What Is Samsung DeX? (Your Full Guide)

In order to stand out from the competition, smartphone brands need to introduce features that give them an edge as opposed to being their own take on something already commonplace.

Luckily, Samsung has had several such features over the past decade, one of them being DeX. If you’re looking to learn more about it, we’ve come up with a simplified guide for just that, so keep reading!

What Is Samsung DeX In 2024?

Samsung DeX is a feature that allows you to use a phone or tablet as a computer, in 2024. As of now, it only works on flagship Galaxy devices released from 2017 onwards. Therefore, you’d need to connect to an external display like a monitor or TV, but you can use it directly if you’re on a larger tablet.

To learn everything you need to know about Samsung DeX, including how it works, how it compares to traditional computer setups, and more, keep reading!

How Much Does Samsung DeX Cost?

Samsung DeX is free as long as you have a way to connect the phone or tablet to a TV or monitor.

Furthermore, depending on the kind of setup you want and what equipment you have, you might need to pay for one of the following:

  1. Connection cable – you’ll need one that connects the USB-C on your phone to the HDMI of the display either directly or through dongles/hubs
  2. DeX Station – a proprietary dock that uses the phone standing up
  3. DeX Pad – a proprietary dock that uses the phone lying down
  4. A third-party dock that provides similar functionality to the proprietary options or additional features such as a built-in keyboard and trackpad

Does Samsung DeX Charge Your Phone?

Samsung DeX charges your phone if you’ve connected it using a method that’s built to supply power alongside data.

For example, if you’ve plugged it in directly using a USB-C to HDMI cable, the connection can only carry data, it won’t charge your phone so you’ll have to go through a USB hub for power.

Furthermore, if you’re using a dock, whether it’s from Samsung or a third party, it’s going to charge because they’re built for both data and power.

What Is The Purpose Of Samsung DeX?

Samsung DeX is intended to provide users with more functionality from their mobile devices, allowing them to get more use out of their increased power.

For example, an S22 Ultra that comes with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage would be overkill for regular phone users, but it would be ideal for moderate desktop use.

This makes them more likely to stomach the higher cost, $1,600 in this case because they see more value in it than competitors in the same price range.

As of now, the company hasn’t revealed its long-term goal with the feature.

However, industry experts have speculated that it’s looking to replace mid-range computing PCs by integrating them into the phone, as was the case with camcorders, GPS, landlines, etc.

Do I Need Samsung DeX?

You don’t need Samsung DeX as you can get most of the functionality out of your Galaxy device without it.

Like most tech at the same stage, it’s good to have but not necessary for most people because they still have (arguably better versions of) what it’s trying to replace.

What Apps Work On Samsung DeX?

What Apps Work On Samsung DeX?

Almost all apps work on Samsung DeX but the ones that aren’t optimized for it will show up in a mobile format where they’ll get stretched across the screen.

Furthermore, some of the ones that have been built to work on the platform include:

  1. Google Workspace apps, e.g. Docs, Drive, Gmail, Sheets, Calendar, and Slides
  2. Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, but only if you have an Office 365 subscription
  3. Adobe mobile apps, e.g. Photoshop Express, Premiere Rush, Sketch, and Lightroom
  4. Skype
  5. Zoom

Additionally, you won’t need to download a different version of the apps you already have in order to use them on DeX.

Also, when you’re using the mode, apps will open as windows you can control as you would on a traditional desktop setup to allow you to multitask.

How Do I Use Samsung DeX On My Phone?

You can use Samsung DeX on your phone just by plugging it into a TV or monitor via HDMI either with a direct cable or through adapters.

Then, when the phone detects the connection, you’ll get a prompt to switch to DeX mode and, when you accept, it will show up on display.

Additionally, when you use a dock, proprietary or third-party the same procedure still applies. 

Furthermore, these give you the ability to connect USB keyboards and mice.

You can also use DeX wirelessly if you have a smart TV that supports Miracast as follows:

  1. Open the TV’s source menu and activate screen mirroring with a smartphone
  2. From your phone’s pull-down menu, and tap “DeX”
  3. Go through the list of available devices and select the display you want
  4. Tap “Start now”

Regardless of what connection type you go with, you can use wireless keyboards and mice via Bluetooth for the full desktop experience.

Also, unless a dock is in the way, you can always choose to use your phone as a touchpad, and a virtual keyboard will come up on the screen if you need to enter characters.

Further, keep in mind that older devices need you to use a dock, while later models allowed you to go directly from USB-C to HDMI, and the latest options let you connect wirelessly.

Additionally, if you’re on a device with an S Pen like the Note series, you can use the stylus for extra input options such as drawing like you would with a graphics tablet.

Also, if you’re on a Galaxy tablet, you can use DeX without connecting to an external display by selecting the option from the pull-down quick settings menu.

How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Samsung DeX To My Computer?

You can transfer pictures and other files from Samsung DeX to your computer if you first connect the device to a working PC and then drag and dropping them between the two locations.

Can Samsung DeX Replace My Laptop?

Samsung DeX can replace your laptop if you use it for light tasks such as word processing, presentations, social media, video calls, web browsing, and emails.

Additionally, as it exists now, it can’t replace your laptop if you use it for more intensive tasks such as photo and video editing.

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Samsung DeX is a feature that allows you to use a flagship Galaxy smartphone or tablet as a desktop computer by connecting it to an external display. Furthermore, you can do this by plugging the phone in via HDMI or wirelessly if you’re on newer models.

Additionally, DeX works with most apps because if they’re not optimized, they’ll still get stretched to fit the screen. Also you can only charge your phone while using DeX if you’re using a connection that supports both data transfer and power supply, like a dock or USB hub.

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