What Is My Uber Rating? (All You Need to Know)

For products and services to work efficiently and ensure more positive customer experiences, they need to have feedback systems in place.

Well, Uber allows people to leave ratings on its platform, and we looked into how the system works, so keep reading this article to learn more about this topic!

What Is My Uber Rating In 2024

Your Uber rating is a score you receive depending on how you use the service in 2024. Ratings are assigned out of five stars and determine how easily you can operate on the platform. Ratings on Uber are issued by riders for drivers and vice versa, both of which are out of five possible stars and available to the recipient.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Uber ratings, including how to see yours, how they work for riders, how to improve them, and more!

How to Check Your Uber Rating

As a driver, you can see your Uber rating by going to your profile via the button on the top left corner of the app.

When your profile opens, your rating will be the first thing on the row of stats below your profile picture.

What Is My Uber Rating as a Customer?

As a customer or rider, you can check the rating other drivers have left you by following these steps:

  1. When logged in to the Uber app, go to the settings menu
  2. Click on “Privacy”
  3. Go to the privacy center
  4. Swipe right and find the tile that says “Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?”
  5. Tap the “See summary” button below the text in the tile
  6. On the page that says “Explore your data” at the top, scroll down until you get to the section on ratings
  7. Click on “View my ratings”

This will open a section that shows your rating out of 5 stars, a breakdown of each rating from 1 to 5, and how many times you’ve received each.

Do Uber Drivers Know Who Rated Them?

Do Uber Drivers Know Who Rated Them?

Uber drivers don’t know who rated them, but they can use clues and information to make a solid guess.

For example, if a driver has a negative experience with a rider and gets a negative rating after that, they can safely assume that’s where it came from.

Why Can’t I See My Uber Rating?

If you can’t see your Uber rating, it’s likely because you haven’t used the service enough to have one yet.

Uber says that you need to have at least 5 trips under your profile before you can see your rating.

However, we’ve found reports of customers saying they got theirs at 10, and others saying they are above even that without a rating.

In these instances, it might be due to an error in the system, at which point you could try the following:

  1. Restarting the app
  2. Restarting your device
  3. Logging out then back in
  4. Contacting Uber support

How Do I Improve My Uber Rating?

As a driver, you can improve your Uber rating by trying the following:

  1. Pick riders up on time
  2. Keep your car clean both on the inside and outside
  3. Avoid smoking inside the car, whether you’re with a rider or by yourself, in order to keep the smell from affecting the interior
  4. Always use GPS, even if you know the route in order to avoid delays because it’s better to be safe than sorry
  5. Ask the rider if they want anything during the ride, e.g. if they prefer the AC on or off
  6. Use a mount for your phone as opposed to holding it in your hand because this helps riders feel safe
  7. Be careful with conversations – keep the subjects light if you have to speak and pay attention to the rider’s responses to see whether or not they want to talk
  8. Be polite
  9. Give the rider updates during the ride, e.g. when you’re taking a different route to avoid traffic
  10. Drive carefully to keep the rider from feeling like you’re risking an accident.

As a rider, you can improve your Uber rating by following these tips:

  1. Get to the pickup point on time, and don’t keep the driver waiting
  2. Don’t litter inside the car – aside from wrappers, this also includes spills
  3. Don’t smoke inside the car
  4. Let the driver know beforehand of things they wouldn’t expect, such as a pet or more than the normal number of riders
  5. Be mindful during conversations, e.g. choose light subjects if you have to talk and pay attention to the driver’s responses to see if they’re interested in talking
  6. Be polite towards the driver

Does an Uber Rating Matter?

Your Uber rating matters because it’s visible to anyone that gets connected to your profile, and it determines how willing they are to interact with you.

For example, a driver with a low rating is more likely to have riders cancel on them because they’re considered difficult to deal with at best and dangerous at worst.

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You can see your Uber rating as a driver when you view your profile, and it’s displayed as an average score out of 5 possible stars. As a rider, you can see how drivers have rated you by going to your privacy settings, then navigating to the section on ratings.

Your Uber rating is available to drivers and riders you get matched with, and they use the information to decide whether or not they want an interaction.

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