What Is USPS Liteblue? (All You Need To Know)

USPS employs more than 600,000 workers nationwide. With an organization that big, the postal service needs an easy way to track and store employee records.

Fortunately, USPS has a system called Liteblue, a private online intranet where employees can find answers to questions about their pay, benefits and time off. If you’d like to learn more about this portal, then check out our article!

What Is USPS Liteblue In [currentyear]?

Liteblue is an online portal for United States Postal Service employees that gives employees access to USPS’ private online intranet in [currentyear]. With this service, USPS employees can view employment-related information, including upcoming work schedules, insurance benefits and payroll. Liteblue also allows employees to bid for new assignments or roles, as well as leave feedback.

Whether you’re a new USPS employee with questions about the portal, or a seasoned vet trying to troubleshoot, we’ve got all of the information you need, so keep reading for more facts!

What Is USPS Liteblue Used For?

Liteblue is an online portal designed to help USPS employees find employment-related information.

For example, employees can use the portal to track their career development, bid on new routes or assignments and keep up to date with company news.

In addition, employees can view their insurance status and current benefits plan, track their pension, see upcoming work schedules and access ePayroll statements.

As if that weren’t enough, the platform also allows employees to leave feedback or contact USPS Human Resources.

Can I Bid for Routes Using My USPS Blue Lite Account?

Current USPS employees can use Liteblue to request route or assignment changes. To do so, you’ll need to wait for your desired route to come up on the portal before bidding for it.

Can Everyone Access USPS Liteblue?

USPS Liteblue is only available for current USPS employees. Each employee receives unique credentials, allowing them to log into their personal account and view their information.

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, change your password and contact HR for advice.

What Do I Need to Log Into USPS Liteblue?

There are two things you’ll need to have in order to access the USPS Liteblue login page.

One is your USPS employee ID number. This number starts with “EIN” and is followed by an 8-digit number.

You can find your employee ID number on your earnings statement or paystub above the label “Employee ID.”

Next, you’ll need your USPS Self Service Profile password (also known as SSP password). You would have created this password when setting up your Liteblue account.

How Do I Log Into My Liteblue USPS Account?

How Do I Log Into My Liteblue USPS Account?

As long as you have your employee ID number and your SSP password handy, logging into your USPS Liteblue account is a cinch.

  1. First, navigate to the portal’s homepage at https://liteblue.usps.gov/wps/portal.
  2. Next, scroll down until you see the log in section (it’s located about halfway down the page). This section is made up of two fields labeled “Employee ID” and “USPS Password” (i.e. SSP).
  3. Enter your login credentials, then click on “Log On” to be taken to your employee profile page.

Liteblue can be accessed from computers, tablets or phones using a web browser that’s up to date, and the company recommends using Edge or Google Chrome.

How Do I Reset My USPS Liteblue Password?

Your USPS Liteblue account uses your SSP password to log in. If you’ve forgotten yours, reset it by doing the following:

  1. Go to https://liteblue.usps.gov/wps/portal or https://ssp.usps.gov/ssp-web/login.xhtml.
  2. Once there, click “Forgot your Password?” and follow the prompts.
  3. Because your password grants access to personal information, you’ll need to verify your identity by providing your 8-digit Employee ID number before resetting your password.
  4. Type in your Employee ID, click on “Verify Employee ID” and follow the instructions.

Why Can’t I Log Into My USPS Liteblue Account?

If you’re not able to log into Liteblue, the first thing you should do is double check that you’ve typed your information correctly.

For example, verify that your Employee ID contains 8 numbers and that you’re using your SSP password (as opposed to your ACE password or PIN).

Keep in mind that your SSP password is no shorter than 8 characters and no longer than 16 characters. It must also meet the following requirements:

  • At least one number from 0 to 9.
  • At least one letter from a to z (lowercase).
  • At least one letter from A to Z (upper case).
  • Special characters are also allowed, but are limited to the following: ! @ $ % ^ * _ + ~

If the password you’re trying to use doesn’t conform to these requirements, you may need to reset it or try another one.

You should also be on the lookout for spelling errors. Make sure your Employee ID and password are in the correct case. These fields are case sensitive, so make sure CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK aren’t on.

If you continue to experience login problems, try using a different browser. This strategy is especially helpful if you’re using a browser like Opera or Firefox, which sometimes have compatibility issues with Liteblue.

Instead, try using Edge or Google Chrome. In addition, make sure you’re using the latest version of your chosen browser. In most cases, you will have been able to resolve your login issues by following these steps.

However, if you continue to experience problems, it’s possible that the USPS site is undergoing maintenance or is experiencing a server problem. If you suspect that’s the case, take a break and try logging in later.

As a last resort, contact USPS HR Shared Service Center, as the customer service associates can either help you or put you in touch with the technical team for troubleshooting.

Which Languages Is USPS Liteblue Available In?

Liteblue is a multilingual platform offered in English, Spanish and simplified Chinese.

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As with most of its services, USPS makes it easy for its employees to stay informed about pertinent job information via the Liteblue portal.

In fact, this portal is so comprehensive that it makes you wonder if USPS employees ever need to talk to their Human Resources director.

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