What Is Sony E Mount? (All You Need To Know)

Are you hoping to get into photography? Sony has a wide selection of cameras and lenses for different needs and preferences. With all the camera jargon thrown out there, it can be challenging to know what people are talking about. 

That said, if you’ve looked into Sony cameras, you’ve probably heard of Sony E-mounts. But exactly what are Sony E-mounts? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

What Is Sony E Mount in 2024? 

Sony E-mounts are the company’s range of mirrorless cameras in 2024. Sony is well-known for its mirrorless cameras, which are lightweight and great for video. These E-mount cameras are either full-frame or crop sensors. E-mount cameras can be paired with certain E-mount lenses depending on the model or with an A-mount lens using an adaptor.  

If you want a deeper understanding of Sony cameras, keep reading. This article breaks down all you need to know about this camera type.

What Is the Sony E-Mount Body?

Sony’s E-mount body is another way to describe a camera that comes with an E-mount. 

Of course, all cameras have a body. However, the E-mount refers to the circular part that juts out from the body. This is where different lenses can attach. 

If the camera has an E-mount body, it’s designed for E-mount lenses. 

Is Sony E-Mount Full-Frame?

Sony E-mount cameras are either designed to be full-frame or crop sensors. So yes, some Sony E-mounts are made for full-frame lenses. However, not all of them are. 

Rather, if you want a full-frame Sony E-mount camera, this will be referred to as a Sony EF camera– E for the E-mount and F for the full-frame. 

But why would you want a full-frame camera? Let’s see what the pros and cons of these are.  

When discussing full-frame cameras, people are referring to the sensor size. 

In a full-frame camera, the sensor is the same size as a full-frame for 35 mm film. Although many cameras don’t use film anymore, this measurement also translates to digital. 

Full-frame cameras allow you to take photos in low-light situations. In general, they can show more detail when it comes to both light and dark. 

They offer more pixels than a crop sensor camera, leading to a higher resolution. Additionally, they have a wider field of view.  

However, they tend to be bulkier, have less compatible lenses, and are on the pricier side. 

Is Sony E-Mount the Same as FE?

Sony E-mount and Sony FE are not the same things. Sony E-mount refers to the type of lens mount the body comes with.

However, Sony E-mount cameras can either be designed for crop sensor lenses (APS-C) or full-frame lenses. 

FE cameras specifically refer to E-mounts that are fitted for full-frame lenses. If you have a crop sensor E-mount camera, the good news is it will fit E-mount lenses, including full-frame lenses. 

However, if you own an FE camera, it will only work correctly with full-frame lenses. 

While the crop sensor lenses might screw onto the body, you’ll be forced to switch to crop mode, or it will leave your pictures with black edges.

When purchasing a Sony camera, the seller will typically specify whether it’s an FE or a crop sensor E-mount. 

If you see FE in the name, it’s a full frame. However, crop sensors are generally just referred to as E-mount, so you may need to read the finer print.

What Is the Sony E-Mount Camera List?

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There is a long list of Sony E-mount cameras. While I can’t list all of them here, I can help you identify which Sony cameras are E-mounts.

To determine if a camera is an E-mount, it will usually have these acronyms in the model number:

  • NEX stands for New E-mount eXperience. 
  • Sony α3000, α7, α6000, and α9 are all part of the Sony Alpha line. Some of the Alpha models are E-mounts, but not all. 
  • FE means the camera is both full-frame and E-mount.

Do All Sony Cameras Use E-Mount?

Not all Sony cameras use E-mounts, but have either an E-mount or an A-mount. 

However, Sony has officially discontinued its A-mount series in Japan and the United States. 

So, going forward, all Sony cameras currently produced are E-mounts. Therefore, if you want a Sony A-mount, you’ll have to find one second-hand. 

What Is the Difference Between Sony E-Mount and A-Mount?

Sony’s two primary lens mounting cameras are E-mount and A-mount. Let’s review the basic differences between the two.

E-mounts are Sony’s mirrorless camera system. Mirrorless cameras are kind of what they sound like–  they don’t have a reflex mirror, so light passes directly through the lens. 

This generally makes them lighter and great for video, but they lack an optical viewfinder.

A-mount cameras are Sony’s digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. Photographers usually like this camera because they have a higher shooting speed and better autofocus. 

Further, Sony’s E-mount cameras start with the model number SEL while Sony’s A-mounts start with SAL. 

Does Sony A-Mount Fit Sony E-Mount?

Sony A-mount lenses don’t fit Sony E-mount cameras. 

Because the diameters of the lens mounts are different, you can’t screw an A-mount lens onto an E-mount camera. 

Luckily, there is a workaround to solve this problem. You can use a lens adaptor to attach an A-mount lens to an E-mount camera. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work the other way around, so there is no adaptor for A-mount cameras. 

Is There a Sony E-Mount Adaptor?

There are Sony A-mount lens adaptors to enable usage on E-mount cameras. Sony offers a wide variety depending on what you’re looking for.

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Sony E-mount is Sony’s selection of mirrorless cameras. Light passes directly through the lens as opposed to DSLR cameras. E-mount refers to the type of lens mount the body has. While Sony also used to produce A-mounts, they have been discontinued.

FE cameras are full-frame E-mounts, while ASL-C cameras are crop sensors. FE cameras only fit well with full-frames, while ASL-Cs can also fit full-frame lenses. However, A-mount lenses can only work on E-mounts with an adaptor.   

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