What Is Verizon DSL? (Is It Good, Availability + Cost)

Most people know Verizon offers cell phones and is one of the most reliable for coverage, but did you know that Verizon also offers other services and products, such as DSL?

Well, if you’re sitting there wondering: “what is Verizon DSL?” continue to read to learn more about it and the interesting things I’ve discovered about this service!

What Is Verizon DSL In 2024?

Verizon DSL is available to residents in areas where fiber-optic lines are not currently an option, and it’s a high-speed internet that uses your existing telephone lines without tying up your telephone. Verizon DSL isn’t as powerful as fiber-optic, but it provides you with a quick internet connection that doesn’t cost nearly as much as fiber-optic in 2024. 

Do you want to know more about Verizon DSL, such as whether it’s any good and what the speeds are? If so, keep reading below to learn those answers, plus a lot more!

What Is Verizon DSL Speed?

Verizon DSL speeds can range from .5Mbps to 15Mbps for downloads.

However, the speed you receive will depend on factors such as your location and phone line quality.

Additionally, Verizon calls its DSL service “high-speed internet,” and it boasts about it being much quicker than traditional cable lines.

Is Verizon DSL Any Good?

Verizon DSL is considered to be one of the best internet services available, and it’s worth the money if you don’t have Fios or other fiber-optic connections within your area.

Furthermore, Verizon DSL is more reliable than other types of internet connections, since Verizon is one of the biggest providers of DSL within the United States.

Also, Verizon DSL uses traditional coaxial copper telephone lines but doesn’t interfere with your telephone.

Therefore, you can use both the internet and phone at the same time!

Verizon utilizes ADSL technology for its DSL service, which allows for quicker download speeds than upload speeds, and it’s suitable for anything you want to do online.

Where Is Verizon DSL Available?

Unfortunately, Verizon DSL is only available in a handful of states, including the following:

  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Washington, DC

For those that live within other states, Verizon DSL is unavailable at this time, and it’s unclear if DSL will be expanding further in the future.

What Does Verizon DSL Cost?

What Does Verizon DSL Cost?

Verizon DSL prices can change quickly, and it depends on factors such as your location and current Verizon promotions and deals.

For example, the current Verizon DSL cost for internet and phone is $74.99 per month.

However, these prices can fluctuate, so it’s important to either go online or call Verizon to see what the prices for DSL are in your area before you make the jump to Verizon.

Is Verizon Getting Rid of DSL?

Verizon is not getting rid of DSL, although the company is continuing to expand its fiber-optic technology as much as possible throughout the United States.

However, expanding fiber-optic is a time-consuming process, and not all areas can get fiber-optic networks, which is where DSL comes into play.

Areas that don’t have fiber-optic lines are going to continue to use Verizon DSL for the time being.

Therefore, it’s not being discontinued, and Verizon is not at the point to get rid of it yet.

Can I Get Verizon DSL Without Phone Service?

Unfortunately, it appears Verizon has removed the standalone DSL option from its lineup.

Plus, it hasn’t been offered in at least four years.

Therefore, you’ll have to purchase the DSL package with a home phone, which increases the cost of the service.

However, if you order online, the activation charges are waived, so it’s worth checking out if you just want internet and phone services.

How Reliable Is Verizon DSL?

Verizon DSL is very reliable since it’s using existing coaxial copper telephone lines.

It also has over 99% reliability, which means it’s only going to have issues once in a great while!

Is Verizon DSL the Same as Fios?

Verizon DSL is not the same as Fios, since Fios is a 100% fiber-optic-only connection.

In order to use Fios, the area has to have fiber lines available, and it’s significantly quicker than DSL.

On the other hand, DSL is high-speed internet that uses traditional telephone lines but has greater bandwidth ability than the old school dial-up connection.

Is Verizon DSL Good for Gaming?

You’ll find that Verizon DSL is good for gaming, although it’s not going to be nearly as powerful as Verizon Fios or other fiber-optic networks.

Fortunately, there isn’t lag or any hiccups when it comes to playing even some of the most graphically-intense hardcore games, regardless of whether you’re on a PC or console.

However, if you have a game that requires a download of 1GB or something similar, you might find that it’s going to take longer to download.

It’ll take longer with Verizon DSL to download these bigger games for the Xbox or PlayStation since you’re only getting 15Mbps download speeds at most.

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Verizon DSL is a high-speed internet option that’s available to residents that don’t have a fiber-optic option in their area.

Verizon DSL offers internet speeds up to 15Mbps and boasts a reliability rate of over 99%.

Additionally, it’s a fast internet option that works through existing telephone lines.

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