What Is Uber Freight? (How It Works, What You Need + More)

Ever since Uber first launched, it has continued to expand with different offerings depending on its customers’ transport needs and budgets.

One of its new services is Uber Freight, something we looked into and gathered the relevant information below!

What Is Uber Freight In 2024?

Uber Freight is a service that allows truck drivers to provide shipping services to customers through an app. Uber Freight is currently only open to drivers with 18-wheel rigs so it can manage higher volumes of large loads. Since it launched in 2017, Uber Freight has introduced different modes, including Fleet and Powerloop, to draw in more drivers and users.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Uber Freight, including how it works, what you need to get started and more!

How Does Uber Freight Work For Drivers?

Uber Freight for drivers works by giving them access to shipments via the app, with the freedom to accept or turn them down.

Drivers have the option to filter the offers that show up based on how far they want to drive, split into the following tiers:

  1. Local hauls – below 100 miles
  2. Short hauls – 100 to 300 miles
  3. Long hauls – over 300 miles

They can also filter by pickup and dropoff cities and dates, as well as according to the equipment they have.

Offers for shipments contain:

  1. Pickup and dropoff dates
  2. Distance
  3. Weight
  4. Load number
  5. Commodity
  6. Equipment needed
  7. Packaging type

After they accept a load, they’ll need to pick it up from where the customer specifies and deliver it within the specified window.

When they complete the delivery, they’ll need to take a picture of the bill of lading and send it to Uber to prove they completed the shipment, then wait to get paid.

What Do I Need For Uber Freight?

To sign up as a driver for Uber Freight, you need the following:

  1. A suitable vehicle with a trailer measuring 53 feet, i.e. a dry van, flatbed or reefer
  2. A certificate of insurance proving you have at least $1 million in auto liability insurance and $100,000 in cargo liability insurance. If you’re using a reefer, you also need reefer breakdown insurance
  3. An unconditional and satisfactory safety rating
  4. A personal Department of Transportation motor carrier number
  5. State-level motor carrier registration and permits

If you’re using a dry van you’ll need one with a weight capacity of 45,000lbs and vents both at the front and back.

If your dry van trailer is plated, it will need to have the following:

  1. Swing doors
  2. Be at least 102 inches wide
  3. No wood paneling on its interior walls
  4. Be a food-grade trailer with no damage

If you’re using a reefer, on top of the additional insurance requirements, you’ll also need one with a weight capacity of 43,500lbs.

If you’re using a flatbed trailer, you’ll need one with a weight capacity of 48,000lbs. Flatbeds are different from the other options in that you can use one that’s 48 feet long.

Your proof of insurance, i.e. your Certificate of Insurance, should show the certificate holder as the Registry Monitoring Insurance Services Inc (RMIS).

Does Uber Freight Provide Trucks?

Unfortunately, Uber Freight does not provide trucks. Like all other services from the company, the driver will need to use their own vehicles.

Do You Need Your Own Trailer For Uber Freight?

Do You Need Your Own Trailer For Uber Freight?

In most cases, you’ll need your own trailer for Uber Freight unless you’re using a mode like Powerloop.

What Is Uber Powerloop?

Uber Powerloop is a mode in Freight that allows drivers to pick up preloaded trailers for faster shipments.

Powerloop is a separate service, also owned by Uber but with its own app, that provides trailer rental services.

It works by turning drivers into a “power only” third party whose role is to provide the truck (the “power”) to get the trailer to its destination.

Is Uber Freight Profitable?

Whether or not Uber Freight is profitable depends on how you use the service, determined by factors like:

  1. Where you work
  2. What kinds of loads you book and how many
  3. What equipment you have
  4. Who owns the rig you’re using

Uber Freight loads usually pay out in the hundreds of dollars, with some going into the thousands, but you might struggle to find a consistent supply depending on where you work.

Uber Freight takes a 1% commission from each load, which is lower than the 15% to 20% by traditional brokers, but we expect this to go up as the service becomes more popular.

Expenses are also a key factor in how much you take home, because getting a truck and trailer alone could cost you around $150,000 before factoring in things like gas and maintenance.

How Often Does Uber Freight Pay?

Uber Freight pays as often as you ship loads. Payments go out on Wednesdays and Fridays after you’ve provided proof of delivery.

How Much Does Uber Freight Pay For Detention?

Uber Freight pays $75 an hour for up to 4 hours or $300 for detention, but only if the driver follows these steps:

  1. Book their load through the app
  2. Send GPS tracking updates the whole time while driving
  3. Submit proof of delivery and a signed bill of lading with in and out times

If the Uber Freight driver misses any of the above, they only get $50 an hour for detention. This system was not there when Freight launched in 2017 but was introduced later in 2019.

Does Uber Freight Do Quickpay?

Uber Freight does Quickpay within 7 days at no extra cost.

Can I Use A Box Truck For Uber Freight?

Unfortunately, you can’t use a box truck for Uber Freight. As of now, the service uses vehicles with 53-foot trailers, meaning that box trucks don’t qualify.

Can I Use A Pickup Truck For Uber Freight?

Unfortunately, you can’t use a pickup truck for Uber Freight because you need a 53-foot trailer for the service.

However, if your pickup truck has four doors and has seats for at least five people (four passengers and a driver), then you might be able to use it for regular Uber rides.

What Does Uber Freight Ship?

Uber Freight is intended to ship large loads weighing thousands to tens of thousands of pounds, primarily from businesses.

Its main customers are people looking to transport things using 18-wheelers.

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Uber Freight is a shipping service that matches truck drivers to people with large loads. As of now, Uber Freight only uses 18-wheelers.

Drivers working for Uber Freight keep 99% of their earnings but they have to use their own trucks and trailers.

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