What Is Verizon Billing Password? (All You Need to Know)

If you’re going to contact Verizon Customer Service, you might want to know what the Verizon billing password is, as this will be asked for if you need help with your account.

Well, keep reading below, because I’m going to answer all of your important questions related to the Verizon billing password, including how you can change it, and more!

What Is the Verizon Billing Password?

A Verizon billing password is the password you’ll need if you contact Verizon about your account, and it’s a way to verify your identity. If you have a billing password, it could be 5 digits long, and can either be letters or numbers or a combination. Your billing password is not the same as your My Verizon password. 

Do you want to know more about the Verizon billing password, such as what the default billing password is, and how to change it? If so, keep reading below to find out those answers!

Where Do I Find My Verizon Billing Password?

Your Verizon billing password is automatically set up when an account is created with Verizon, even if you didn’t create it.

Also, the billing password is associated with the account owner or manager, so if you just have a line on someone else’s account, you won’t be able to create or change the password.

What Is the Default Verizon Billing Password?

Verizon sets the billing password as the last four digits of the account owner or manager’s social security number by default.

Is the Verizon Billing Password and Account PIN the Same?

The Verizon billing password and your account PIN are the same, and it’s also been referred to as the Verizon billing system password.

Whether you’ve heard of account PIN or billing password, neither one is the same as the My Verizon password you use to login to the Verizon website or My Verizon app.

Furthermore, the Verizon account PIN and billing password has been used interchangeably by Verizon Customer Care, which at times has created confusion among customers.

The Verizon billing password is no longer used by Verizon, but if you have an old billing password from years ago, you’re still able to use it when you contact Verizon Customer Service.

However, if you want to change your billing password, you’ll be instructed to choose a new account PIN, which has different requirements than the old billing password, including:

  • Can only be 4 digits long
  • Cannot be letters
  • Cannot be the last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Cannot be repeating or sequential numbers

How Do I Reset the Verizon Billing Password?

It’s simple to reset your Verizon billing password by calling *611 from your Verizon phone, or dialing Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204 from any phone.

Furthermore, you’ll want to tell the customer service representative that you’d like to reset your billing password, which is now known as the account PIN. 

Customer service can go through the process with you to change it and set you up with a new billing password, which can no longer be your social security number.

Can You Change the Verizon Billing Password in a Store?

Can You Change the Verizon Billing Password in a Store?

You’ll be allowed to change the Verizon billing password in a store location, as long as you’re the account owner or manager. You’ll need to come into the store with the following:

  • A valid driver’s license or photo identification card
  • Your Verizon mobile phone to receive a text message for confirmation and verification

What If I Forgot My Verizon Billing Password?

If you’ve forgotten your Verizon billing password, you can set up a new one by logging into the My Verizon website or app if you don’t want to contact customer service.

However, you must be the account owner or manager to create a new billing password or reset the password.

Can Verizon Send Me My Billing Password?

Unfortunately, if you’ve forgotten the billing password to your Verizon account, you cannot ask Verizon to resend the billing password to you for security reasons.

Therefore, you’d need to have your password reset in the event you cannot remember it, even if you can prove otherwise that you’re the account owner or manager.

Can I Change the Verizon Billing Password Through My Verizon?

You can change your Verizon billing password, now the account PIN, straight from your My Verizon app, or through the website by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your My Verizon account
  2. Select “Account,” and then “Security Settings”
  3. Choose “Account PIN,” and then select “Create Custom PIN”
  4. Select “Confirm Custom PIN”
  5. You can now enter a new PIN for your account
  6. Select “Save Changes” to save the new account PIN

What If I Didn’t Make a Verizon Billing Password Change Request?

If you did not request to change the Verizon billing password or account PIN, then you should go to the My Verizon Security website and report it immediately.

Additionally, you’ll be asked at that time to change your account PIN for security reasons, as it would appear someone knows your account PIN and is trying to access information.

Do I Need a Verizon Billing Password to Chat with Verizon Customer Support?

You will need to have your Verizon billing password or your account PIN handy if you want to chat with Verizon Customer Support, just as you would need it to call Verizon about account details.

Furthermore, anything related to your Verizon account will require that you give your account PIN or billing password for security and verification that you’re the account manager or owner.

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Verizon billing password was set up by default as the account owner’s last four digits of their social security number, and was used for verifying the identity of the account owner.

However, the billing password is no longer used, although customer service still may call it that, and the new name is account PIN, which you’ll need to have to talk to Verizon Customer Service.

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