What Is Verizon Digital Secure? (Is It Free, Secure + More)

If you have Verizon as either your mobile provider or home internet provider, you might have seen a service called Verizon Digital Secure.

Have you been asking yourself: “what is Verizon Digital Secure, and how much does it cost?” If so, keep reading, because we’re going to tell you all about this service and what it’s useful for!

What Is Verizon Digital Secure In [currentyear]?

Verizon digital secure is an app that will protect your mobile device and home computer. It provides you with security and privacy tools to enhance your experience. Verizon Digital Secure includes multiple features such as identity theft protection, anti-malware, anti-virus software, and much more. With this all-in-one system, you’ll be able to protect your personal information while online in [currentyear].

Do you want to know even more about Verizon Digital Secure, such as if you need it and if it requires a subscription?

If so, read below to learn what I’ve discovered!

What Does Verizon Digital Secure Do?

Verizon Digital Secure is going to offer you a variety of tools for both security and privacy on your mobile device.

Also, it works great on home computers and includes features such as:

  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malware
  • System Checker for your mobile device
  • App Privacy
  • Safe Wi-Fi VPN
  • Cyber Monitoring
  • Lost Wallet support from agents
  • Monitoring of all social media
  • Identity recovery support from specialists

However, if you want to use Digital Secure, you’ll need to download the app onto your computer or mobile device if the app isn’t already installed.

Is Verizon’s Digital Secure Free?

There are two versions of Digital Secure, with one being a free version and the other being a premium paid version.

Furthermore, you can sign up for the free version of Digital Secure by downloading the app for iOS or Android, and then following these steps:

  • Open the app on your device
  • Read the Terms & Conditions and then click “Continue”
  • Click “Accept” for app permissions requested
  • When you see the option to sign up for premium, just click on “Skip” and you’re now using the free version of Digital Secure

However, you can upgrade from the free version of Digital Secure to the premium version at any time, and the steps to upgrade include:

  • Open the Digital Secure app right from your device
  • Look for “Take Control of Your Privacy & Identity” at the bottom of the page
  • Select “Learn More”
  • Click on the option to either add Digital Secure to the entire account or just one line
  • Click “Subscribe” and select “Continue”

What Is Digital Secure Premium?

Digital Secure Premium is the paid Verizon you can opt to purchase.

This will give you all of the features of the free version, but includes extras such as the following:

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • VPN

How Much Does Digital Secure Premium Cost?

How Much Does Digital Secure Premium Cost?

Verizon charges $5 per month for each line, or you can enroll for $10 per month for your entire Verizon account.

However, this is not a bad price for all-around protection for your mobile devices and home computer. It’s especially useful if you have children or do a lot of online shopping.

Is Verizon Digital Secure a VPN?

Verizon Digital Secure isn’t a traditional VPN, although it offers a VPN called Safe Wi-Fi.

This is found inside of the accessible tools that you can use anytime you want.

Can I Disable Verizon Digital Secure?

You can disable Verizon Digital Secure anytime you want, and it’s very easy to disable by following these steps:

  • Open “Settings” and select “Apps”
  • Find Digital Secure and select “Disable”

The steps to disable might be different depending on which device you have and your operating system.

Nevertheless, you’ll find the option to disable it under App Settings.

Is Digital Secure Part of Verizon?

Digital Secure is a part of Verizon since it’s a service that Verizon offers customers free of charge.

Additionally, it comes preinstalled on almost all Verizon Android devices.

Furthermore, if you have an eligible device, you can find Digital Secure by going into the Verizon apps folder on your Android device.

For all other devices, including iPhone and Pixel, you’ll have to manually download the app from either Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Is Verizon Digital Secure Good?

Verizon Digital Secure is decent, although the Google Play reviews show several users complaining about the lack of clarity on how to enable permissions.

Specifically, the app will ask for permissions that you cannot click to accept.

This appears to be an issue with multiple devices, as it’s one of the most common issues with the app at this time.

Beyond that, the app itself is easy to use and simple to figure out and comes with a tutorial to help you if you’re looking for some guidance on how it works.

If you’re looking for some protection while you’re on your mobile device or home computer, it’ll work just fine.

However, there are better options out there, such as Avast, that works much better.

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Verizon Digital Secure is an all-in-one security and privacy service that will help protect your mobile device and home computer while you’re browsing online.

Additionally, it comes with a multitude of features such as anti-virus protection, anti-malware, app privacy, cyber monitoring, and includes a VPN.

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