What Is Nordstrom Local? (All You Need To Know)

When Nordstrom Local was first introduced into America’s retail scene in September 2017, there was a lot of positive criticism as business analysts admired the innovative approach.

However, customers have been finding it hard to understand the concept of Nordstrom Local amidst other Nordstrom stores and have often asked, “What is Nordstrom Local?” We researched the issue, and here’s what we discovered!

What Is Nordstrom Local In [currentyear]?

Introduced in 2017, Nordstrom Local is a retail concept by Nordstrom Inc. where customers can access the company’s products and services at convenient and centralized locations. Recognized as a neighborhood hub, Nordstrom Local is generally smaller and runs more on a service-focused concept than an average Nordstrom store. The first Nordstrom Local was in Melrose.

If you want to garner more information on Nordstrom Local, the difference between Nordstrom and Nordstrom Local, the services at Nordstrom Local, and much more, keep reading!

What Is The Difference Between Nordstrom And Nordstrom Local?

The main difference between Nordstrom and Nordstrom Local is that the latter does not keep inventory for purchase in stock but allows customers to pick their favorite items online before visiting the store.

Unlike an average Nordstrom Store, Nordstrom Local is particularly interested in offering experience over store merchandise.

Also, although Nordstrom Local is a business concept by Nordstrom Inc., it’s more service-oriented and pulls merchandise from Nordstrom’s website and other stores.

Further, the concept of the Nordstrom Local utilizes personal stylists to offer professional advice as well as other services such as in-store bars and manicure stands.

Ultimately, Nordstrom Local promotes the speed and convenience of Nordstrom customers.

In terms of business strategy, Nordstrom aims to offer customers luxurious items through a high-end store experience, while Nordstrom Local aims to create more personalized customer engagements.

Lastly, Nordstrom Local encourages faster returns by customers due to the personalized shopping experience.

What Services Are Available At Nordstrom Local?

Nordstrom Local has a styling suite and eight dressing rooms surrounding a meeting space at the center where customers can relax comfortably, have a drink, and chat with their stylists.

Further, the store also offers services like Alterations & Tailoring and Order Pickup at the entrance of the store.

Services available at Nordstrom Local include the following:

Personal Stylists

Generally, personal stylists at Nordstrom Local improve customers’ shopping experience by guiding customers and offering them fashion advice.

From creating a new wardrobe to selecting a gift, the personal stylist ensures that customers get the best deal at their proposed prices.

Also, it is important to note that customers must book an appointment with a personal stylist either through online platforms, the phone, or in person by visiting the store.

Onsite Alterations & Tailoring

Nordstrom Local also offers on-site alterations and tailoring where necessary.

That said, the tailors at the store will ensure that necessary adjustments are made to make the selected garment fit perfectly before exiting the store.

Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store

If customers order their items through Nordstrom.com, they can request to pick up their purchases at Nordstrom Local.

Same-Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery Nordstrom

Same-day delivery services at Nordstrom Local are available for purchase alterations if they are ordered before 2 PM.

Also, Nordstrom Local ensures the delivery is made to the customer’s home address.

Curbside Pick-Up

Nordstrom Local offers curbside pick-up services for alterations and purchases under the Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store categories.

Then, the orders are hand-delivered to a customer’s car.

Trunk Club & Trunk Club Custom

Nordstrom Local offers customers a convenient location to meet Trunk Club Stylists and pick up or make returns.

Through the services of Nordstrom’s expert tailors, customers can get professional help in selecting the right fabric or creating a perfect Trunk Club Custom garment.

Nordstrom Gift Card

By purchasing Nordstrom gift cards at Nordstrom Local, the company donates 1% of the sales made to non-profit organizations within the local communities.

Style Boards

Nordstrom Style boards is a salesperson tool that allows personal stylists and salespeople to create digital boards that illustrate personalized fashion recommendations for different occasions.

Through the style boards, customers can view the fashion illustrations through the phone and purchase them through Nordstrom.com.

Further, apart from the fashion illustrations and recommendations, customers can also get expert advice from a personal stylist or salesperson by chatting with them through the app.

Nail Services

Nordstrom Local also offers customers eight unique and distinct manicure services to help customers create perfect looks.

Easy Returns

Nordstrom Local allows customers to make returns from Nordstrom stores, Trunk Club, and Nordstrom.com.

On-Site Refreshments

Nordstrom Local offers a full beverage menu, including cold-pressed juices from Pressed Juicery, California-sourced beer and wine, and handcrafted espresso drinks from the Nordstrom Ebar.

What Is The Difference Between Nordstrom Rack And Nordstrom Local?

Although Nordstrom owns both Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom Local, the two differ in their business concept.

That said, Nordstrom Rack aims to offer customers an almost similar shopping experience to Nordstrom but with less luxury in the shopping experience and more deals and discounts.

On the other hand, Nordstrom Local aims to offer customers a more service-oriented shopping experience rather than offering merchandise as an average store would.

Can I Return Nordstrom Purchase To Nordstrom Local?

Nordstrom Local accepts returns of items from all Nordstrom stores, Nordstrom.com, and Trunk Club.

Furthermore, Nordstrom Local also ships return items from customers to other online retailers.

Once you take the items to Nordstrom Local, the store will ship them for you regardless of where you shopped.

Is Nordstrom Local Less Expensive Than Nordstrom?

Since Nordstrom Local does not stock inventory like Nordstrom stores, one cannot compare the charges or prices between the two stores.

Additionally, Nordstrom Local has a wider array of services that have distinct prices.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on why is Nordstrom so expensive, Nordstrom Rack, and why is Nordstrom Rack so cheap.


In conclusion, Nordstrom Local is a store concept by Nordstrom that is more focused on offering services than selling general merchandise.

Customers can view items online and pick them up in-store requests for curbside pickup or delivery.

Furthermore, they can book a stylist’s personalized services and request alterations by on-site tailors.

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