What Is Uber Go? (All You Need To Know)

These days, people who request rides from Uber have several options to choose from depending on their preferences and budget.

One such option is Uber Go, which has been rolled out in key markets by the company. Read this article to find out everything you need to know about this ride type!

What Is Uber Go In [currentyear]?

Uber Go is a lower-cost ride option that uses smaller vehicles than the ones available through standard ride types in [currentyear]. Cars that are used for Uber Go need to have 4 doors and the ability to carry 4 riders at once. Uber Go is intended for short, quick trips like store runs or going to work in the morning.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Uber Go, including where it’s available, how it compares to other ride types, and more!

Where Is Uber Go Available?

Uber Go is currently available only in select regions, including South Africa, Nigeria, India, and Pakistan.

Even in these markets, it’s still not available countrywide and is restricted to key areas.

Which Car Comes in Uber Go?

Uber Go uses vehicles that have four doors and have the ability to carry 4 riders at the same time.

These vehicles are usually small and cheap, so you can expect to get an entry-level car when you request an Uber Go.

Most cars used for this ride type are usually, but not always, compacts that have very limited leg and headroom, as well as space for luggage.

We looked at a list of eligible vehicles for Uber Go in Johannesburg and they include:

  1. Audi A4
  2. Chevrolet – Aveo, Captiva, Cruze, Optra, Orlando, Sonic, Spark
  3. Ford – EcoSport, Fiesta, Figo, Focus, Fusion, Ikon
  4. Honda – Ballade, Accord, Amaze, BR-V, Brio, CBR, Civic, Jazz, Mobilio
  5. Hyundai – Accent, Elantra, Atos, Grand i10, Sonata, Tucson, Venue, i20, i30
  6. Kia – Cerato, Pegas, Picanto, Rio, Soluto, Sportage
  7. Maruti Suzuki Celerio
  8. Nissan – Almera, Livina, Micra, Sentra, Tiida
  9. Renault – Captur, Clio, Duster, Fluence, Sandero, Triber RXE
  10. Toyota – Agya, Auris, Avalon, Avanza, Prius, Starlet, Verso, Yaris

Is Uber Go the Cheapest?

Uber Go is usually the cheapest option in the markets where it’s available, but only if you’re comparing it to other ride types that use cars.

Some of these markets also provide Uber rides using motorcycles and these are usually cheaper than any other car-based options.

What Is Uber Go Used For?

What Is Uber Go Used For?

Based on the information from the previous sections, we can determine that Uber Go is used for quick trips where the riders aren’t carrying anything they can’t hold themselves.

Some of the situations where Uber Go would be an ideal choice include the following:

  1. Daily commutes for work or studies where the only thing you’re carrying is a small package like a laptop bag, backpack, or briefcase
  2. A parent taking up to 3 children to and from school
  3. Transport during nights out for groups of up to 4
  4. Store runs for light shopping

Uber Go vehicles are best suited to short distances on well-paved roads carrying light loads, so they’re most ideal for everyday trips in urban areas.

Because Uber Go uses small compacts, this service is not ideal for people who require spacious vehicles, e.g. anyone who’s taller than average and could benefit from extra legroom.

What Is the Difference Between Uber Go and Uber Pool?

Uber Go and Uber Pool differ primarily in how the latter means you might have to ride with strangers.

When you order an Uber Pool, you can either go by yourself or bring only one other person, but you’ll still end up in a car with other people you don’t know.

In contrast, when you order an Uber Go, you decide who gets in the car with you, and if you don’t want anyone else, it will be just you and the driver.

What Is the Difference Between Uber Go and Uber X?

Uber Go is usually more affordable than Uber X, but the tradeoff is that you get significantly smaller vehicles.

For regular rides, this isn’t an issue but it becomes one, for example, when you have luggage and there are four of you but you get a compact with no trunk.

Uber X is the standard ride type, and it uses slightly larger hatchbacks and sedans that have small but useful provisions for extra carry-ons.

As the standard option, Uber X is available in more locations than Go, but both still use four-door vehicles that can carry at least 4 riders at a time.

Is Uber Go Shared?

Uber Go is not shared in the sense that it doesn’t operate like Uber Pool, but it can hold up to 4 riders at once like a regular Uber.

When you request an Uber Go, you can go along with three other people of your choosing and the price will remain the same, but you can opt to split the cost amongst yourselves outside the app.

For example, in one of the scenarios we provided above where Uber Go would be good for carpooling to work, the occupants could agree on a common pickup and dropoff spot.

Afterward, they can split the costs on their own terms.

Does Uber Go Carry Luggage?

Uber Go can carry luggage but only in small amounts and when you’re riding by yourself.

This is because the service uses compacts more than any other vehicle type so the only way to bring luggage along with you is to fold the rear seats down.

Even then, you can only bring a few small suitcases at the most.

Is Uber Go Worth It?

Whether or not Uber Go is worth it depends on your preference and budget but, for short distances where you’re not carrying anything large, it’s worth it.

It uses smaller vehicles but it has many of the features available in the standard ride type, including the ability to track the driver and a panic button in the app.

For drivers, whether it’s worth it depends on factors like what area you’re in and how often you’re working.

Despite lower fares per trip, earnings could add up due to the high volume of rides and the vehicles are easier to manage, from maintenance to rental costs.

To know more, you can also read our posts on Uber Comfort, what are Uber Lux cars, and Uber Cash.


Uber Go is an affordable alternative to the standard ride types on the platform and it’s currently in limited markets, including Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and South Africa.

Compacts are the most commonly used vehicles for Uber Go because the requirements are four doors and the ability to fit at least 4 riders at a time.

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