What Is LG ThinQ? (All You Need To Know) 

If you have recently bought an LG appliance, you may have noticed an LG ThinQ symbol or read something in the instructions manual about LG ThinQ. 

If so, you are probably wondering: what is LG ThinQ? Continue reading to discover this answer and more! 

What is LG ThinQ In 2024? 

LG ThinQ is an LG brand of smart home appliances in 2024. Moreover, LG calls LG ThinQ “A New Smart Home” however it is not a Smart Home. Furthermore, what makes LG ThinQ special is that ThinQ appliances can be controlled with an app on your smartphone from anywhere at any time. 

Keep reading if you want to discover more about how LG ThinQ works, how much LG ThinQ costs, and more! 

What does LG ThinQ do? 

LG ThinQ is LG’s brand of smart home appliances that you can connect to an app on your smartphone. 

Furthermore, ThinQ allows you to control all of your “smart home devices in one place” from anywhere with just a click of a button. 

Moreover, your home is never out of reach for the ThinQ app because all you need is an internet connection. 

Also, with LG ThinQ “you can automate your smart home devices, so they work with your day”. 

This means if you are going on vacation, you can adjust your devices to “Sleep mode,” and they won’t run while you are gone. 

Furthermore, you can also use the ThinQ app to monitor your devices. 

For example, when you are running your washer or dryer, you can check the app to see whether it is finished or not so you don’t have to listen for a chime or keep checking on it. 

Additionally, ThinQ has the option to send cooking instructions to your oven by scanning a barcode and you can save your scanned meals to “My Recipes” in your ThinQ app. 

However, you have to scan the barcode off of ready-to-cook or frozen meals from available brands. 

Therefore, the available brands to scan are: 

  • Hot Pockets 
  • Lean Cuisine 
  • Bagel Bits 
  • DiGiorno 
  • Jack’s 
  • Tombstone
  • Sweet Earth 
  • Stouffer’s 
  • Ore Ida 
  • Smart Made 
  • Devour Boca 
  • Smart Ones 
  • And more 

Furthermore, in the ThinQ app, there is a virtual home feature where you can add all of your LG smart devices and organize and decorate each room. 

Additionally, the LG ThinQ app can also become your LG TV remote, help you do your shopping, help you track how well your devices are working, and more! 

Moreover, LG ThinQ appliances and the app can do anything and everything for you and your home making your life much easier. 

How do I use LG ThinQ? 

How do I use LG ThinQ? 

Fortunately, using LG ThinQ is very simple; once you have an LG ThinQ Appliance, you can connect your appliance to the ThinQ app. 

Therefore, to set up your LG ThinQ app: 

  1. First, go to your app store and download the LG ThinQ app. Furthermore, the ThinQ app is available through the Google Play store and the Apple App Store 
  2. Second, create your account. To create your account: “Sign in with LG” 

    “Sign in with Google” 

    “Sign in with Facebook,” 

    or “Another account”

  3. Then, you will need to accept LG’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and confirm that you are at least 16 years old.
  4. Next, enter your email and create a password. 
  5. Lastly, complete any steps that pop up on your screen 

Once your account is created, and you are signed in, you can connect your appliances 

Furthermore, to connect your appliances using the Wi-Fi: 

  1. First, open the LG ThinQ app 
  2. Second, click the “+” symbol and the app will scan for nearby devices 
  3. Additionally, you can find your device by finding the product in the list of LG ThinQ products on the THinQ app 
  4. After your device has been located with the app, press the Wi-Fi button on your device for 3 seconds 
  5. Lastly, when the Wi-Fi network for your device appears in the ThinQ app, click on it and connect to it 

Additionally, you can connect your appliances using QR codes: 

  1. As before, start by opening the LG ThinQ app and clicking the “+” symbol 
  2. Next, click “Scan QR” 
  3. Then, scan the device’s QR code using your smartphone’s camera 
  4. Finally, follow the steps that are given to you on the screen to complete the process 

Then, when you are finished connecting your appliances to the ThinQ app you will be able to control all of your appliances using the ThinQ app. 

Furthermore, you can also delete appliances from your LG ThinQ app. 

Therefore, to delete an appliance from the ThinQ app through Device Settings: 

  1. First, click “Device Settings”. To find “Device Settings,” go to the top left menu icon on your app home screen 
  2. Second, choose the device you want to delete from the device list 
  3. Finally, click “Delete Product.” 

Moreover, to delete an appliance from the ThinQ app through your app home screen:

  1. First, go to your product card and click the “More” icon 
  2. Next, click “Settings” 
  3. Last, click “Delete Product” 

Additionally, to be able to control your appliances using Google Assistant Voice Command you have to connect LG ThinQ to Google Home. 

Therefore, to connect LG ThinQ to Google Home: 

  1. Start by accessing the Google Home app 
  2. Next, click “Settings” and then “Works with Google” 
  3. Then, click and add LG ThinQ to the list 
  4. Finally, log in to your ThinQ account 

Also, if you have any other questions about LG ThinQ, you can open the LG ThinQ app, scroll to the bottom, and click “FAQ”. 

Is LG ThinQ Free? 

Fortunately, the LG ThinQ app is free to download, create an account, and connect your ThinQ devices to. 

Furthermore, the only ThinQ charge is the cost of buying your LG ThinQ appliance. 

Therefore, once your LG ThinQ appliance is purchased, you don’t have to pay for anything else unless you need replacement parts in the future. 

Additionally, if you set up smart reorders on the ThinQ app, you will be charged for the supplies that are ordered.

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LG ThinQ is LG’s brand of smart home appliance that you can control through your smartphone from anywhere at any time. Additionally, although LG ThinQ is advertised as a “Smart Home” it is not, however, LG’s Smart appliances together make your home a “Smart Home”. 

Furthermore, the LG ThinQ app is where you connect all your LG smart home appliances and control them. Fortunately, the LG ThinQ app is completely free to download and use on your smartphone.

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