What Is Amazon.de? (All You Need To Know)

Out of all the e-commerce retailers out there, Amazon leads the way, given its number two spot on the Fortune 500 list and undeniable dominance across numerous industries.

If you’re familiar with Amazon’s global operations, then you may be wondering what is Amazon.de? I was also intrigued by this, so I did some digging and here is what my research informed me!

What Is Amazon.de In [currentyear]?

Amazon.de is the e-commerce giant’s German site, short for Deutschland. While the primary Amazon site is in U.S. English, there are dozens of different languages available on dedicated Amazon sites, including Amazon.de for German speakers. Amazon Germany offers fast and affordable shipping throughout Europe, special early-bird deals, and Marketplace products from local German sellers.

If you want to know more about Amazon.de, including what you can buy and what the shipping options are, then keep reading for everything you should know!

What Can You Buy On Amazon.de?

Amazon has thousands of quality products across all departments, just as you’d expect from other leading Amazon sites like Amazon U.S., Canada, or Australia.

While occasionally some products may not be available in Germany, generally Amazon does a good job of providing reliable international shipping options so European customers can order goods from other countries and vice versa.

Not only does Amazon.de have a large selection of German goods, such as locally-made biscuits and beauty products, but also many of the most popular items from Amazon Basics for everyday household and office use.

Electrical plugs and adapters for Germany and neighboring countries are also big sellers on Amazon.de.

Remember, all the categories are the same on Amazon.de, so you can browse it just like you would the original Amazon site.

How Does Shipping Work On Amazon.de?

Amazon.de allows you to pay for products and shipping costs in Euros, pounds, or other common currencies, so it works particularly well for shoppers with ties to more than one country.

It’s best to order directly from Amazon.de if you want any items shipped to Germany, with standard free delivery on orders of at least €29.00.

There’s no minimum spend for free shipping when buying books off Amazon.de and shipping within Germany.

Also, orders fulfilled by Amazon.de are often eligible for free shipping not just in Germany but also to nearby Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

As with all Amazon sites, the company clearly outlines its shipping costs and times for each country on a dedicated shipping information page for Amazon Germany.

This is where you will find more detailed information on the different shipping options and speeds, which could be as quick as one day or up to several weeks, depending on the product and where it’s coming from.

Amazon.de displays all relevant shipping options and prices for each item and lets you track your order, whether it’s being dispatched from one of Amazon’s many warehouses in Germany or an international location.

Is Amazon Prime Available On Amazon.De?

Is Amazon Prime Available On Amazon.De?

The good news for Amazon Germany customers is that Prime memberships are available, offering a number of exciting benefits for an affordable monthly cost.

The shopping, shipping, streaming, and reading benefits of Amazon.de make it a worthwhile choice for regular German shoppers, especially those who are intrigued by unlimited movies and TV shows.

While the streaming options are satisfactory, a Prime membership really makes a difference in terms of free shipping on Amazon.de, too.

German addresses can get free premium or two-day express delivery, plus premium delivery to Austria for eligible items.

Amazon Germany Prime memberships also come with free evening-express or same-day delivery on orders over €20 for eligible addresses.

Just keep in mind the cut-off time displayed by the order button, so you’ll know how long you have to confirm your purchase to receive the delivery in 24 hours or less.

Also, Amazon.de will not display the option for premium Prime delivery if an item is unavailable for dispatch or not in stock.

With no extra shipping cost for eligible items, these shipping benefits usually more than make up for the Prime membership cost on Amazon.de.

Don’t forget there are also exclusive early-access sales and Subscribe & Save discounts for Prime members on Amazon Germany, too.

Can You View Amazon Germany In English?

The other thing about Amazon.De is that it’s one of the only European Amazon sites available in English.

Unlike Amazon France or Spain, Amazon Germany allows you to switch back and forth between German and English displays.

These customizable language options make Amazon.de an attractive option for both people who live in Germany and the total 130 million people who speak German worldwide.

Amazon.de is also popular in countries like Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg where German is the official language.

Other languages available on Amazon.de include Czech, Dutch, Polish, and Turkish, all with ultra-fast translations for an easy shopping experience.

If you’re taking advantage of Prime benefits on Amazon.de, you can view thousands of free books and magazines in Germany and other languages, as well as stream over 40 million songs from national and international artists.

The Prime library is just one example of how Amazon strives to make each site readily accessible and welcoming to people from all over the world, Germany included.

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If you live in Germany or speak German in another country, shopping on Amazon.de, the company’s official German site, may be right for you.

Amazon.de lets you switch between German and English, Czech, Danish, Polish, or Turkish, making it appealing for millions of people in the European Union and beyond.

In addition to several languages, another advantage of Amazon.de is the convenient shipping options, especially with Prime membership benefits like free express shipping to Germany and Austria, including same-day deliveries on eligible items.

Even though Amazon.De is based in Germany, the site’s shipping options include the rest of Europe and beyond, so you can pick up a huge range of new and gently used items from books to furniture, clothes to groceries and more.

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