What Is Lululemon Lab? (All You Need to Know)

Have you heard of Lululemon Lab? It’s not well-known to the general public, but if you love Lululemon, you may have heard the name. So what exactly is Lululemon Lab?

If you want to know the answer, keep reading to learn what Lululemon Lab is and what all the hype is about!

What Is Lululemon Lab?

Lululemon Lab clothing is a limited edition collection that is more innovative. While it uses the same Lululemon fabrics, the clothing tends to be edgier, experimental, and less focused on athletic performance in 2024. Think of it as a concept store where Lululemon tests new designs and sees how they succeed in a real-life environment.  

Now that you know what Lululemon Lab is, you might want to check it out! Read on to learn how this unique branch was developed and how you can shop at Lululemon Lab.

Where Are Lululemon Lab Locations?

After speaking with a Lululemon Educator, it appears no Lululemon Lab stores are currently in operation.

There were only two locations in North America, one in Vancouver and the other in New York City.

However, Lululemon shut down the Vancouver location in 2020. While New York’s Lab location was in the NoHo district, it’s now ‘temporarily closed’ on Google Maps.

However, shoppers can find Lululemon Lab items in select Lululemon stores and on the company’s website. These limited edition designs are sold under the Lab Shop section.

What Does the Lululemon Lab Logo Look Like?

While Lululemon’s regular logo is a white, stylistic a on a red backdrop, the Lululemon Lab logo has the same shape on a black backdrop.

When there were Lululemon Lab stores, this logo was displayed next to the word ‘lab’ to set the concept store apart from the regular Lululemon branches.

Is Lululemon Lab Unisex?

Lululemon Lab has clothing for both men and women and some unisex items.

For example, in the sales photos, the lululemon lab Running and Training Relaxed Short Sleeve Shirt is worn by both a female and male. 

What Is the Lululemon Lab Cargo Jacket?

What Is the Lululemon Lab Cargo Jacket?

Since Lululemon Lab items are limited edition, you might not be able to find older items. For instance, Cargo jackets may come and go in the Lululemon Lab Shop.

To find Lululemon’s current selection of Lululemon Lab jackets, head to the website.

What Are Lululemon Lab Pants?

Lululemon Lab pants are part of the company’s unique collection. These pants tend to be edgier and also pricier.

There is also a limited stock with items changing depending on current designs. Search for pants in Lululemon’s online Lab Shop to check out the current selection.

What Does the Lululemon Innovation Lab Do?

Lululemon Lab and Lululemon’s Innovation Lab often get confused with each other.

Lululemon Lab is a limited edition clothing collection, while the Innovation Lab is a term often used for Lululemon’s scientific research department.

Lululemon has always been an innovative company and spends some of its research and development budget learning about human movement.

Then, the company applies that knowledge to develop better clothing.

While the company used to perform this research in the Whitespace lab, it has changed its name to the Lululemon Innovation Lab.

However, it’s unclear if they still have a physical laboratory like before.

What Is Lululemon Whitespace?

Lululemon Whitespace was the previous name of Lululemon’s Innovation Lab.

It was opened in 2013 as a research center for human movement. Lululemon wanted to use this data to advance clothing technology and guide its product designs.

Lululemon’s Whitespace Laboratory even had a machine to detect people’s individual patterns of motion.

Based on this, the company would design clothing to best suit their movement. There was even talk of putting these machines in every store.

However, the Whitespace lab was criticized for its name and lack of inclusivity.

In 2020, Lululemon made many changes to the company structure, dissolving Whitespace and transitioning innovation teams and research to what is now the Lululemon Innovation Lab.  

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Lululemon Lab is a special collection that is part of the Lululemon brand. While the clothes are edgier and pricier, they are still made with Lululemon’s quality fabrics. This collection tends to have limited stocks and updates its designs more frequently.

So, if you shop the Lab, you may end up with more unique Lululemon pieces. Lululemon Lab gets confused with their prior innovation lab, Whitespace. However, Whitespace was a scientific research facility, while Lululemon Lab refers to the clothing collection.

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