What Is Target Circle? (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

Maintaining a powerful brand and loyal customer base is one of Target’s most effective competitive advantages. Over the years, Target has developed numerous initiatives that help loyal customers save additional money.

If you’re a regular customer, you may have heard of Target Circle, but what exactly is it? I’ve found the answers to your top questions!

What Is Target Circle?

Target Circle is a free loyalty membership that provides exclusive money-saving benefits such as 1% cashback in rewards, exclusive offers, birthday discounts, and delivery deals on merchandise across all departments. Additionally, customers can earn or redeem rewards with every purchase.

For more information on how to redeem offers, where you can spend rewards, and whether Target Circle is worth it, keep reading!

How Much Does Target Circle Cost?

Target Circle is a completely free loyalty program that is free to join for all customers. Customers do, however, need to spend money in-store and online to earn rewards.

Additionally, every time you spend money on a purchase, you’ll receive a free vote no matter the cost. Members are welcome to cast votes to help direct Target’s choices for the community.

To get started with Target Circle, customers can download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

What Are The Benefits Of Target Circle?

As a Target Circle member, you will acquire an abundance of valuable benefits!

Not only will existing deals be much easier to locate, but you’ll gain access to hundreds of exclusive offers and receive price reductions on merchandise sold in-store, online, and on Drive-up deliveries.

Additionally, members will earn 1% back in reward credit every time they make a Target purchase while signing in to their Circle account through the app or desktop.

On top of this, Target often runs sales with exclusive Target Circle access, which is a great way to save.

Lastly, Target Circle members also receive a birthday gift containing a unique special offer!

What Offers Does Target Circle Provide?

What Offers Does Target Circle Provide?

Target Circle members can receive offers that apply to products across all categories, including:

  • Groceries
  • Household Essentials (i.e., cleaning products, laundry care, soaps)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Appliances
  • Electronics (i.e., televisions, consoles, tablets, mobile phones)

Members can expect to receive discounts of 5%-50%, or even more. While some offers will attach to specific items or departments, others will be more inclusive.

Additionally, members can find multibuy coupons such as a buy one get one free deal. Keep an eye out for special deals that cover subscriptions, such as Shipt’s next-day delivery.

How Do You Sign Up For Target Circle?

Customers who are not entangled in alternative Target memberships will need to create a new Target.com account.

Existing Cartwheel members or Target RedCard Holders will automatically be enrolled in Target Circle.

Target will request you to enter basic personal information such as your full name, email address, mobile number (optional), and a unique private password.

Alternatively, start your sign-up in-store by entering your mobile number on the keypad or self-checkout screen or completing your registration online.

How Do I Add A Target Circle Offer?

Once you have signed up for Target Circle, you can browse exclusive offers across all departments ahead of your shop.

When you find an appealing deal, select “Save Offer” to add to your list. Ensure you are signed in to alter your list in any way. Your account can hold up to 75 offers at any one time.

How To Redeem Target Circle Offers?

If you use the app, offers loaded to your Target Circle account will be redeemed when the cashier scans your Target wallet barcode at the register.

Additionally, you can also load your account from an internet browser with a handheld device to redeem offers.

At the checkout, present the barcode located under the Circle section of your account.

Alternatively, enter a verified mobile phone number at the register to apply for the applicable offers. Otherwise, you may scan printed barcodes.

How Do You Use Target Circle Rewards?

How Do You Use Target Circle Rewards?

When shopping in-store, inform the cashier you plan to pay with existing rewards. Enter either your phone number or scan the wallet barcode on the Target Circle app at payment.

Members who shop online will be given the option to redeem rewards at checkout. You cannot partially apply rewards, only the total balance.

If you do not have enough credit in rewards to cover the full amount, you’ll need to provide an alternative payment method.

One thing to note is customers cannot use rewards to pay for alcoholic beverages, dairy products, same-day Shipt deliveries, gift cards, shipping/taxes, prescriptions, or over-the-counter medication.

Additionally, rewards that are not used within one year will expire.

Why Is My Target Circle Not Earning Benefits?

There are a few troubleshooting steps you can easily undertake to source the problem.

Firstly, check that you are signed in with the correct account linked to your membership. Be aware that earnings can take up to 30 minutes to appear in your balance after a completed transaction.

Rewards are not earned when you use your physical Target RedCard instead of the Circle barcode in the wallet.

Additionally, customers cannot collect/redeem rewards when an unverified number is inserted at checkout.

Bear in mind that rewards are not earned when purchasing the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Prescriptions or over-the-counter medication
  • Products or services from partner businesses (Vision Center, Auto Care Center, Pharmaceuticals)
  • Shipt deliveries or subscriptions
  • Target products through third-party sites (Google Express)
  • Any gift cards in-store (Unless you are also a Target RedCard holder)
  • Shipping, taxes, or handling fees
  • Payment of RedCard credit balance

What Happens If You Forget To Use Target Circle?

Scan your receipt using the Target app’s barcode scanner under the ‘Discover’ tab to register your purchase and earn rewards. You’ll need to enter the receipt number if scanning is unsuccessful manually.

Desktop users can upload proof of payment from the “Missing Receipt” tab on the Target Circle dashboard within seven days. Contact Target Guest Services if you are having trouble.

Is Target Circle Worth It?

Target Circle is an excellent, hassle-free way to access a digital world of discounts, offers, and multi-buy deals guaranteed to save you cash.

Customer research indicates that the Target Circle software is easy to navigate and helps to manage shopping lists. Additionally, the membership is free, so there’s nothing to lose!

The main query customers had with the membership was that universal offers did not always correlate to stock available at their local store.

Can You Stack Target Circle Offers?

According to the coupon policy, customers can stack one Target Circle offer, one regular Target coupon, and one manufacturer coupon per item. Customers can use their RedCard on top to receive an additional 5% off.

Customers can use multi-use offers on the Target circle list up to 6 times every day, while single-use offers are redeemable just once.

Consider informing the cashier that you are using multiple coupons from various channels to see how they’d like to process them.

Is Target Circle The Same As Cartwheel?

The company launched Target Circle in 2018 in Texas before expanding to more cities in 2019.

From then, Cartwheel, formerly used to pick up exclusive discounts, was integrated into Target Circle.

With the upgraded format, customers were able to access additional perks. Cartwheel is no longer in operation.

Can You Use Target RedCard And Target Circle?

When used correctly, the Target RedCard and Circle membership can go hand-in-hand. RedCard holders receive a 5% discount on almost all Target purchases, while Circle members receive 1% rewards.

Unfortunately, you cannot combine the two in a single transaction.

If you’re looking for a quick discount, the debit or credit RedCard is the preferable option.

However, if you’re looking to build rewards, use Target Circle. Ensure you pay with your Target wallet instead of the physical RedCard when collecting rewards.

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Target Circle is a free loyalty program that provides 1% back in rewards with every purchase and multiple benefits, including birthday discounts, delivery deals, exclusive sales, and offers.

Members can stack Target Circle offers with regular coupons and manufacturer coupons. Pay for most merchandise with your reward balance. Manage your account with the Target Circle app or through an online Target account.

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