant for universal product identification.

What’s The Purpose Of Having A Walmart SKU?

SKU numbers at Walmart are used to effectively create an internal tracking system within Walmart’s inventory management system.

With the SKU numbers, Walmart can easily record losses, track the exact location of items, increase the accuracy of the store’s inventory and help associates lookup items when helping customers.

Most importantly, Walmart SKU numbers are used as a shorthand where information is conveyed quickly, as everyone can get detailed descriptions of an item just with the numbers.

How Does Walmart Generate SKU Numbers?

Walmart generates SKU numbers by using the company’s retail/inventory management system or the Point-of-sale (POS) software.

The POS system helps Walmart automate the inventory tracking process, making it easier to track SKUs.

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Walmart’s SKU number is a unique number assigned by the company to individually distinguish items based on their brand, model, color, size, and weight.

SKU numbers help Walmart effectively track their inventory and helps customers check whether an item is in stock through the Brickseek Inventory Checker.

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