What Is Microsoft Blend? (All You Need To Know)

If you’re an independent or professional developer and are looking to make your projects more attractive, you’re likely looking into a few different programs to help you out.

If so, you will definitely want to take Microsoft Blend into consideration. However, if you don’t know much about the software, have no fear, as this article will help you to learn everything you need to know about it and if it’s the right fit for your needs.

What Is Microsoft Blend?

Microsoft Blend is a graphic design software that is used for creating apps and animations. This software has a variety of interactive features like special brushes and templates. With this program, you will be able to make storyboards and completely elevate your digital drawing skills.

If you’re interested in learning everything you need to know about Microsoft Blend, like what you can use it for and what its release history is, you’ll want to read on!

How Can You Use Microsoft Blend?

Microsoft Blend comes equipped with so many tools in order to help you with your design needs. 

The first important tool that needs to be mentioned is the Tool Panel, which is extremely handy when designing programs.

This feature has a user-friendly interface and is meant to help you create and modify objects. Just simply select a tool and use your mouse to draw directly onto your art board. 

In fact, you can choose different shapes like an ellipse or a line by right-clicking on the tool.

For example, the Selection tool will allow you to select certain objects and path segments, whereas the Brush can help you to add a gradient effect or modify the brush you’re using.

With this tool, you can let your creativity run wild. In fact, it will let you completely change the appearance of an object and make a special set of brushes in order to enhance your creation.

Currently, you have the option to design your own tile brush starting with an image brush or a drawing brush in order to make captivating and original drawings.

Besides great brush tools, with this program, you will have the ability to create and apply templates or styles to your project, even if you’re not a professional illustrator. 

Another great feature of this software is the Object Tool, which allows you to create your layout panels and controls. 

You will be able to draw a variety of shapes to make your content more engaging. 

In order to create and plan the behavior of a new UI, you will need two main windows in MS Blend. These are known as the Assets, Objects, and Timeline windows.

Let’s begin by talking about the Assets window, which will be very familiar provided you know how to use Visual Studio.

With regular controls, you will be able to find everything you need for your art board in this particular window. 

This includes most of the tools, aside from styles and media to behaviors and effects.

The next window is the Objects and Timeline window. 

Once you have added all the elements and effects that you desire, you can organize and program the behavior with this window.

The interface is quite similar to a video editing tool, where you can adjust what happens within a timeline. 

As well, this special feature allows you to manage and delete your storyboards.

In fact, you can view the timeline by selecting the Timeline composition area on the right of your screen. 

However, if you don’t have the proper skills for this program, you won’t find yourself very successful in using it. 

Remember, if you don’t have the skills to make your project look attractive, you can always try and make it look simple.

Either way, independent and professional developers believe that MS Blend is a must-have.

What Is the Release History of Microsoft Bend?

What Is the Release History of Microsoft Bend?

Microsoft Blend, although it hasn’t always been named the same thing, has had many different versions released. 

In the chart below, you will see the different release dates of each version of the program plus some of the highlights that came with them.

Release  Release Date Highlights
2 2008-04-28 Support developing Microsoft Silver light, providing animation vector graphics, interactivity, and video playback capabilities.
3 2009-07-22 Significant improvements.
4 2010-06-07 Added improvements and additions: shapes library, improved photoshop file support, added pixel shader effects, transitions, pattern support, additional behaviors, conditional behaviors, etc
2012 2012-08-15 Name changed to “Blend for Visual Studio 2012”

Released with Windows 8 & Visual Studio 2012

2013 2013-10-17 Released with Visual Studio 2013
2015 2015-07-20 Released with Visual Studio 2015
2017 2017-03-07 Released with Visual Studio 2017
2019 2019-04-02 Released with Visual Studio 2019

Who Can Use Microsoft Blend?

Anyone who has Microsoft Blend included in their subscription to Microsoft can use the program.

However, it’s advised that if you’re not a professional, you should take some precautions.

If you don’t know what you are doing, sometimes your work doesn’t always turn out the way you were originally hoping. 

So, when you don’t know exactly how the software works, you’ll want to keep your projects on the simpler side.

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Microsoft Blend is a graphic design program that is mainly used for helping you to create apps and animations in a more professional attractive-looking way.

With this program, you will be able to create awesome-looking projects and elevate your drawing designing skills. 

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