What Is Microsoft Viva? (All You Need To Know)

Although there are many benefits to working from home, there are also some issues that come with it. When the creation of Microsoft Viva was announced, this was great news for those who work remotely. 

So, if you want to learn more information on Microsoft Viva, or just don’t know what it is, you’ve come to the right place. This article has everything you need to know about the program, so keep reading!

What Is Microsoft Viva in [currentyear]?

Microsoft Viva was designed to help businesses adjust to a work-from-home environment, and help resolve issues that come with working remotely in [currentyear]. As many of us know, working from home comes with pros and cons. For example, you may not have to worry about long commutes anymore, but it certainly comes with a blurry line between workday and after-hours.

If you want to learn everything you need about Microsoft Viva, you will want to read on until the end of this article!

What Actually Is Microsoft Viva?

The Microsoft Viva platform was initially deployed with the Microsoft Teams package and was designed to help with the transition from working in the office to working at home.

You can use Microsoft Viva as a way to solve any problems that may arise when working from home while still preserving the good things that come with it.

There are many pros and cons that come with working remotely.

For instance, one pro may be a decreased amount of time commuting to work, whereas a con may be that blurry line between workday and after-hours.

What Are Some Key Features of Microsoft Viva?

There are 4 key features of Microsoft Viva, which are listed here:

  • Viva Connections
  • Viva Insights
  • Viva Learning 
  • Viva Topic

Looking further into these features, let’s first talk about Viva Connections, which was designed to replicate the experience of being surrounded by colleagues.

As well, it allows you to run project-related questions by co-workers or your boss or have quick little chats to keep you going throughout the day.

With Viva, there is even an integration with MS Yammer to allow in-Viva chit-chat.

Viva Connections really comes down to a personalized dashboard, complete with all the resources that you could possibly need to accomplish your work in your organization. 

The next key feature worth talking about is Viva Insights. Of course, it can be hard to determine how you’re performing at work on your own.

This is why Viva Insights was designed to provide both employers and employees with personalized feedback and recommendations about how to structure their work.

At the same time, it can help you to manage your output and maintain a healthy balance of activity.

Yet another key feature of MS Viva, is, of course, Viva Learning. This is an international education and skills-training app that allows its users to share courses.

As well, the app comes with AI-powered recommendations to help detect which skills are relevant.

Also, it helps promote specific educational tools to help its users continuously learn and enhance their skills.

The last key feature to mention is Viva Topics, which is like an AI-powered, automatically-generated tool that organizes both company-wide information and knowledge.

Overall, it helps to detect everything that you need to know. 

Viva Topics aims to minimize the information gap inherently facing workers who are working remotely and who would otherwise have the information closer at hand.

What Are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Viva?

What Are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is the first employee experience platform for the digital era. 

It combines video conferencing with learning programs and work-life balancing tools in order to prevent work burnout.

Plus, it makes your teams feel more connected even though they are working remotely. 

With this help, managers can understand their workers’ patterns and behavior better, which improves communication, productivity, and collaboration. 

Also, MS Viva gives businesses an easier way of providing better work experiences in order to help maintain momentum while avoiding things like burnout and staff retention. 

Here are three other benefits that come along with using Microsoft Viva:

  • Provide a better employee experience

In order to have hardworking and good employees, it’s important that a company provides its employees with good experiences in their workplace.

Providing good experiences can prevent people from leaving their jobs, as they will feel more comfortable at work and likely won’t look for another position elsewhere.

As well, MS Viva helps by providing an effortless way to give your employees information that they will need to use while they work.

As mentioned previously, Viva Topics organizes all related material in one place, which makes life easier for everyone involved.

Plus, Viva Insights can help managers to decipher how happy or unhappy each person is at work so that they can focus on their employee’s needs as required. 

  • Make better decisions

Microsoft Viva can help you find evidence in order to help you make decisions that will help your business to grow. 

For example, Viva Insights provides data that can help decide which improvements need to be made within the company.

As well, this tool is helpful with performance management and salary reviews, as it provides valuable information on everything employees need to learn. 

  • Improve staff engagement

A lack of employee engagement can turn into a big issue for many businesses, as it can lead to lower productivity and motivation.

As a result, satisfaction ratings have the opportunity to suffer.

Viva Connections can help in creating a space where everyone in the company can be on the same page and stay up-to-date with information.

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Microsoft Viva was originally designed to help businesses adjust to working at home and help to solve any issues that may arise. There are many pros and cons that come with working remotely.

As an example, it comes with the blurry line between workday and after-work hours, which can no doubt be difficult to deal with. However, it also comes with an extremely short commute from your bed, to your office space, meaning that you are wasting no time in the day. 

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