What Is T-Mobile Jump? (All You Need To Know)

T-Mobile offers a lot of products and services to its customers, but have you heard about T-Mobile Jump before? Do you want to know: what is T-Mobile Jump and is it worth getting?

Well, I have been looking into this question and have found out a lot of details about T-Mobile Jump that you should know, so read on to learn all about it!

What Is T-Mobile Jump in [currentyear]?

T-Mobile Jump is a program that you can join for a monthly fee that allows you to upgrade your leased device earlier than the 24 months you would normally. However, Jump is an included benefit of T-Mobile Protection 360 insurance at no additional cost, so if you have T-Mobile insurance you are automatically enrolled in [currentyear].

Are you looking for additional details about T-Mobile Jump, such as how the Jump program works? If so, continue reading below as I’ll tell you all you need to know about this program!

How Much Do You Pay for T-Mobile Jump?

T-Mobile Jump will cost anywhere between $9 per month and $12 per month extra on your phone bill, with the price depending on the value of your leased T-Mobile phone.

For example, if you have a cheaper Android phone that you leased through T-Mobile, you’ll pay $9 per month, but if you have a Galaxy S7, then it might be $10 or $12 per month.

How Does the Jump Program Work?

The Jump program is offered to T-Mobile customers who lease a phone from T-Mobile and agree to a 24-month contract, and you can sign up for Jump at that time.

Also, to be eligible to upgrade through either Jump program, you must have paid 50% of your Equipment Installment Plan and have paid your T-Mobile bill on time.

In addition, you will be able to trade in your device for an upgrade anytime once you’ve paid 50% of the device, and T-Mobile will pay the other half of your original phone’s price tag.

To illustrate, if your phone costs $400, and you have paid $200 on your Equipment Installment Plan, T-Mobile will cover the other $200 so you can upgrade your device.

However, if you upgrade before you’ve paid off half of your phone, T-Mobile will still pay $200 towards your upgrade, but you will have to pay the difference on your end.

What’s the Difference Between T-Mobile Jump and Jump On-Demand?

T-Mobile Jump On-Demand is free and allows you to trade in your phone after 30 days if you have an 18-month lease, but it’s only for select leased devices.

Also, T-Mobile Jump On-Demand isn’t tied to the insurance offered by T-Mobile, and the phone that you trade in must be in good working condition or you’re liable for the costs.

In contrast, T-Mobile Jump will cost you between $9 and $12 per month, upgrades occur after 50% of your phone is paid off, and almost anyone with an EIP is eligible to join.

Do You Have to Trade in Your Phone With T-Mobile Jump?

Do You Have to Trade in Your Phone With T-Mobile Jump?

You will have to trade in your phone with T-Mobile Jump since your device is never paid off, which means it’s leased and you don’t own it.

Therefore, if you’d like to keep your phone by paying it off through the Equipment Installment Plan, then you shouldn’t join T-Mobile Jump.

Is T-Mobile Getting Rid of Jump?

T-Mobile is not getting rid of Jump, but in October 2022, the original Jump program will be retired and those customers will be moved to the Jump 2.0 program.

Additionally, Jump 2.0  has more flexibility when it comes to upgrades, including that you don’t have to wait a specific amount of time to upgrade as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Your device is 50% paid off
  • You’ve enrolled in Protection 360

Therefore, if you pay off half of your device in just a few months, you can upgrade at that point, and you will get credit for all remaining payments left on your original device.

This means that if you upgrade, you won’t be paying anything or will have very little to pay on your old device when upgrading and trading in that original device.

When Did T-Mobile Jump Start?

T-Mobile rolled out Jump, which means Just Upgrade My Phone, in 2014, although it unveiled the program in July 2013, and it was the first carrier to have an early upgrade program.

Is T-Mobile Jump Worth It?

The T-Mobile Jump program is not really worth the additional costs in most situations, since you have to pay 50% of your phone off, and it doesn’t save you much money at all.

However, if you look at the fact that it’s a perk with the insurance and plan on getting the insurance, then it’s a nice option to have the upgrade capability.

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T-Mobile Jump is an early upgrade program offered to T-Mobile customers that lease their phones or are on an Equipment Installment Plan and have paid 50% of their phone.

With T-Mobile Jump, you can trade-in your old device around once a year, and get an upgrade with T-Mobile paying the other 50% of the original phone’s value. However, T-Mobile Jump 1.0 will be retiring in October 2022, to be replaced with Jump 2.0.

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