What Is Amazon Sales Rank? (All You Need To Know)

If you’ve ever shopped or sold on Amazon, you know how competitive this platform can be, with dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of similar products and intense ranking systems. You may be wondering what is Amazon Sales Rank, and how can you tell which products rank the highest?

I was thinking the same thing about Amazon Sales Rank, so I started researching and here is what I found out about these important rankings!

What Is Amazon Sales Rank In [currentyear]?

Amazon Sales Rank is a measure of product performance compared to other items in the same Amazon category. This is a clear indicator of the top-selling products in each category, with an Amazon Sales Rank for all categories and subcategories. You can find this ranking information within the product details on each item listing.

Keep reading for all you need to know about Amazon Sales Rank, including how to view it and why it’s so important.

What Does Amazon Sales Rank Mean?

Amazon Sales Rank is arguably the most important ranking on Amazon, as it tells you where each product ranks in terms of sales in its specific category.

In other words, Amazon Sales Rank is a metric for bestselling items, as it offers an insight into product popularity and sales volume.

These rankings go on and on and on with thousands of items in each category, so don’t be surprised if you click on an item just to see it ranks #2,000, #4,000, or even lower.

That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, especially if the item is part of a huge category like home and kitchen.

While Amazon Sales Rank lists products based on total sales and may factor into decisions on what to buy, keep in mind that new products would have lower rankings, and other factors can influence these rankings as well, such as the number of competing products.

What Are Amazon Sales Rank Categories?

What’s cool about Amazon Sales Rank is that it uses both standard categories and subcategories so it’s easier to compare and ultimately understand which products are right for you.

If you scroll through Amazon’s extensive dropdown menu with different departments, you’ll get a good idea of all the categories listed on Amazon Sales Rank.

Also, basically every type of product you can buy on Amazon, or anything you would type into the search bar, will appear as a bestselling rank.

Just check each product in the item description to see which categories it’s ranked under and how it compares to similar items.

Think of it this way: if you were shopping for a book, the product detail page on Amazon would show its sales ranking for books in general, as well as in the specific genre like history, romance, action, or thriller.

Another example is children’s toys, which appear with the Amazon Sales Rank for toys and games, as well as more specific categories like baby, toddler, or preschool toys.

This concept of a generic ranking and more specific ones applies to all sorts of products on Amazon, so you can explore and find what’s best for you on this leading e-commerce site.

Where To Find Amazon Sales Rank?

Where To Find Amazon Sales Rank?

Remember, Amazon Sales Rank is listed on individual product detail pages, as well as bestselling lists for each category.

To view these rankings, scroll down on the product page until you see the product information chart or additional details.

Look for “Best Sellers Rank” where you’ll notice the current ranking for each category the product is listed under.

You can click on the links in the Amazon Sales Rank box to view competing products, which is useful both for shoppers who want to compare before buying and sellers who want to better understand their competition.

Don’t forget that if you see the Top 100 link, this is your chance to view the best sellers for that category as part of Amazon’s extensive ranking system.

Why Is Amazon Sales Rank Important?

When combined with product descriptions and customer reviews, Amazon Sales Rank serves as a valuable tool for all Amazon users who aren’t sure what to buy.

As you can imagine, Amazon relies on a high-tech tracking system for all sales and activity, which allows the retailer to accurately track bestsellers and maintain a comprehensive list comparing items in each category.

This technology makes Amazon Sales Rank a reality, meaning you can make more informed shopping decisions for home or work by better understanding how a product compares to others like it.

While the crossover between categories may make it challenging to determine a clear bestseller in many cases, Amazon Sales Rank is one of your best bets for comparing similar items before purchase.

Whether you’re a new Amazon shopper or a regular customer, you can use Amazon Sales Rank to find the top-selling items and also see which products may be worth further consideration.

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Shoppers and sellers alike appreciate Amazon Sales Rank, a product performance indicator on Amazon that ranks items within each category based on sales.

If you’re looking for the bestselling items on Amazon or want to see how two similar products compare to one another, you can view the Amazon Sales Rank by scrolling down to the product information on the product detail page.

Underneath the product dimensions, manufacturer, and customer ratings, you’ll see the Best Sellers Rank, otherwise known as the Amazon Sales Rank.

This includes both the primary category or department as well as the subcategory. For example, kitchen towels would come up with an Amazon Sales Rank for the entire kitchen and dining category, as well as a more specific category like dish cloths.

You can always use Amazon Sales Rank to evaluate the popularity of a product and see if it’s worth investing in, as well as view the top 100 items in each category to discover what’s trending on Amazon.

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