When Does Hobby Lobby Restock? (Cards, Yarn + More)

Hobby Lobby is a major provider of a wide range of arts and crafts supplies, so it makes sense that a lot of people choose to shop there.

However, if you’ve been looking for an item at Hobby Lobby that was out of stock, read this article to learn everything you need to know about when you should expect it to be brought back!

When Does Hobby Lobby Restock In [currentyear]?

Hobby Lobby stores restock on Fridays when the weekly shipment arrives in [currentyear]. After receiving these items, the stores restock shelves at least once a day in the morning. Different items might be out of stock for longer both on the site and in stores. For the latter, you should call ahead to make sure.

Read on to learn about Hobby Lobby’s restocking practices, including a deeper dive into when the company stocks, how to check availability and more!

Does Hobby Lobby Restock Online?

Hobby Lobby restocks its items online, which is actually the easiest place to locate the company’s full catalogue of products, as all items come from the distribution center that’s in the same location as its manufacturing hub.

Online restocking, however, might be slowed down by factors such as worldwide supply chain issues. In most cases, though, if something you want is out of stock online, you’ll likely find it to be restocked within a few days.

When Does Hobby Lobby Restock Shelves?

Hobby Lobby shelves at physical stores are restocked every morning before the store opens or at night before closing. Sometimes, they get restocked during the day if customers shop several of the high-demand items.

Hobby Lobby receives new stock weekly, usually Friday mornings, according to information provided by company employees.

The day when Hobby Lobby receives its stock is referred to as “truck day,” and the stock usually arrives at 8 am. Offloading stock takes between 2- 2.5 hours, and every staff member is required to help.

If certain stock needs to go on shelves right away, employees will unpack this right away. Otherwise, the majority of stock remains in the back of the store until the items on the shop floor are all sold.

This process could end late at night, sometimes past 10 p.m., so you have a better chance of getting something that was out of stock by coming in on Saturday morning.

However, this doesn’t guarantee that something which was previously out of stock will definitely be back on the shelves. For this reason, you should call the store before going back, especially if you’re travelling a long distance or have a packed schedule with little time to spare.

When Does Hobby Lobby Restock Clay?

When Does Hobby Lobby Restock Clay?

Hobby Lobby stores likely restock clay on Fridays when weekly shipments arrive. Since the company is focused primarily on arts and crafts, you should expect clay to be out of stock for a very short amount of time, as it’s a popular product in this category.

However, you might have better luck coming in soon after the store’s restocking day.

When Does Hobby Lobby Restock Sports Cards?

Hobby Lobby has not specified when its sports card shipment arrives, but it’s likely to come in on Fridays along the store’s regular stock.

Sport cards are items that are usually made by third parties, so the frequency with which they get restocked is up to the supplier. Therefore, your best bet is to check after Hobby Lobby’s weekly “truck day” to see if your local store has received a new shipment.

How Long Does Hobby Lobby Take to Restock Yarn?

Ideally, Hobby Lobby restocks yarn the Friday after the previous stock is deleted, though sometimes this isn’t the case.

Despite yarn being a popular arts and crafts item, there have been instances where Hobby Lobby had issues with its suppliers, and some stores didn’t get any new stock for months.

What Day of the Week Does Hobby Lobby Ship?

Hobby Lobby’s shipping estimate for customer orders to arrive is generally a little over a week. According to the company website, it takes between 2 and 3 business days to process your order, and delivery takes between 1 and 7 days.

This means that the company doesn’t ship on any specific day of the week, and when you receive your package is largely dependent on when you placed the order.

Can You Check Hobby Lobby Stock?

You can’t check Hobby Lobby’s stock unless you’re an employee. Otherwise, the closest you can come is by looking at the shelves, checking whether the site says the item is out of stock or asking someone at a store if they have something that you can’t see.

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Hobby Lobby restocks most of the items in its stores on Fridays. It takes most of the day for employees to restock everything, so you should check back on Saturday to see if something you wanted is back in stock.

You can’t check how much of an item they have in stock unless you work there but you can see if they have it online or ask an employee at the store if they have more in the back.

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