What is the Costco Cart Pusher Job (Duties, is it a Good Job, Pay, Hours + More) 

You know Costco as a top retail employer with many job openings, but how is the cart pusher job? If you’re thinking of applying for this position, you may be curious.

If so, keep reading below to examine some of the duties and hours that these workers may need to complete, as well as the pay rate, to determine if the Costco Cart pusher is a good job!

What is the Costco Cart Pusher Job In 2024?

Costco cart pushers are part-time entry-level store employees who earn around $15/hr to start in 2024. Workers in this role help ensure that shoppers have enough carts in the store by promptly retrieving used carts from the parking lots. Cart pushers assist customers with loading purchases into vehicles, monitor for stray carts, and work in other store areas when needed.

To find out more about the duties, pay, and other important information related to the Costco cart pusher job, keep reading for useful information and recommendations!

What is a Costco Cart Pusher?

Sometimes customers leave their carts in odd places when they put them away at the end of shopping, so Costco hires cart pushers to gather them for customers and return them to the store for use.

At Costco stores, this job is done by an entry-level employee who performs other essential tasks, such as stocking or cleaning.

What are the Requirements for a Cart Pusher at Costco?

 In order to become a cart pusher at Costco, an individual has to meet some basic requirements. These include the following:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Previous experience in retail sales
  • Ability to work a variety of hours
  • Basic computer skills
  • Familiarity with the Costco food and beverage items
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. occasionally

What are the Duties of a Costco Cart Pusher?

What are the Duties of a Costco Cart Pusher?

Primarily, the cart pusher’s job is to retrieve carts from docking stations in the parking lot and push them into the store.

In the past, workers did this manually by pulling out as many carts as possible, but now many stores have large-scale equipment that allows them to load up a single station with 50 carts.

After the carts have been retrieved from the parking lot, they are taken to a loading area.

Once the carts are back inside and connected with other rows of shopping carts, then employees can start another round.

Next, the cart pusher can offer new customers some help with loading vehicles before they make their next run.

With the responsibility to ensure equipment safety and care, cart pushers also help keep carts out of traffic and alert management when outside stalls need repair.  

Finally, cart pusher jobs include helping customers load items into their cars and unloading shipments.

Cart pushers also assist with cleaning inside a store before opening or closing time and shoveling snow in the parking lot during the winter months.

What are the Work Hours of a Costco Cart Pusher?

Although cart service is available during all hours of operation, it’s common for workers only to work part-time for the cart pusher job.  

What are the Pay and Benefits Available for a Costco Cart Pusher?

While the duties of a Costco cart pusher may seem simple, they come with some hefty pay.

On average, the starting salary for a Costco cart pusher is around $15/hr. Additionally, they receive healthcare, life insurance, and paid vacation time.

How Do I Apply for the Cart Pusher Job at Costco?

Applicants can begin the application process online at the Costco website. First, they must search for an open position near their location.  

Next, applicants interested in the Costco cart pusher role must fill out an applicant profile.

This information is stored in Costco’s system if the applicant wants to apply for any future job.

Potential candidates will be asked to provide an email address and basic contact information before progressing to the job application sections.

In the application, education history, past work experience, and references are provided for review.

Once the application is submitted, someone from the Costco Human Resources office will review your application.

After that, the hiring committee will review your application and contact you if they selected you for an interview.

Once you have completed all parts of this process, you will be notified if they’ve decided to hire you!

Is Working as a Costco Cart Pusher a Good Job?

Although generous pay is an appealing draw for the cart pusher job, past and current employees have acknowledged some negatives that make this a less than desirable position.

For starters, working as a cart pusher is physically demanding, with employees always on their feet walking and pushing heavy shopping carts.

Second, cart pushers are also required to work in all seasons and any type of weather, be it rain, heat, or extreme cold, which can be highly uncomfortable. 

Finally, the Costco parking lot can often be a dangerous place to work because of the crowds that usually populate there at all times of day (evening hours being no exception). 

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At Costco, the cart pusher position is an entry-level job with generous starting pay.

Primarily, the cart pushers’ job is to ensure that stores stay equipped with carts by quickly retrieving them from parking lots.

As well, cart pushers help customers load items into their vehicles, help maintain safety in the parking lot by monitoring for loose carts, and help with other store functions as needed.

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