What Is Amazon Live? (All You Need to Know)

The world of influencers and small businesses has gained immense popularity over the past few years. One company that welcomes and encourages small business owners to join its platform is Amazon with its Amazon Live platform.

If you’re new to influencing or are running a small business, you might be asking, what’s Amazon Live, and how can I earn money on the platform? Well, I’ve researched the platform in-depth, and here’s everything I discovered!

What Is Amazon Live In [currentyear]?

Amazon Live is a platform where shoppers can engage with different influencers and brands via live video streams as of [currentyear]. To sell products on Amazon Live, you must have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube account with an existing fanbase. Essentially, Amazon Live allows influencers to expand their following while earning commissions and qualifying product purchases.

If you want to learn more about Amazon Live, such as where you can find the live videos and how influencers can use the platform, keep on reading!

What Do You Use Amazon Live For?

Amazon Live is a platform designed to bring shoppers and content creators or brands together.

With Amazon Live, shoppers can browse and discover different influencers selling various products and clothing items.

Essentially, Amazon created Amazon Live to give existing influencers another way to earn money and sell more products through Amazon in the process.

What Is the Purpose of Amazon Live?

The purpose of Amazon Live is to create an interactive experience that brings live video streams and shopping on one platform.

Also, Amazon hopes that influencers can “bring products to life” through their video stream and featuring them in their seller product carousel.

With the product carousel, those watching an influencer’s live stream can purchase the featured product with a couple of clicks.

Additionally, Amazon Live intends to make shopping a more interactive and fun experience.

For example, features like product highlighting, live promotions, and a private chat help sellers and buyers engage.

Also, because there are a variety of influencers and brands on Amazon Live, shoppers can introduce themselves to new products they otherwise would never have discovered.

Where Can You Find Amazon Live?

If you’re a shopper, you can find Amazon Live events on the Prime Video website and Prime Video apps.

On these platforms, the upcoming live streams will appear on the “Live & Upcoming” row on the Prime Video homepage.

However, keep in mind that you may need a Prime membership or another subscription via a third-party carrier to view certain Live events.

As well, influencers and brands can use the Amazon Live Creator app to manage and create their live streams.

With the Creator app, Amazon makes it simple for influencers and brands to view all the pertinent information regarding their events, earnings, and fan engagement.

Who Can Use Amazon Live?

Regarding shopping for products, anyone with an Amazon Prime membership can view Amazon Live events.

However, when it comes to selling items, influencers and brands can use the platform as long as they meet Amazon’s requirements.

How Can Influencers Use Amazon Live?

On Amazon Live, influencers can use the platform to bring certain products to life via the live video streaming feature.

As an influencer goes live, their video stream will automatically appear on their account store and the Amazon Live homepage.

As well, through the Amazon Influencer Program, influencers earn commissions from qualifying purchases on products they feature on their live stream.

However, before someone becomes an influencer on Amazon Live, they must meet the necessary qualifications to be part of the Amazon Influencer Program (see below).

Who Can Be an Influencer On Amazon Live?

Who Can Be an Influencer On Amazon Live?

Anyone can eventually become an influencer on Amazon Live, regardless of their niche.

However, Amazon requires influencers to have a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account to get started.

Additionally, the Amazon Live team looks at the number of followers and various other media engagement metrics of an influencer’s account.

Overall, the reason Amazon checks social media account metrics is to ensure the influencer will draw in a significant number of people to the Amazon Live platform.

Once Amazon accepts an influencer to create an Amazon Live profile, they can earn commissions on qualifying purchases generated from their live streams.

How Do Influencers Get Paid Through Amazon Live?

Currently, Amazon pays all its influencers their commissions via the Amazon Influencer Program and Onsite Associates Program.

However, the amount that an influencer earns depends on fan engagement, what products they’re promoting, and their Amazon Live following.  

How Can Brands Use Amazon Live?

The way brands and influencers use Amazon Live is different.

For example, influencers use Amazon Live to promote other businesses’ products, whereas brands want to promote their own products.

Therefore, when brands use Amazon Live, their products and product descriptions appear automatically during their stream.

Like influencers, a brands’ product and the stream will appear on the Amazon Live home page.

Also similar to influencers, brands must use the Amazon Live Creator app to manage all of their content, create live streams, and analyze fan engagement.

What Are the Different Kinds of Videos on Amazon Live?

Currently, Amazon divides video times and placements based on a three-tiered ranking system, which includes “Rising Star,” “Insider,” and “A-List.”

Regarding these levels, each one provides progressively better video placement on the Amazon Live page.

Therefore, influencers with “A-List” videos have their content better promoted by Amazon compared to “Rising Star” individuals.

Then, if sellers want to reach a higher level, they must share videos consistently, accumulate more followers, and push more product sales.

Essentially, the way Amazon Live streamers gain popularity is quite similar to YouTube streamers.  

How Popular Is Amazon Live?

Because Amazon Live is still relatively new, it’s by no means a primary live streaming platform for influencers right now.

Rather, content creators state that their primary live streaming platforms are Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok in a recent survey.

In the same survey, less than 2% of respondents claimed they use Amazon Live as their mainstreaming platform.

However, keep in mind that Amazon Live launched its Creator app in 2019, so the platform is still quite new.

Also, Amazon is a massive shopping platform that’s continuously expanding, so Amazon Live will likely continue to grow too.

Nevertheless, Amazon hasn’t shared a precise number regarding how many influencers are currently using the platform.

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Amazon Live is an excellent way for an influencer or small business to grow their fanbase and promote certain products through a live video streaming platform.  

Also, influencers and brands earn commissions with Amazon Live depending on the product, fan engagement, and how many people viewed their video.

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