Why Is Nordstrom So Expensive? (10 Reasons Why)

Nordstrom is one of the premier department stores in the United States with a long history and broad presence.

During that time, it has earned a reputation as an expensive store, and many people wonder why. Read on if you want to know the reasons for that perception!

Why Is Nordstrom So Expensive In 2024?

Many shoppers at Nordstrom consider it pricier than some of its competitors, which can be attributed to Nordstrom’s policy of stocking products made in America even if they are pricier, the quality of the products and service, its reputation as stockers of luxury brands, and the reputation of the store itself, among other factors.

Stay on if you want to know why many people consider Nordstrom so expensive!

1. Nordstrom Stocks American Made Products

Nordstrom has a policy of stocking products made in the United States to support local industry and play on its customers’ patriotic sentiments.

Although Nordstrom has less control over where the brands it hosts manufacture its products, it sells items designed and manufactured in the US.

Typically, textile factories locate abroad because of the cheaper production costs, especially for labor, rent, and a friendly tax system. As a result, these companies can charge lower prices.

By insisting on products made at home, Nordstrom incurs higher production costs which it consequently passes on to the customer.

2. Nordstrom Stocks High-Quality Products

Nordstrom stocks high-quality clothing from luxury brands and its in-house brand.

That said, luxury brands are well known for their high-quality material and skill that goes into the final product. Also, some are handmade to a high degree of perfection and uniqueness.

Even the house brands at Nordstrom are of good quality. All these, of course, add to the product’s final cost, which in most cases comes up higher than usual.

3. Nordstrom Sources Its Products Ethically

In keeping with its exacting standards, Nordstrom will not stock a product that has been unethically produced.

For example, if the product is made from animal parts, the animal must have been legally and humanely reared.

Further, Nordstrom will not stock products made from animals that have been the victims of poaching.

Neither will the company stock products whose manufacture caused environmental degradation.

Additionally, Nordstrom will not feature products made in sweatshops under exploitative conditions.

With that, this is to avoid backlash from a demographic that increasingly forms the core of Nordstrom’s custom; youthful buyers with a conscience.

Still, it all comes at a cost. By not cutting corners, Nordstrom has to pay more for its products and markets them as premium, which attracts a premium price.

4. Nordstrom Stocks High-End Products

Besides the quality, some of Nordstrom’s offerings owe their high price tag to their being prestigious brand names.

That said, customers buy these bespoke brand names because of the prestige associated with them, often advertised by celebrities to reinforce the perception of prestige.

Therefore, customers are often willing to pay the ostentatious price.

5. Nordstrom Is A Prestigious Department Store

5. Nordstrom Is A Prestigious Department Store

Nordstrom does not just stock products from superior brands, it is also a respected brand.

That said, shoppers feel proud of being seen carrying a Nordstrom bag since it marks them as discerning individuals.

As you can imagine, this reputation is not accidental since it has been over a century in the making.

Establishing and maintaining a reputation like that does not come easy, nor does it come cheap. Eventually, the customer ends up paying for it at high prices.

6. Nordstrom Offers Quality Service

Nordstrom is legendary for its customer service, so much so that other businesses take notes. It endeavors to keep up with its customers rather than the other way round.

Further, the company taps into its customers’ needs and meets them before they become urgent.

For instance, it is conducting its business more ethically in tune with the preferences of its conscience-awake customers.

Nordstrom must invest in its staff and infrastructure to provide this attention to detail, which costs money that is only recoverable from a higher than average price on the product.

7. Nordstrom Offers Massive Discounts

Nordstrom also operates Nordstrom Rack, which it stocks with its unsold inventory to be sold at a discounted price.

Sometimes, the discounts are more than 50% on high-end brand products that are out of season, which helps bring more customers to the Nordstrom brand and eliminate excess stock.

Therefore, to recoup what will be lost on the discounts, Nordstrom has to compensate for them by charging higher prices in the Nordstrom stores.

8. High Marketing Costs

To maintain its position and inform customers about its products, Nordstrom has to invest heavily in marketing.

Some products, especially prestigious brands, sometimes need to be boosted by associations with celebrities, which is costly.

As a result, all these overhead expenses eventually find their way to the price and serve to inflate it.

9. Nordstrom Jewelry

Nordstrom sells jewelry friendly to most pockets out there. That said, the prices range from tens of dollars on unbranded names to hundreds of dollars on fine jewelry.

But, prices over $20,000 are not uncommon on high-end jewelry, depending on the brand. Any store that sells products priced this high cannot escape the tag of expensive.

10. You Are Shopping The Wrong Way At Nordstrom

Nordstrom carries some pricy products, sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars. However, almost any product will exist across a price range that accommodates most pockets.

Whatever you wish to buy, you are likely to find a variety of it at a price you can afford.

With a few hacks, you can pay even less. For instance, you can choose to do your shopping at Nordstrom Rack, where you can get high-end brands at massive discounts.

Also, if you are paying for anything you need at Nordstrom at the prices indicated, without discovering cheaper alternatives, then you will find Nordstrom expensive.

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Nordstrom has made a name for itself as one of the most expensive department stores in the US. However, this name is on the back of quality luxury products and impressive customer service.

In several instances, the prices are comparable to other stores and may be lower with some smart shopping.

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